Friday, May 23, 2008

Would you wear it? The Printed Strapless Embossed Beach Dress

Printed strapless embossed beach dress
Color shown in picture: pinecone
(Item 94092)
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Regular: $118.00
Now: $69.99

Let me start off by saying that the dress in the navy color (navy with white polka dots) is quite nice. I also like the shape of the dress (I actually own both the solid black and solid white versions).

However, I am having a hard time liking the dress in the pinecone color. It seems too busy for me and a bit weird (in terms of fabric pattern). It almost looks like a snake skin design instead of "pine cones" (I am still not sure how they picked "pinecone" as the color name). Maybe (and I do mean maybe) the dress would work with a white cardigan (to minimize the impact from the dress pattern).

What do you think of the dress? Would you wear it? Do you own it?


  1. JCrew needs zoom for me to really get a close up view of the print. From what I can tell I don't like it. I would have to see it in person. I have this dress in white and deep rose. My sister has it in brown. Great style!

  2. I definitely agree on the style & shape of the dress Jagjag2.

    I looked at the pattern and its full of dots (brown and white)- but from far away it looks like a snake skin pattern.

    You touch on a point that you actually brought up as a suggestion for J.Crew in another post: zoom in features. I like that J.Crew offers multiple views of items, but I would also look to zoom in.

  3. NOPE, the print is ugly. I have the dress in madras patchwork and love it. This print is BAAAAAAAd.

  4. I think it's rather cute! I'm not quite sure what the print is supposed to be, other than a design of polkadots and what looks like leaves, but I think the dress would look very nice with a bright solid-colored cardigan in blue, green, or yellow.

  5. From the pics, I have to agree with Kirbydog that the print does not look great. However, it might be one of those dresses that does not photograph well. I am sure if I saw it in person, I might change my mind.

  6. I think it looks pretty goofy online, but I've seen it in the store and I really like it -- and it's in the 20% off sale now, so I just may get it.

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