Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finally, the Spring Sale is here!

It's that wonderful time of the month that I always look forward to: when J. Crew offers 20% off its sale merchandise. (Is it sad, that I really do look forward to it? ...Especially since it makes up for the lack of a free shipping code for unlimited amounts.) The 20% discount lasts until 5/17/08. Not a lot of days, but certainly something!


  1. Hi, I didn't realize this happened once a month? Does it happen on a certain date each month? I saw a few things I'd been watching go on sale but without the free shipping code on unlimited amounts I am going to pass....ahhh the good ole days:(

  2. Hi JagJag2! I do not think J. Crew discount sales are just once a month. (It feels like sometimes it happens a couple of times a month.)

    I also could not agree with you more about the free shipping on unlimited amounts! I just posted to one of your other comments about that very thing you experienced!!! :)

    I had something in my bag 5 minutes ago, ready to buy (unfortunately under $100 so no code applied) and decided to not buy because the shipping costs were too much. J. Crew should really re-consider introducing those codes for unlimited amounts again.

  3. Thanks for your replies. It is so nice to hear I am not the only one (I didn't think I was before this blog but it is nice to know first hand)....We can all feel better knowing we are not alone in buying fewer pieces b/c of this alarming developement??? Maybe our closets will have more space???? I don't know where to post this question so here goes...Do you own any recent JCrew cashmere sweaters? (from 07 or 08) I have seen it "trashed" a bit on the web for not being as good a quality in past years, pilling easily after a few light wearings, etc. Anyone have any comments? I am lusting after a sweater that is full price (that I hope goes on sale) and don't know if I should just "give it up" and move on...:)

  4. Hi jagjag2! It is nice to hear that others are experiencing the same frustration. I thought I was alone with those feelings too! :)

    Unfortunately, I do not have one of their 100% cashmere sweaters (just partial cashmere.) Mainly because they are so expensive and rarely go on sale with a substantial discount. ...But they are beautiful. I always wanted one too!

    I do have one of Gap's cashmere sweaters which is okay (but did get great reviews from a few sources).

  5. I placed 3 items in my shopping cart this morning, but they only add up to $ I decide not to buy either. Who knows whether or when they will have the unlimited code again. Or maybe when fewer people buy, more items' price will drop and I will get lucky to buy all the things I want all at once. Anyway, I don't want to regret for spending extra money on them when I don't have to.

  6. I'm a loyal J.Crew customer too, but I'm in the same boat as far as not buying items without having a coupon code.

    To answer jagjag2's question: I own several J.Crew 100% cashmere sweaters (all of which I got on sale), and they do pill pretty easily. I don't have any other 100% cashmere sweaters from other brands, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but I am a little disappointed in the way the sweaters look after only a few wearings.

  7. In response to the cashmere sweaters...yes they pill very quickly (after just a couple of wears). I own several cashmere sweaters and also pretty disappointed. But, I own a cashmere sweater from banana republic and I've noticed the same thing.


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