Friday, May 16, 2008

Do you see J. Crew every where too?

When you walk down the street, do you ever stop to look at someone's outfit and say, "oh, that piece came from J. Crew"? Or look through a magazine and see an item that you know (before reading the small text on the bottom) came from J. Crew? I know I do. I can not help but see J. Crew everywhere!

So yesterday, Ellen DeGeneres announced that she was going to marry her longtime girlfriend, actress Portia de Rossi (who I loved on the t.v. show Arrested Development) after the California Supreme Court ruled down the state’s ban on gay marriage.

While I am happy for Ellen and Portia, all I could think about is that I have seen Ellen's jacket before. In fact, I think I own it! So I went into my closet and found my Double-faced wool Lexington jacket (Item 85798). If it's not the same jacket as Ellen's, then it is very similar.

Do you also know when people are wearing J. Crew? Can you spot a J. Crew item out from the crowd?


  1. I totally can... did you ever see the Wendy's commercial with the navy and yellow chain-link print cardigan? I do this ALL THE TIME... I always find myself saying "that's from J.Crew"

    My fiance tells me I have some kind of incurable illness, but I just can't help it! I love J.Crew!

  2. Lynn, I totally KNOW the Wendy's commercial that you are referring to! The first time I saw it, I knew immediately it was a J.Crew cardigan because of that distinctive print. (Incidentally, I believe it is the Links-print merino cardigan; Item 89433)

  3. There is a cleaning commercial and the lady is wearing the sage green/brown/white print with brown beads sweater from Spring of 2005? or 06? (I have the sweater.) Also, Sandra Bullock wears the navy critter cropped pants with green dragonflies in the one of the Beauty Pagent movies (can't remember the title) I was like "I own those pants!" Too funny!

  4. I usually check this page:

  5. It's funny you mention it, because I was watching an episode of What Not To Wear a few weeks back--I'm addicted to makeover shows!--and Stacey (one of the hosts) was wearing the silk paisley shirt that's currently on sale. :)

  6. Thanks David for reminding me about the link! It is too bad J.Crew doesn't take advantage of it by locating that "As seen in" link (which is rather tiny) on the bottom of the page instead of on the right nav bar.

    Jagjag2: I think it is great that you can remember those instances of finding J.Crew on the little & big screen from a couple of years ago!!! :) It is something I would do.

    Amy: I love the show "What Not to Wear"!!!! I think Stacy & Clinton are great. (I didn't much care for the original guy that Clinton replaced. Remember him?)

  7. I was actually wearing the short sleeve cable knit cashmere sweater from a few years ago (they had three little buttons at the shoulder/neck) the day I went to see Meet the Fockers and the lady that played Ben Stiller's girlfriend was wearing the same sweater, even the same color. It was a little odd, she was wearing one of the Kelly striped button down shirts under the sweater....never thought of pairing those two items.


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