Wednesday, May 11, 2011

J.Crew Ballet Dances with Jenny O.

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Monica, as well as Nobelle (in this post), who let us know about a new feature over at

As a way to promote the Classic Leather Ballet Flats (Item 36243; $110.00), J.Crew gave them their own soundtrack by Jenny O.

For a limited time, customers can download Jenny O.'s "Well OK Honey" for free (click here).
Jenny O.
Well OK Honey

We can't get enough of this crazy-catchy, completely enchanting song from California-based singer-songwriter Jenny O. A little birdie told us it was inspired by a lighthearted romance that was semi-doomed from the start (sigh...). Her favorite color ballet flat? Oh-so classic and perfectly romantic red!
Of course, I immediately downloaded the song. It's actually pretty darn cute (makes me want to go on vacation for some odd reason)... and it's free! I definitely can hear it being played on the speakers at my local J.Crew store.

Did you download the song? What are your thoughts on J.Crew providing free music? Like the concept? :)


  1. Looks like FREESHIP got extended thru today, 5/12.

    Now off to hear the song. :)

  2. yes, I got an email re FREESHIP extended too....

  3. It's a cute song. I'll download it for free :)

  4. Way cute song. Totally downloaded this free baby. I'll be rockin' this song with my neices this summer for sure.

    Here's the link to the video..

    Here are the lyrics...

    Well OK Honey :
    You are my lover and I do like you
    But what's the limit, tell me what to do
    I'm not your kind
    And you're not mine

    Oh sugar I'm too young for you
    Not like my number but in everything I do
    I am a child, you have a child

    You wake up early, I do anything I can
    But I can fake it while you go and meet the man
    And make some money (money!)
    To make the money

    Baby baby
    Tell me where you are
    I'll come and meet you
    But you know I can go far
    And take some time
    You can't have mine

    Well OK honey
    But I'm too hot for you
    Ain't got no money
    And I wear the hippie shoes
    I am a hippie (hippie!)
    I am a hippie

    Into another
    I hope you understand
    I'll need you later
    I want you in my band
    I am your sister (sister!)
    You're like my brother

  5. i just noticed a new one - anyone know how many they have had?



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