Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Questionable Item of the Week: Colorblocked Mia dress

Let me start out by saying, that in general I love J. Crew and almost everything they produce. Over the past five years alone, I have noticed the retail store take their women's line clothing "up a notch" in terms of style, fabrics, and design. I especially love the attention to detail when it comes to their jackets (like the use of color and the inclusion of ribbon/piping in the inner-lining!)

Once in awhile though, I will run across a product that makes me question how it became a part of J. Crew's overall collection...

So recently I received J. Crew's Dress Book mini-catalog (literally it is smaller in size, with better stock paper, and showcasing a few select items) which featured the Colorblock Mia dress (Item 93612). To steal a quote from the description of the item, "A true shift, created in the spirit of the 1960s with split-neck detailing and a straight silhouette that just skims the body and works well on everyone." Uh... everyone really? Really?

This dress looks awful even on the model who is gorgeous and without an ounce of fat anywhere. (I don't think the model pictured here likes wearing the dress either!) Could you imagine what my pear-shaped body would look like in a shift dress like that? I can tell you: not good. Not good at all. It pains me to say this, but it looks like a glorified potato sack. Really, it kind of does. What is even more outrageous is the price of the dress at $158! For a cotton dress (that doesn't look too complicated), the price should be a lot less (maybe $50, maybe).

What do you think? Do you think I am being overly critical about this dress? Do you own this dress? If you do, please let me know what you think!


  1. Totally hideous, reminds me of another J Crew miss from last fall, ugly tan overalls for something like $128.00! Somebody goofed on that one too.

  2. Alexis, I love your blog and agree with your views on J.Crew!

    I've really noticed the price increases that you mentioned in previous posts. One of my all time favorite J.Crew pieces is the Jackie cardigan. Three years ago, regular price was $49.50. Now they're up to $62 in only THREE years?!?

    I agree that sometimes they REALLY miss the mark. The carpenter jeans from a year or so ago ended up at $16 or something crazy like that. Another total miss is this "t-shirt" wedding gown.

  3. Kirbydog I think I totally know what you were referring to... that jumpsuit from last year? I couldn't believe that was even a consideration to add to their line!!

    Lynn- thanks for the nice comment! I really appreciate it. I noticed that their prices for their regular line have been increasing as well- your example for the Jackie cardigan is an excellent one.

    Also, I hated those carpenter jeans. I actually tried them on in the store (because they were so cheap in the sale section), but they looked hideous on me.

    I also agree about the t-shirt wedding gown (Item 89158). It isn't awful at first look. But when you really look at it, it is not formal for a wedding (but too formal for an informal wedding) and not flattering for any body that is not perfect. If you eat something, it will show immediately (since there is no built in structure to the dress). You know that dress is going to make it to the sale section soon.

  4. Let me first say I love your blog! I'm a big J Crew fan and I'm so glad there is a blog that's dedicated to it.

    I also love the style direction J Crew has taken for the past few years. Although not my favorite dress out of thier current collection, but believe me this dress is not all that bad. I acually tried it on and it fitted me quite good, but it's not something I would spend $158 on. I also defitney agree with you that this dress does not work well with everyone as it is describe by J Crew, but it did worked for me and I do love the orange and pink combo.

  5. OK. Couldn't they take a better picture of this dress or find a model who it fits? Glad to hear from FriedWonton that it does fit other people. If you don't mind me asking, "In your opinion what type of body would this one fit?" Thanks.

    Personally, I have never liked orange and pink together even though I know it technically goes together but since I see it at JCrew so much it is starting to grow on me.

    I did buy the Josie shift dress; got it yesterday and I really like it. The pockets are well placed and hidden and in a dress this is kind of fun/nice to have. I like the scalloped trim. Very girly but that's me:)

  6. Hi Friedwonton! Thanks for the nice comment. I really appreciate them!

    Also, thanks for letting us know that the dress actually does look in person. Sometimes it is hard to tell in pictures. I have to ask the same question to you that Jagjag2 did, what kind of person would look good in the Mia dress?

    Jagjag2- I tried the Josie dress but found it was too loose on top and too tight on the bottom (back to my pear shaped body). How is the fit for you?

  7. The dress fits me fine in the top. I wear an 36A-34B cup. I am tall and "fairly thin" (not skinny...a bit curvy) but I carry my weight in my stomach and a bit on my hips. That is why I think it works for me. Hope that helps a bit:0 Any other questions feel free to ask.

  8. Thanks JagJag2! I am usually a 0-2 on top and a 6 on the bottom (I know- a true pear shape).

    I tried the Josie dress in a couple of sizes because I really wanted the dress. I too love the scalloped details. So I tried the dress in a size 2: looked great on the upper half but tight around my hips. I tried a size 4 and it was too loose on top and okay around my hips. I didn't try a size 6 because I thought it would look like a tent on me. I think I will just have to settle for the shirt dresses that J.Crew offers! :)

  9. There's stuff JUST LIKE this same color combinations at H&M right now. You could buy everything in these color combos and it wouldn't even add up to $158.


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