Friday, May 30, 2008

Is Bigger Better? J.Crew Bracelets

Seaside charm bracelet
(Item 95466)
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I have noticed that a lot of J.Crew's jewelry, in particular their bracelets, are super chunky. Not only are the bracelets big, but they are quite heavy on the wrist. (Especially hefty for those of us who have slender wrists, like myself!)

I have quite a few bracelets from J.Crew and am surprised by both the size and weight, even the 1" Enamel Bangles are unexpectedly heavy.

So I came across the Seaside Charm Bracelet and thought it was actually quite pretty. The motif of boating/fishing was cute and minimal (compared to the Angler print dress!) However, when I saw the picture of the model wearing it, I couldn't believe how large it was!

It seems like the bracelets are too large and impractical to wear everyday. As an example, I own the Pacific Beaded Cascade Bracelet (Item 84907). I only wear it once in awhile (less than I would like, to be honest). I cannot use it for work because it ends up banging onto every table/work surface, damaging the bracelet itself (and driving me a bit nuts in the process). I always find myself pushing the bracelet up my arm to get it out of the way.

Do you mind the chunky/heavy jewelry? Would you prefer to see some of the designs/styles shrunk down to more "wearable" sizes? What do you think?


  1. I'm not a huge bracelet fan anyways, because it seems like they're always in the way. I completely agree though that J.Crew jewelry is getting way too chunky. I bought the glass bead and fireball necklace in turquoise (item #92725) and although I *LOVE* the way the necklace looked in the box, when I put it on, I was overwhelmed by the size. Plus the thing is sooo heavy that I really think it would become a burden after wearing it an hour or so. I'm taking it back just based on how chunky and heavy it is. (I bought it before the 20% off sale so it's hard to spend $50 on a costume jewelry necklace that I'm not in love with)

  2. Hi Lynn! I am surprised to hear that the glass bead and fireball necklace was big & chunky. It didn't look like it would be. :( It makes these kinds of purchases on line very difficult!

    [I am sorry to hear you have to return the necklace. But I agree with you, its hard to spend that much on costume jewelry you don't love!]

  3. The only J.Crew accessories I ever actually buy/wear (other than shoes & bags) are the headbands and the earrings. I've never really been a fan of bracelets (especially big ones like JCrew's) since they also do seem to get in the way, like Lynn said. You can't comfortably type or write anything because it feels like the bracelet is digging into your skin.

    I do, however, LOVE jcrew's headbands and earrings. I have wayy to many headbands, but they are all so darn cute! I don't like how they don't always have the same stuff in stores as they do online. Yesterday I was at a store and I bought a skinny ribbon headband that was not elastic all around and it is so cute (i usually don't like the kinds that are elastic all around, I have a big head) and I wanted to buy more in different colors (they only had pink & yellow in the store) but there are none online!

  4. I just bought this bracelet for $69.99 MINUS an additional 50% off at my J Crew..... Rockaway Townsquare Mall, NJ.... All sale stuff an additional 50% off.

  5. I agree with both of you,although I really love the new J Crew jewelry line, it is quite heavy. The bracelets do get in the way sometimes. I only wear them out to dinner, a cocktail party, or an event. I own several bangles, the bold chunky chain link necklace (LOVE IT!!!) and the gold chain link bracelet. I am tall and large boned and some of the bangles seem too big on me! I do get many complements whenever I wear J Crew jewelry and I am really into "statement pieces". I would love to get the jcrew Bubble Necklace, but $150 is a lot for something so identifiable. Does anyone else here own it? What do you think?

  6. Anabelle: I too, own lots (actually 19) of their headbands! They have fantastic patterns don't they? It's hard not to buy them on sale too!

    Nicole Ryba: Thanks for the NJ store tip. Although it is too far for me, I am sure others closer by will take advantage of that sale! :)

  7. I love this blog (just discovered it!)... I have been a huge J Crew fan for years. I work on Wall Street and I have a sales rep who works at the Seaport send me the sales report as it comes to the stores so I would know days in advance of what was being marked down.... Have not seen one in a while but will post it next time I receive it.

