Thursday, May 19, 2011

Madewell's Fall 2011 Look Book

"Thanks!" to Gem Twin (in this post) who shared that Madewell's Fall 2011 Look Book is available to preview over at Fashionista (click HERE for article & images).

Check Out Madewell’s Entire Fall Lookbook–You’re Gonna Want Everything
By Leah Chernikoff

May 17, 2011

We got to preview Madewell’s fall collection a month ago and now we can finally show you why we were craving the cold. Here is the brand’s full perfectly disheveled layer-tastic English prep school-esque collection for fall.

There are some girly-er items too–pleated skirts and maxis but paired with tough worn-in brown leather belts and thick blazers.

And there’s good news for your white jeans, too: if Madewell has anything to do with it, you’ll be wearing them right through summer into fall.
We did get a sneak peek of the collection awhile back (refer to the "Sneak Peek: Madewell's Fall 2011 Collection" post). It's great to see better views of the clothes and how Madewell is putting together those pieces.

My favorite look is the one shown above. The yellow cardigan paired with the maxi grey skirt is perfection. That old-school satchel is prep-tastic!

What are your thoughts on Madewell's upcoming Fall Collection? Do you like how they styled the pieces in the Look Book?


  1. I love the brown pleated skirt and sweater! Hmmm may have to make my first visit to madewell in the Fall

  2. Shannon, me too! That's my favorite. I'm a skirt girl.

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  4. I always look forward to seeing what Madewell is going to be offering next. Some of the items in this preview are actually already available online now though.

    Btw, I had a post yesterday about the YESPLEASE promo that ends today. Click here if interested. :)

  5. What is going on with suspenders? That's Jcrew and Madwell....who else is rocking them?

  6. There are a few promising items for sure. I love the Madewell clothes I have and overall I've only sent back one dress that was silk chiffon and too delicately constructed for my taste. Everything else was a keeper.

    I commented this this already but WTH is up with the Doc Martens, hiking boots and Birkenstocks? Very grunge, which is not a look I favor. Also seeing pajama looks that just make me sad to think that is acceptable daywear. Sign of the times maybe? Weren't the 80's recession times as well?

  7. I like the look of this maxi skirt (I would make it a midi though) but I'm wondering about the fabric. I hope it's something more luxurious but I'm afraid it's just printed cotton. Or worse, rayon. I hate rayon. Nice field boots in this picture.

  8. Alexis, I like that bag a lot too now that I've taken a closer look at it. Thanks for pointing it out! I might have to buy that one as soon as it becomes available. That's my style, classic but not polished. If it comes in more than one color I'll be in trouble because I know I'll want them all. :)


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