Monday, May 19, 2008

Would you wear it? The Pippa Calf-Hair Jacket

Pippa Calf-hair Jacket
(Item 86099)
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Regular: $1,800.00
Now: $1,299.99

If I ignore the cost of the jacket for a moment (although at that price, how can anyone), I still don't "know" about the jacket. There is something about it that doesn't seem appealing to me, but I just can't figure it out. It is certainly not the shape, (as J.Crew puts it "a straight, cropped body with shorter, banded sleeves shaped with tucks for volume"), that I don't like.

I think that my dislike of the jacket might have something to do with the calf-hair as the material base. I just don't think it would be very comfortable to move around in and wear. (Even though I have no problems in the past purchasing calf-hair items from J.Crew, such as the Spotted Cat flats and purse that I already own. But maybe because those were accessories, I viewed them differently.)

What do you think about this jacket? Would you buy it? Do you like the fact that it is calf-hair? Do you not care because the price is so outrageously expensive anyways?


  1. The style of the coat is cute but not the fabric/material. I am totally turned off my the "hair" aspect of this garment. I didn't even care for the shoes or the belt but as you stated those were in smaller doses of "hair". To each his own will probably sell out fast...I will just be running the other way! Ha:)

  2. I agree Jagjag2- I don't like the coat to have hair either. Just reading the words makes me cringe a little.

    I guess I don't have a problem with the accessories because they are stiff with structure to begin with, so you don't notice the "hairs" as much.

  3. I don't particularly like this jacket either. The awful color doesn't help the weird texture.


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