  8. Hi, I am tall but small boned. I look better and prefer more delicate jewelry. I bought some cute enamel stack rings and a sterling silver delicate chain bracelet with starfish charm last summer from JCrew. Like them both very much. Haven't seem anything I like in the jewelry section since then. I like bracelets the most of any jewelry. Rings and earrings about evenly matched for second...necklaces last place.

  9. kirbydog: I have the bubble necklace (3 tiered clear one from the holidays?) and LOVE it......get tons of compliements everytime I wear it.

  10. Nicole (Ryba): Welcome aboard! Happy to have you join us. :)

    Jagjag2: I am totally with you about delicate jewelry. I find it is more versatile (in terms of coordinating with outfits). It is also easier to wear as well.

    But don't get me wrong. Once in awhile like to wear something a bit more. But just once in awhile.

    Incidentally, the Cabochon Bouquet Cocktail Ring (Item 92716) I posted about a week or two ago: although beautiful, really impossible to wear on a day to day basis (it is too big and cumbersome).

  11. Apparently J.Crew doesn't need to be quite so cocky about displeased customers.

    J". Crew shares tumbled 20% to $37.60. The seller of preppy-style clothing said late tough sales of summer merchandise such as shorts and T-shirts were soft and it was also hurt by weak store traffic."

  12. Lynn, Very interesting find....

    Alexis, I know what you mean. I like a few "bling" pieces every now and then too....

  13. Hi Guys!

    Lynn: Couldn't agree more. They should be a little nicer considering how sales are going.

    Jagjag2: Exactly, wearing a "bling" piece once in awhile (like going out for a couple of hours) is perfect. But certainly not feasible for everyday! :)

  14. I've always been skeptical of their jewelry just because they look too big/heavy, and for their prices I'm expecting something nicer than painted metal. But I'm not really into jewelry, so I probably shouldn't be judging theirs.

    I own a few of their headbands...I bought a silk print one, and it's my favorite! I own two of the tortoiseshells but they keep falling off my head. Anyone else have the same problem? It could just be that I have a big head... :o)

  15. Hi SueBee! About their tortoise shells: I have both the wide and narrow headbands. I have found that they don't slide off my head, but they definitely hurt a lot faster than the fabric counterparts (e.g. they pinch a lot more.)

    But I think they look so lovely that I continue to wear them and bear the pain (all in the name of fashion!)

    I think that maybe the headbands should get its own post too. They are just so fantastic!

  16. Sue.Bee, I have one of the thinner tortoise shell headbands and mine stretches out during the day and flops around. I've taken to carefully shaping it a bit and mostly wearing it with a ponytail or my hair half up to have something to anchor it into. I also have really thick, really curly hair, so that doesn't help either.

  17. Hi SueBee & haus_frau! It is funny haus_frau that you mention the stretching out- mine do too! Especially if I am walking around in the sun (so they are exposed to direct heat). However, they don't fall off my head.

    What I do to keep their tight shape is I actually use a Goody's Stayput Headwrap (with a knot to make the circle smaller) and put it around the headband. This forces the headband to go back to its tighter shape. (I hope what I wrote makes sense.)

  18. Those are some great tips! I'll definitely have to try them out. Thanks!

  19. You know, now that I think about wouldn't be a bad idea if JCrew offered some "petite" sizing in their jewelry. I tried on some of those enameled bracelets the last time I was at the store and I actually liked how they looked, but they felt a little too heavy and were just a tad too big (i.e. they'd slide right off).

  20. Sue.bee I think it would be great if they made different sizes for their jewelry. I really like some of the costume pieces- but they are way to heavy/big on my wrist.

  21. hi- just want to say thanks for your post and sharing your thoughts on this bracelet! i have this seaside bracelet in my online shopping cart right now but was unsure about the size. i'm a shorty ("petite") so i'm going to let this one go. thanks again!


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