Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! {celebrating with J.Crew?}

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone! Okay, once again I am early with this, but I still wish everyone a great Memorial Day and safe travels. :)

Since a lot of us will be attending various outdoor parties, parades, and traveling to visit family & friends throughout the weekend- I thought it would be fun to get ideas of what to wear during the weekend.

Since the weather is going to be hot (around 80 degrees), I plan on bringing out J.Crew's Ikat Halter Dress (Item 15197; $225.00) in "warm maize" from a few years ago. I originally was not a big fan of the print (refer to the "J.Crew Email: We've gone to great lengths..." post). But that was before I tried it on. It is such a simple dress, that looks amazing on. It really makes me look taller and leaner (gotta love that!)

What are you planning to wear this Memorial Day weekend? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. I will be in a swimsuite all weekend for a pool party and neighborhood swimming. Either a Land's End red, white and blue or JCrew papaya colored ruched strapless one.

  2. Baby is getting her 6 mo pics done and I will be wearing the fuschia cherish cami and denim pencil to coordinate with her outfits :)

  3. Genny: A pool party sounds wonderful! And your swimsuit is perfect for it. :)

    MaryMoo: Aw! Happy 6 month birthday to your little one! :)

  4. I'm going to a casual, backyard wedding on Saturday and I'm trying to decide between the JC factory version of the bazaar tunic and the Boden tropical maxi dress.

  5. Our May long weekend holiday in Canada was last weekend so I'll be working Monday. It is pouring rain here for the next few days so I'll be wearing jeans, wellies, a sweater and trench. Was hoping to finish putting in the garden but it is far too wet to be mucking around in the mud.

    I love how the model has her capri jeans rolled up in this photo, I wear that look often with high heels.

  6. Alexis- LOVE the dress! I have this print the shirt, and wish I had the dress as well. Longer & leaner? Sign me up.

    It's cool and rainy here, so no pool parties or sun attire going on with me. I'm hosting a dinner party on Monday, so I'll definitely slip into something Spring casual since I'll be indoors. More to come on that.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

  7. Alexis, I love that dress too. I remember really wanting it when it came out, but at the time it was too expensive for me to justify. I also remember thinking at first that I didn't love the pattern, but I now have a fondness for ikat. And the colour is gorgeous.

    I'll be with xoxo enduring yet another weekend of rain. Enjoy your long weekend!

  8. Alexis I love the catalog pic, cute outfit!

    Not sure what I am wearing yet as it is in the 40s here in the midwest today, but predicted to be near 90 by monday. Wardrobe planning is nearly impossible!

  9. Mary Moo - I thought the baby was going to be in a pencil skirt. Clearly it's early for me. *lol* Yay for 6 months :)

    When we have these posts it makes me realize that we don't go anywhere on holidays. I still wear clothes, of course. I'll probably be in a maxi dress. Unless it rains. Moody weather.

  10. At some point this weekend, I'll be wearing the Linen Maddie Pants in Gauguin Orange. I LOVE these pants. I thought it would be more of a red/orange, but they're really bright orange, but I still like them. I love the high waist. I ordered talls to wear them with heels (I'm 5'9"), and I'm really happy with the length.

    1. So glad to read this about the color. I just ordered the front pleat skirt in Gaugin Orange and am already wondering if I did the right thing. But did I really need another navy skirt? Hope I love it like you do.

  11. Everyone: Happy Memorial Day Weekend once again!!! :)

    Lauren PhD: The backyard wedding sounds so fun! And your outfit will make you a standout- I love the Tropical Maxi Dress! :)

    Xoxo: Sorry to hear it will be raining where you are. We might get rain too. :( On a bright note, wellies & a trench sound like the perfect combo! :)

    Crew Cricket: Thanks! Also, all the best on your upcoming dinner party! I am sure you will look fabulous! :)

    Clicquot: Me too! The dress was way expensive and I wasn't crazy about the pattern and so I had to pass. However, Summerella had a post about wearing the blue one and she looked great in it. So I tried it on at the store and fell in love. Eventually I got the blue version on sale for aorund $100 and got the yellow one for a bit less on eBay. Thank goodness for eBay! :)

    Ruffles: Isn't the catalog image just great! Love it! Also, that is a crazy temperature spike from 40s to 90s! It really does make wardrobe planning difficult! ;)

    GigiofCa: A maxi dress is my favorite piece! Easy to wear and looks great! :)

    LauraK: The Maddie Pants in orange is perfect for this weekend! You will look great in them!

  12. I have that sweater in the catalog pic in orange from a few years ago! It is one of my favs. :)

    I'm sure I'll be wearing shorts, sundresses, and a swim suit over the weekend. . .100s here in AZ!

    Have a great Memorial Day Alexis! Thanks again for all you do! Everyone else as well!!

  13. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND EVERYONE ! We had a cold-front come in here so it is wonderfully cool for a change but unfortunately too cool to use the pool. I am having my family over for a BBQ and I will be wearing an orange, strapless J.Crew dress with pretty white embroidered circles on it. I bought it off a fabulous JCA so I don't know the name of it. It is from years ago. I can't wait to wear it. :)


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