Wednesday, January 7, 2015

JCA In the News {twice!}

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Leah, CMG, FirefighterWife, Sandra, as well as JCrewGal (in this post), who let us know that the JCA's "Cece is Back at J.Crew! Well, is it?" post was mentioned in a few articles:

The comment section from the DailyMail is definitely worth reading. Many readers were not surprised that a retailer would cut costs/corners by reducing the quality. However, there were quite a number of comments discussing the recent quality direction of J.Crew. I wonder if J.Crew's decision to change up the Cece will impact their bottom line...

Personally, I am disappointed by the move. I wanted to see the exact same Cece from last year being offered this year. The same quality, the same fit, the same everything. As I mentioned before, when I saw the new Cece in person, they looked different. Sigh. Well, on a bright note, the new Cece is still better than the Emma Flat. ;)

Are you excited about Cece's return to J.Crew? Did you think J.Crew was going to bring them back with the premise they were still made in Italy?


  1. I might have tried the Ceces due to the positive reviews found here on the Mothership over the years, but after you all said the quality wasn't there on the new ones then I decided against it. It does seem as if the quality of a lot of J Crew's things is going downhill and that is tragic. Quality down, price up. Not a good combination, IMO.

  2. I would like to try them out since I was not crazy about the Emma flat. Although, I am very disappointed that the old Cece flat is not back.

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  4. IMO, JC never intended to discontinue Cece and this whole resurrection was just marketing BS to cover the fact that JC wanted to cut costs on one of their most popular shoes. I’ve read reviews of Hunter wellies, Ugg boots, Madewell sidewalk skimmers not being as good quality as they used to be. The difference is that JC’s the only one talking about bringing them back like they’re doing us a favor.


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