Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Another coupon site based on user submissions was told to remove their coupons by J. Crew! It is Best Deal: Dealigg (

What I found on the page is what I have been seeing more and more of, "Sorry, JCrew has specifically requested to have all JCrew coupons removed from".

When will J.Crew realize that this will hurt, not improve, their sales!


  1. I sent them an email last week on Friday asking about this practice of removing the codes from websites. No response yet. (not holding my breath but it made me feel better) I plan on sending them another email too. I think it's a good idea if people let them know how they feel about this poor customer service practice. The only thing I keep hoping for is that they come up with some great new shipping offer like a flat rate or free shipping for card holders. Once again, I probably won't hold my breath:)

  2. I hear you jagjag2! Also, I think it is great that you sent an email concerning this topic. Although, I also doubt they will respond, if they get enough "concerned emails" on the matter, they may reconsider.

    I just find it hard to believe that removing coupons from these sites are even a "priority" for J.Crew. Don't they have a better use of their time?

  3. mailed them last week in regards to coupons being removed from sites, they did not directly respond to that, but stated that at least once a month they post free shipping coupons. Basically they are doing quite well, and don't intend to change their practices. I have closed my J Crew account.

  4. Kirbydog, I am thinking of closing my JCrew account too. Not so much for the coupon codes but b/c I am having trouble getting my rewards certificates. The last two have not made it to me and it' been a real hassle. The credit card company nor JCrew will give me my number over the phone to use for an online purchase, living overseas I was on hold with them trying to get it straightend out last night for over 30 minutes. They are sending it to the right address but it's not getting to me. Big pain that I don't need:)


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