Friday, May 16, 2008

J. Crew Jewelry

I buckled down and purchased the Cabochon Bouquet Cocktail Ring (Item 92716), when I saw it was on sale from its original price of $65 to $19.99 (plus the 20% off for the sale, plus the cruel shipping fee) at J.Crew the other day. It really is a beautiful ring that I see myself wearing while at a summer party (although it is quite large).

This got me thinking that J. Crew has come out with some really beautiful jewelry pieces over the past few years (besides the standard pearls and solid-color bangles). For instance, check out the Jeweled beehive pendant (Item 90138) which I personally own and love (I wear it all the time!) or the Enameled magnolia cuff bracelet (Item 92709, $150).

Although J.Crew's jewelry is beautiful, it also tends to have quite the price tag (read as expensive) for "partial gold-plated brass" (as oppose to the more valuable gold or silver). It makes wonder if these pieces are meant to last beyond a few years.

What are your experiences with J.Crew jewelry? Have you been disappointed or satisfied with the quality of the jewelry?


  1. I ordered the Enameled Tile Necklace (item 92964) the other day, and I'm waiting for it in the mail. Even though this necklace is really loud, I thought it would go well with a neutral outfit. I loved that it is so unique. Some of their pieces do tend to be a little over the top though, and if this necklace is one of those pieces, it'll end up going back to the store.

  2. Hi again Lynn! I just looked up the item (
    I don't think it looks too "loud". I do agree with you that the necklace would look great, and really stand out, with a neutral outfit like a white shirt and some khaki-color pants or jeans!

  3. I have the sterling silver charm bracelet with sterling silver starfish charm from last summer that is very nice. Also, I bought the costume piece of a large butterfly with fake blue stones and fake tortise links last summer. I thought it looked cheap and tacky and returned it. I am not into the jewelry after that unless it is sterling. (I like costume jewelry;don't get me wrong but it has to look nice!)When I returned the bracelet the salesclerk said the beads fell off hers the first time she wore hers. I had been wanting that bracelet all summer and watching for it to go on sale so this was a BIG disappointment.

  4. P.S. The original price on the butterfly bracelet was $100. No way it was worth that. I paid $30 on sale for it. I might have kept it for $10!

  5. Jagjag2: I think I know the butterfly bracelet you are referring to!!! Is it the one with the brown chain links?

    I actually ordered it (on wait list) for $30 as well. I ended up seeing it at a store and tried it on. I remember that it was so terribly uncomfortable to wear that I ended up calling right there to cancel my order.

    I find you really need to see the items in person. I ordered two necklaces: the blue stone pendant and the beehive. I really wanted the blue stone pendant and the beehive necklace was a tag along purchase. Turns out I love the beehive necklace and okay with the blue stone one!

  6. Yes, the one with the brown chain links was it!

  7. Follow up: I just got my ring today. Although I do love the ring, the color appears more yellow than the lime green portrayed in the picture.

    So, the lesson for me is that I need to see J.Crew's Jewelry in person.

  8. I have the giraffe head necklace with gray glass beads. It is a very dramatic piece, love it or leave it sort of piece. I wear it all the time and always get comments. The giraffe is not cartoon-cute at all. I like their enamel pieces even though they are not gold or silver. I think the enamelling is very high quality.

  9. Hello. I LOVE Jcrew's jewelry collection! I have used some of the trends they have for the season in my own collection. My jewelry is MUCH more affordable. Check out my site and let me know what you think! :)

    If you are crafty, I actually bought the primrose bracelet ( sale took it apart and make a necklace out of the flower and round beads and a bracelet out the oval beads.


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