Thursday, May 22, 2008

Love it or Leave it: Refined canvas Fiona jacket

Refined canvas Fiona jacket
(Item 90977)
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Regular: $168.00
Now: $99.99

Yesterday's "Love it or Leave it" post received lots of comments (a big "thank you!" to all those who participated in the conversation!) I decided to bring the concept back, but this time for the Refined canvas Fiona jacket.

This jacket is another item that I have been lusting over for some time. I have noticed it in J.Crew's Sale section online and keep wondering if I should get it or not. I have been hesitant about purchasing it because of its shape- I am worried that it may not be a flattering style. I have gone to several J.Crew stores to try this on in-person. Unfortunately, the smallest size I could find is a size 4 which doesn't work for my size 2/0 frame on top. (It looked like I was swimming in extra fabric.) Unlike the Gayle Trench, the Fiona jacket has (1) ruffles that appear to be more tamed (although I do like ruffles!) and (2) buttons so it can be worn open and buttoned up (unlike the Gayle Trench, where you can only wear it wrapped).

What are your views on the jacket? Have you tried it on or own it? Do you think the jacket is worth the sale price?


  1. I love this jacket too. I bought the madras plaid version and really like it.

    HELP! This is another item question...Got a box of JCrew goodies from my sister and inside was the felted wool Cameron jumper/dress item 89248 from the Nov.2007 catalog page 78. (Does anyone else keep one copy of each month's catalog; even from many years ago like I do??) Anyway, the dress has a slit in the picture and mine doesn't. HELP! To me mine looks a bit funny without it. Does anyone own this dress that can help? Thanks.

  2. I bought the Fiona jacket in white a couple weeks ago when it went on sale for only $75! Very, very exciting! I wanted it when it first came out but refused to spend that much since I knew that it would eventually go on sale anyway. Well, I love this jacket!! I love everything about it, the shape, fit, ruffles! (incidentally, I love all the ruffled items at J.Crew). I was lucky enough to find it in a size 0,which is my regular size and although it's slightly roomy, it's still really beautiful. I would recommend this jacket to everyone!

  3. By the way, Julia Roberts was pictured wearing this jacket in navy last week!

  4. Thanks Jagjag and Anonymous at 9:25AM about your review of the Fiona jacket. I am actually going to get it once it is in my size!

    Anonymous: Great buy at $75. Bravo!

    Jagjag: I actually keep the older catalogs too! (How funny is that?!?)

    As for the Cameron dress- I think there is a slit on the lower back of the dress (is the thread still holding it together?) I have pasted the link to multiple views of the dress below, which shows that back slit.

  5. NO, I checked the back and there is no slit or any threads or anything that would resemble a slit!!! My dress is missing the slit. How weird is that???

  6. Hi, As for the jacket...I would personally get any color except the navy if it is the ruffle look you are going for....I tend to find that the darker colors hid the ruffle effect. Afterall, that's why I bought the jacket; love ruffles!

  7. Jagjag2: That is so weird about the slit not being there. The picture online clearly shows there would be one.

    If you really like the dress, you could take it to a tailor. I am sure it wouldn't cost that much extra.

    Good luck with the dress!

  8. I bought this jacket in navy when it went on sale in my local store. It was still a bit more than I wanted to spend, especially because the 3/4 sleeves mean that it won't work as a properly warm jacket - but it's really, really cute. I bought a size 0 and it's a little roomy, but I think it works well for the style.

    Thank you for starting this blog! I love it!

  9. Thanks Jennifer for the comment and sharing your experience with the Jacket. I am definitely going to get it if its in my size again. :)

  10. I have my eye on the python print Lucia jacket. Does anyone have any experience with this jacket?

    I am looking for a structured top to wear with dark trouser jeans for engagement pictures. I think I'd like neutral colors. Any suggestions :-) ?

  11. Hi Lynn! It is funny you mention the Python Lucia jacket because I am in love with the Italian matelassé Lucia jacket! I have a jacket that is similar to that style and it is fantastic. It looks great dressed up (with black pants) and dressed down (with jeans). It also really highlights the most slimming part of the body, the waist. It is too bad both coats are so expensive (even on sale)!

  12. If case you're interested, there are quite a few of these jackets listed on ebay. The asking price for some of them is a little outrageous but I guess it may be worth it to someone who really wants the jacket. I was even tempted to list mine but I don't think I can bear to part with it!


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