Thursday, May 29, 2008

J.Crew Junior: The Crewcuts Collection

Imagine my surprise back in 2005/2006 to see J.Crew beautiful fashion styles for adults available for 2-10 year olds through their Crewcuts Collection. Over the past couple of years, the collection has grown from a few items, into offering several product lines that not only miniaturize the Mens\ Women's clothes but introduced some new styles of its own. Suddenly, I was becoming jealous that certain patterns and accessories were only available for "Girls" and not "Women." (I even contemplated buying the largest size available in Girls to wear it myself!)

J.Crew's foray into children's clothing appears to be quite successful considering it has its own dedicated website ( Not to mention, Crewcuts have their own stand alone stores (I believe it's 42) throughout the country. (I recently went to the one at the Westchester Mall and was in love with almost everything they offered- from the Domino-dot jacquard jacket (Item 94237) to the Flower headband (Item 93282).)

What are your feelings about Crewcuts? Do you love or hate the concept? Will you plan on buying any (for a child or even yourself!)? Do you think that the mini-versions of J.Crew is too much to spend on clothing (that kids will outgrow in a couple of months) or totally worth it (because the quality is great)?


  1. My daugther and I loved to shop together at the JCrew and Crewcuts combined store at Southdale Mall in Edina, MN. We would only by things for her if they were on sale and she knew and accepted that. I let her try on some regular priced items a few times...don't we all like to do that??? We had a great time....I could get really good deals for her...pants were as low as $7-10 and wellies about $12; we got several sweaters for about $15. There is no sales tax on clothes/shoes in MN so that was an added bonus.

    I loved some of the things they had out for girls in April/May and wished they had them for me in my size!!

    Love this site; keep up the good work:) Many thanks.

  2. Hi Jagjag2! That is so cute, going to the Crew with your daughter!!! I understand the feeling of wanting Crewcuts in our size too. (Especially the jackets and shoes!) :)

    Thanks for the nice comment. Also thanks for all the great suggestions: you are part of the reason this site is doing well. :)

  3. My son is four, so buying the full priced items is a little silly. He'll grow out of them too quickly to make it worth spending that much. Even so, I do pick buy things when they go on sale. His favorite baseball hat is from Crewcuts, and he really wants the pair of yellow rain boots (the Hunter ones, which I may put off buying until fall). The clothes are nicely made, and we've been able to pass down the things he's outgrown to younger cousins, who are getting good use out of them too.

    And I seriously wish they had some of the girls' stuff in bigger sizes. They save some of the cutest designs for them.

  4. Hi Haus_frau! Sounds like you are getting the best from both sides (just like Jagjag2): Crewcuts but on sale (which makes it more affordable).

    I don't think I would buy Crewcuts *regular* priced items either. But on sale, I totally see myself buying them. They really do offer great prints & styles (that I think are prettier than Oilily too!)

  5. I think that the Crewcuts clothes for girls are just absolutely adorable, however...I have 4 boys, so my options with Crewcuts are limited. To be honest...Gap has cuter and less expensive clothes for boys, so I tend to shop there for them. I have bought some of the little boy boxer shorts and they are really cute...I like the plaid shorts, as well, but once again...I can get them at Gap or even Old Navy for less than J.Crew. It just doesn't warrant spending the extra money for clothing that will be outgrown in no time at boys are really rough on clothing, so that is also a determining factor when making clothing purchases for them. If I were to buy from Crewcuts for boys, it would definitely only be sale items.

  6. I love going into the Crewcuts store and I'm not a mom :o) I've bought a few things from there for the daughter of one of my cousins...she's 3 and so cute! Anyway, I've only bought sale items and only if they're $10 and under, so pretty much just the mini totes (those are so adorable I almost bought one for myself to use as a lunch bag, but I refrained), belts, socks, and headbands.

  7. As an adult, I carry one of the yellow mini totes with blue butterflies from last summer. I love it and it holds more than you think it would. My daughter has a purple one with brown horses. I get lots of positive comments on mine when I am out....

    I just bought us each the seahorse ones. Haven't got them yet....they are on sale...hers in yellow, mine in flame.

    My daughter has about 15 JCrew headbands. When there was free shipping on unlimited amounts you could get them on sale for $3 or $4 each.

  8. I know the totes you are talking about. I was thinking of getting one myself! :)

  9. Sometimes I wonder if crewcuts sizes will fit petite women. Today I got the Shirred V-Nect Tissue Tee in the mail (shown here and it was like a tent on me in size XS. Seriously, it was the biggest XS shirt I have ever seen.

    Does any one have any experience buying crewcuts for aduts?

  10. I've been wondering the same thing, Stephanie. I can't fit into any bottoms or dresses at j.crew, the size 0 is still too big! I've been wondering if the crewcut sizes would work on me, especially since they have such great things! And lately, I've been noticing that the sizes are being cut larger than in the past. For example, I tried on the Zoey top the other day and it was unusually large, even for the style!

  11. I love crewcuts, however, I do have boys and so I don't love crewcuts as much as I might if I had girls. Like the other commenters have said already, boys clothes are different...and you need to buy something that you know will last.

    Overall I think crewcuts for boys is second only to Boden, which I think has more original designs. But I like the quality of the crewcuts clothes very much.

  12. Trix, Boden does have some great stuff too!

    I think too often children's clothing companies put much more effort and production into the girls' clothes instead of focusing on the boys' stuff too. Going into Gymboree is always disappointing. 3/4 of the store is devoted to cute girls stuff while the back corner, shoved in with the sales, are the boys' clothes. I didn't realize this until I had my son and started trying to shop for him. Boys clothes cycle around the basic t-shirt, the turtleneck, the button up, shorts (cargo or not), and cords/khakis/jeans. A lot of the t-shirt designs are not something I would put on a little boy (skulls, Spiderman (my son is four, he has no clue who that is), stupid sayings). Most of the time, I end up at Target buying the plain Circo shirts and polos.

  13. I love the Crewcuts line. My kids both wear the clothes and they are quite well made. They are a bit pricey, but you can resell them on EBay when they grow out of them. The swimsuits, especially, hold up very well.

  14. Do you know if the sale promotion posters are available for purchase?

    I love the pic of the girl dressed in party wear a pair of Adidas standing on top a skateboard. Saw one in a Palm Beach crewcuts and would love to have it.

    I'll check back for your reply.



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