Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shipping Rates: Too much!

Well, it is clear from the comments posted and the results of the poll (so far): we want coupons for free shipping on unlimited amounts back! Many of us have curbed our shopping with J. Crew because we were turned off by the shipping fees (myself included). Hopefully, the executives at J. Crew realize (and soon!) this is something important enough to reconsider.

Personally, I am so frustrated with their shipping rates (which are quite high for retail) that I am planning to write an email to J. Crew. I am suggesting that they either (1) bring back those unlimited amount coupons; (2) consider free shipping coupons with lesser amounts like $50 or $75 than the usual $100-175; or (3) consider a flat shipping fee (just like Gap and Nordstrom, who offer rates of $5 to $6 no matter what size the order).

Do you agree with the suggestions above? What are some of your suggestions?


  1. JCrew is really getting on my nerves;not surprised that they are continuing to remove codes but hoping....some sites might not be found....Can you imagine the man power and $ this taking for them to find and remove codes from the sites? If the company wasn't JCrew and their clothes didn't fit me so well...(I spent a large part of my life searching for clothes that fit...oh the horror stories and then JOY of finding JCrew 6 1/2 years ago..) I LOVE the idea of a flat shipping rate or at least a perk with reduced shipping for card holders.

  2. Jagjag2: I think we are totally on the same page! :)

    I couldn't agree more on your comment about the man power/$ this is costing J.Crew. Just seems like a real waste of their time and a means to frustrate truly loyal customers.

  3. these are all good suggestions. Or they can have some kind of membership system. People pay for a certain amount ($10-20) for one year's free shipping. That will really make customers keeping buying from Jcrew.

  4. Crystal- I would totally buy into that shipping program! Great idea.

  5. Crystal, great idea! We all need to write Mickey Drexler a letter!

  6. My last purchase (5/15) was a pair of madras shorts that were on sale. I was happy to see an e-mail that sale items also received an additional 20% off from a limited time. I usually google for coupon codes and check a few of my bookmarks. This time around I found many sites have stopped posting J. Crew coupon codes due to requests from the company. Through the search I came across this blog. Very cool. After I completed the transaction, feeling taken by the shipping costs, I completed the survey that was available at the end. I went through 5 detailed pages of the survey just so I could put in comments about how I feel about the new shipping costs. For a $39.99 order I feel that $8.50 shipping is unacceptable, I wanted them to know about it. I didn't expect anything to come from the survey so I saved my comments in a text file to later e-mail J. Crew directly. Before I had a chance, a J. Crew rep actually e-mailed me the next day. Due to the confidentiality clause at the end of the e-mail I will not go into details contained in it, but I will say they did make me a happy customer.

    In short, J. Crew is listening... as long as it's customers give them something to hear.


  7. Just found out about this blog, and I love it! I love shopping at JCrew and have found all the posts most helpful and interesting.

    I have to agree that the shipping costs at JCrew are ridiculously expensive. I shop the petites section since the regular-sized items in-store rarely fit me just right. If JCrew could follow BR's lead and offer free shipping for petites until they start stocking them in-store, I think they'd make a lot of current and new customers very happy.

  8. since i work in the city where a J.Crew is only a short walk away, i sometimes just add something expensive to my online purchase, use the free shipping code, and return the item in-store after it arrives. this definitely gets annoying, but i feel like i beat them system when i do it, ha.

    i think they should follow banana republic's lead and offer an exclusive status credit card that grants you free shipping and alterations.

  9. After sending yet another email to JCrew asking about free shipping for credit card holders....I got an email from JCrew stating to contact their partner WFNNB the JCrew credit card company (not JCrew) and let them know customers want free shipping as a perk. So everybody who wants free shipping give them a call...the customer service number is on your statement.

  10. First time posting on this excited there are other J.Crew freaks out there looking for coupon codes for free shipping.

    My beef is this: If they gave us free shipping one way, at least it wouldn't hurt so much if we have to return the merchandise and pay for the return. For me, especially with items I have only seen online, sometimes the fit or expectation is not as you would imagine and it is not unheard of that it has to go back. So being yanked twice for shipping hurts - especially since J.Crew does not do a flat shipping rate.

    Definitely one factor that prevents me from ordering as often as I would like.


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