Thursday, May 22, 2008

Darlings, is it time for a J.Crew coupon code?

It's time for another coupon code... J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code FS2730. This offer expires 5/29/08.

Do you remember the days (like two months ago!) when these codes were good for free shipping on any amount order? I really miss them. {sniffle}


  1. I suppose the thing to do is buy what you want plus one really expensive item that you definitely don't want - at least that will make it easier to return it to the store (assuming there is one nearby)!

  2. Jennifer: I know what you mean! (Except I end up buying something expensive that I like and potentially keeping!) :)

  3. I just don't have extra time to mess no longer live near a store...used to live by 3! I would have ordered a dress for $29.99 just now but alias

    Sure, I could easily go over $150 for free shipping and I do have a large reward card to spend....but waiting........

    Ahh...the good ole days...I remember them to Alexis......

    Got this email from JCrew listing all the perks of having their credit card but somehow they don't seem like perks to me...I sent them an email telling them so....asking about free shipping for card memebers.....again.

  4. Jagjad2: I totally know what you mean! Again I was looking at something for $30 too and thought it wasn't worth the price of shipping.

    I hope card members do get some serious advantages!

  5. I have to say that I am just REALLY irritated with the whole no free shipping on unlimited amounts deal...I honestly hope that J.Crew is doing ALOT less business because of it, too! Have you noticed how much longer items actually stay in the sale section now? They used to be gone in a matter of milliseconds when FREE SHIPPING/NO MINIMUM existed.

    I think that they should allow at least 2 coupon codes with one purchase, too. That way the 20% off would actually be 20% off, and not just the amount to cover for much can it actually cost them to ship out a shirt that is a couple of ounces? Only about a buck or so...honestly...I just can't see paying their shipping rates now. I have been deterred by their new shipping code policy on NUMEROUS purchases I would have made had the old policy still been in existence. Hopefully they will feel the effects, realize the error of their GREEDY ways, and bring back the Free Shipping on Unlimited Amounts!

  6. FabulousFloridaMommy, You said a mouthful! Couldn't agree with you is either 20% off (which covers the shipping costs for us) or free shipping on larger amounts. I have made so many fewer purchases lately from JCrew. I have made more purchases in other stores though....I am not spending less in general...just spending less at JCrew. I too keep hoping JCrew will learn from their change in policy but I doubt it b/c they are increasing prices and maybe they want a group of customers that pay higher prices....Honestly, I have noticed the sale stuff no longer disappears in milliseconds but within an hour or two the stuff is still sold that I had thought of buying but passed on so I guess it's not hurting JCrew....too bad for us...either pay or do without and I guess I am finding I can do without. Just buying the items I LOVE and not LIKE anymore.

  7. FabulousFloridaMommy and Jagjag2: I {strongly} agree with both of you! I must repeat the point that I want those unlimited amount codes back.

    I too, have spent a significant amount less at J.Crew because I didn't want to pay shipping.

    Although I am hoping that this is a "phase," I have a feeling that this new policy will stay.

  8. Is it ever possible to use more than on coupon code at once?

  9. Hi Anonymous! Unfortunately, I have not been able to use two coupons at the same time either online, in stores, or over the phone.


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