Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surprise! Complimentary VIP Membership to Tablet Hotels & Log Into J.Crew for Free Shipping {yey!}

"Thanks!" to so many of you, including JBird, & xoxo (in this post), who let us know the latest promotion from J.Crew.

The email announces that J.Crew is once again teaming up with Tablet Hotels for some special perks. Essentially customers can get a free membership to the Table Plus Program. For those selected, the sign-up must be completed by May 27, 2010.

They did this once before (refer to the "J.Crew Email: A special gift from J.Crew & Tablet Hotels" post). I signed up last time and didn't find the membership too helpful (and I travel a bit too). Perhaps I didn't know how to properly take advantage of it.

Even better (in my opinion)!?! J.Crew is offering select customers free shipping when you log-into your J.Crew account. This promotion runs until June 7, 2011.

"Thanks!" to so many of you, including rosie, who shared another promotion.

J.Crew is sending emails to select cardmembers with a one-time unique free shipping code. The code is only good if customers use their J.Crew credit card for the order placed before the end of Tuesday, June 7, 2011.

What are your thoughts on this promotion? Is this a good extension of J.Crew's partnerships? Will you sign up? Did you receive free shipping on your account? Are you a cardmember and if so, did you receive the unique free shipping offer? :)


  1. Yay! I didn't even notice the free shipping part of the email but there it is. :^)

    Alexis, it says the Tablet membership gives a complimentary upgrade - subject to availability - so that is nice. The other perks really depend on each specific hotel, except for the Top 10 New Hotels book, which might be nice to look at.

  2. I got the email just now, but I noticed I got free shipping this morning when I purchased a shirt for my husband. I was wondering what was going on! Anyway, I'm so happy this offer is on until June 7. Free shipping is a great promo, especially for Canadian J. Crew fanatics!

  3. I just got a one time use code for free shipping, nothing when i log into my account.

  4. xoxo: I honestly didn't know how to use the program. ;) You are right, that the membership really depends on the hotel one frequents. It is a great offer for those who use participating hotels. :)

    Louise: Congrats on free shipping! Incredible perk. Love it! :)

    Stacy: Congrats on the one time code- that is still pretty good! :)

  5. I received the "select" free shipping email with what looks like a unique code, but I did not get the Tablet offer. How peculiar.

  6. J Crew-sanctioned hotels? Oooh, I would love to stay in a room done up in the colors of the Linen cape cardigan. With a complimentary robe "in diaphanous silk chiffon with an elegant silhouette and a waist tie so you can wear it open and easy or cinched and sweet". :)

  7. Seems a little random, but nice offer!

    I got the email but am not getting FS when I log in. Oh well...nothing I want/need anyway :)

  8. Here's a free shipping code (I'm not gonna use it): TBLXBVFDF

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  10. I didn't receive any email about it....? Maybe bc I ordered quit a bit during their FS promo so they're now excluding me? Lol. I actuall dont quit understand this prog..

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  12. hi, ladies (and gents)..... just to clarify, the cardholder free shipping promo did not come from logging in, at least in my case. I was notified with the email, which contained a one-time use code.

    Ironically, however, I've bought and tried on so many items this spring that I'm all J Crew'd out! The current promo is amazing (and no final sale to boot!) but I didn't buy anything.


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