Friday, May 27, 2011

J.Crew Clearance Store Sale {Arden NC & Lynchburg VA}

A big "thanks!" to Candece (in this post) who shared the following {fantastic} news with us!

J.Crew's Clearance Store in Arden, North Carolina and Lynchburg, Virginia are running a 30% off Memorial Day sale. {wahoo!} This event takes place from Friday, May 27th through Monday, May 30th.

The location for this shopping event is:
J.Crew Clearance Store
1 Clifford Way (off N.C. 191)
Arden, NC 28704
(828) 687-6475

J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. I don't think this is an actual warehouse sale...just a % off at the clearance store. The warehouse sales are different events. Just wanted to clarify...Correct me if I'm wrong! :)

  2. One of these days I'm going to park the baby with the husband and go to Lynchburg.

  3. AppGal: Great point. I just updated the post title to be more accurate. :)

    MaryMoo: Me too! I so want to visit both locations. :)

  4. oh hell. it figures i was just an hour away from there LAST WEEKEND.

    MaryMoo, ITA! I think Lynchburg and Arden are about equidistant from where we are. ... the biggest regret of my life thus far remains missing the warehouse sale in chapel hill. arrggghhhh.

  5. This is probably old news...

    J. Crew Factory Crewcuts has arrived at my Crewlet!

    Cute Cute stuff. A great addition for those fast-growing children.

  6. Since many of us are drooling over the Fall 2011 preview, can you imagine how great it would be to shop a clearance store or warehouse sale for those items???

    Even though some of them jack up the prices, I do appreciate that there are people who shop these sales and put stuff on eBay. I was able to get some items that I missed on and are now long gone. I'm not going to make that mistake with the Fall 2011 items. No no no. I'm going to have everything planned, possibly using Microsoft Project. :)

  7. Hi Alexis: Sorry if I initially mentioned the wrong info in my excitement. Deleted my earlier post because I couldn't find convenient connecting flights.
    However arrangements have now been finalized, all I have to do is make it through airport security on time(my biggest hurdle). Heading to the Arden location Sunday and Monday. Fingers crossed that there are some decent items left.I'll pretty much be happy with a few printed peep toe heels and anything else in a wonderful print.:)
    Happy Memorial Day/Weekend!

  8. Good luck, Candece! (Some day I will make the journey to Mecca.....)

  9. I'm curious about a couple things. Are these stores open all the time, or just sometimes? Is this where the wharehouse sales are held too? Also, is one of these locations better than the other? I might just have to steer a family vacation in one of these directions some time!

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  11. JRuby18:

    The clearance stores (there are three) are open 7 days a week. I am most familiar with the one in Arden, NC (just outside of Asheville) which is open 10-8 M-Sat. Not sure about their hours on Sunday. They also have the warehouse sales there periodically. Lately there has been one every month.

    There are two in Lynchburg. One is attached to the J.Crew distribution center there, and is one I would not bother going to if you're short on time. Last time I was there, almost everything in the store was severely defective. Holes, rips, stains, etc. I managed to get the surf tweed charter skirt there; the only thing wrong was it was on the inside and I could fix it.

    The other clearance store in Lynchburg is really good. They have a variety of stuff although their prices on some things are higher than in NC, I have no clue why.

    Any lately they have been getting tons of older stuff (from 2006-2008) at the clearance store. I scored several of the cuff bracelets from 2008 that sold for $150, for $20. And remember the favorite tanks with built in bras that used to come in all colors? They have been getting those too, for $5. I have bought every single one in my size!

    I hope that answers your questions. Oh, and they are having 30% off the whole store for memorial day. I did some damage, needless to say.

  12. Oh, the Millrace store is the crappy one in Lynchburg, btw. The Wyndhurst location is the good one.

  13. I was wondering why I'm seeing so many older shoes on eBay. Are the places that make them for J Crew still making them?? Or did J Crew discover a forgotten stockpile? Those of you who love the previous years' shoes must be quite happy! I've seen some real beauties.

  14. Anyone interested in picking something up for me at one of the Clearance centers?
    If so, I'll PayPal you and include some extra $ for your time & gas!!!
    Emailing me if you're interested!

    Thanks!! :)

  15. I went to college about 30 minutes from the Arden, NC clearance store and may I just state that it is absolutely amazing. I have been lucky enough to go to several sample sales and shop at the clearance store regularly (much diff./better than an outlet store). Sometime in the future I plan on posting about it on my blog! <3


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