Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Product Review: Liv metallic ballet flats

One of the "regular" features I would like to include in this blog is reviewing products. I plan on taking popular items J. Crew is offering and open the discussion for those who have purchased the items to those who are thinking about buying the items. So please let me know what you think of this feature and if I should continue. Also, please let me know if you have any future "product review" suggestions.

Liv Metallic Ballet Flats (Item 90724)
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Regular: $150.00
Select colors now $49.99

I think the majority of J. Crew ballet flats are super cute. I have about 20 ballet flats from J. Crew alone! I even own multiples of the same shoe (same style shoe but in different colors.)

So it's no surprise that I bought these pair of shoes because I thought they looked cute too. I was quite surprised to see that the Liv Metallic Ballet Flats has an extra bit of cushion (when compared to previous ballet flats offered by the Crew). The extra bit of cushion is by no means the same support you would get from a casual sneaker, but enough for me to be happy with. They are easy to clean (e.g. wiping off dirt) and resist water much better than the silk ballet flats (which seems obvious because of the type of material itself).

Much like the other J. Crew ballet flats, as long as you wear some sort of stockings (to reduce the friction & foot sweating) they are comfortable enough to walk around the whole day in. My only complaint (which again relates to all of their ballet flats) is the soles of the shoe which are very slippery. I always end up having to adhere a "safe step sole pad" (that non-skid rough, rubber-like pad) to the bottom of the shoes (which costs about $2 at any Wal-Mart).

One more thing... If you are like me, someone who likes to wear these ballet flats without stockings in the summer, then I suggest you also try Dr. Scholls For Her: Miracle Shield Anti-Friction Stick (click here for product link). From personal experience, it really does protect your feet by reducing friction. This product can also be easily found in stores like Target for a reasonable price (and well worth the investment in my opinion!)

What are your thoughts about the Liv Metallic Ballet Flats? What do you think about J. Crew's ballet flats in general?


  1. Does the Dr. Scholl's also protect from foot sweating? I think I will give it a try because I've been trying to find a product that reduces foot sweating and friction! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hi "anonymous at 9:50PM"! The Dr. Scholl's roll doesn't really prevent foot sweating too well. Just the friction. But I read in one of my girly magazines that some people use regular deodorant on their feet to minimize foot sweating. I haven't tried it... yet!

  3. Thanks for the review! I'm just about to buy these in yellow... (The 20% off sale proved too tempting!)

  4. Thanks a. for stopping buy. I really do like the shoe. Hopefully you will too. Just make sure you buy those sole pads so you won't slip! :)

  5. My husband used to use spray deoderant on his feet and it does work for sweating. Love the tip on the Dr. Scholl's product. Will try:) Also, last summer Avon made a similar product that I bought online at their website. Don't know if they have it now or not but just passing that tip along too b/c it came in this handy mini jar that fits in a purse.

  6. Thanks Jagjag2 about the Avon product tip. It is always good to know what is out there. :)

  7. I really like the J. Crew ballet flats on other people, but on me, they show too much toe cleavage. I am not a fan of the toe cleavage. Also, my feet are not narrow enough to wear a number of their styles.


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