Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! {celebrating with J.Crew?}

Happy Mother's Day Everyone! (Okay, I might be early with this, since Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8th. But I still wish everyone a great Mother's Day!) ;)

Similar to the other holiday posts, I thought it might be fun to have a post on what we plan on wearing on Sunday. Especially since many of us will be celebrating with our children or with our moms (like me).

I will be splitting this weekend with my mom and MIL. So that's two days to plan on what to wear! For Saturday, I will wear my Perfect-Fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan (Item 29176; $49.50) in Bronzed Twig over Anthropologie's Highest Accolades Dress (Style #18824185). (The timing could not be better to wear this dress with the Kentucky Derby!)

For Sunday, I will wear a pair of J.Crew's Vintage Slim Jeans, the Merino Tee (Item 89473; $80.00) in the Splash Dot design, and the Ottoman Molly Jacket (Item 88878; $165.00). Incidentally, both tops are from 2008. The inner lining of the jacket is actually the Splash Dot design, so it is pretty easy to pair these items together!

What are you planning to wear this Mother's Day? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?
Random Side Note: In the spirit of Mother's Day, I wanted to share Anne Taintor's website (click here). I am a huge fan of her collections as her take is so spot on humorous.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, JCA Moms!

    Love the outfits, Alexis! Especially your Sunday one.

  2. Hi Alexis -- THAT is the name of that dot sweater tee and item number! I would LOVE to find that in a small or xsmall -- and will pay full retail for new or excellent condition. Have wanted this for so long! thanks and I hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!! xxoo

    I will be driving home that day from a short trip so will be dressed comfortably :) in jeans!!

    condupuy at

  3. Perfect choices. I sort of 'forgot' to go back and get the Highest Accolades Dress' :( sorry I know this is a J.Crew blog!!!) but anyway - it is so pretty and flattering on - and yes the perfect weekend for it!

  4. The plan for now is to wear the pineapple print skirt from '06 with a black & white striped Kathryn shirt and a green cardi. Kinda quirky and fun. We're going to a jam/jelly making class and possibly to a posh dessert place for sweets and tea. I just want a reason to wear some of my pretty things!

  5. MillJCrew & PatmosJD: Thank you so much & happy mother's day too!!! :)

    Conster: It is a great top, I hope you get it too. I see it on eBay every once in awhile. I will keep a look out for it. :)

    Sydneygirl: Highest Accolades Dress is such a cute & whimsical dress. Congrats on getting it! :)

    Nicole: I have that pineapple print skirt too and its adorable. Great choice! :)

  6. Nice outfits Alexis, you always put things together so well. I hope everyone enjoys a happy Mother's Day. My mom is many, many miles away but she did receive the gift for her garden that I sent last week. I'll be cleaning flower beds and doing yard work this weekend. Rip-stop cargos, a holey jaspe sweatshirt and Hunter welingtons for me.

  7. Great outfit choices! My and my dh have a date night planned for Saturday. Sunday, we're doing a low-key brunch w/my kids, my mom and mil. Don't have outfits planned yet, but am planning on perusing JC polyvore for some great ideas!

  8. I'm not a mom and my mother and MIL live thousands of miles away, so I won't be celebrating on Sunday. But I will be wearing my watercolor garden pencil skirt to a derby party tomorrow!

  9. Alexis- how do you normally style the pineapple skirt? This is my first time wearing it, and the fullness/length of the skirt is a little overwhelming. Definitely have to break out the heels or I'll look stumpy- even though I'm 5'8! TIA!

  10. I will probably wear the cotton lace shift dress in beechwood. It's great for wearing around the house. I can add a cardi & jewelry if I need to go somewhere. After working a number of years in restaurants, which always included working on holidays, I usually don't go out on them.

  11. Happy Mothers Day to all the JCA moms and moms-to-be! Alexis, I absolutely loved the Anne Taintor site-thanks for sharing! I found some wonderful things to buy for myself and my girlfriends.

    I will be celebrating quietly with my husband and my two beautiful children. (They are taking me out to dinner to their favorite restaurant :-) Will probably wear a Boden dress with a Jenna cardigan and my trusty Juliet midheels.

  12. I will be wearing the lady lace popover and a yellow pencil skirt to brunch in our favorite restaurant. Best thing is... I am the mom ;-).
    As a side note I ordered the lace popover with the 30% off last week and I was so bummed to find out that they had sent me a defective one (a problem with the stitching around the neckline. I thought about sucking up because I wanted to wear it on mothers day (it wasn't a major thing) but I was really bothered by it not being perfect. So I took it to my store and reordered it for tge same price and they offered overnight shipping to boot so it will be here today. We often compl.ain about CS but it can also be awesome. Just saying...
    Happy Mothers Day everyone!

  13. xoxo: Thanks! And your outfit sounds amazingly comfortable. I hope you enjoy the weather and the weekend! :)

    JRuby18: Have fun on your date- how romantic! :)

    Lauren PhD: A derby party- I love it! Have a great time. :)

    Nicole: I hear you about the skirt on both the length and what to wear on top. I am also 5'8 and like to wear sandals and the skirt is loooong. So I turn to some wedges. As far as tops, I go with a solid boatneck 3/4 length or short sleeve length tee in white, yellow, or kelly green. Simple I know, but the print on the skirt is a bit busy. ;)

    GigiofCa: The dress is perfect! Also, have a happy and special Mother's Day!!! :)

    KitKat: Anne Taintor is such a riot with her vintage images and hilarious quotes. My MIL loves them! And your outfit sounds great, I especially love the Juliet heels. :)

    Ema: Sorry to hear about the popover debacle, but thrilled that J.Crew made it right. Such a great story! :)

  14. Mr. Hex and I are taking my mother and her BF to brunch at the club and then we are going to a matinee at the opera. I'll wear either the tea rose Jayne dress or last year's Turkish Delight skirt with a silk cami. (Alas, my kitties don't get me any treats on Mother's Day.) Have a good weekend!

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  16. Anthro Dress (,

    Jcrew Jackie Cardigan (in a pale gray),

    Jcrew Heels (love me knot in gray suede)!

  17. Nada. We celebrated on Sat night and I didn't wear any J.Crew. I had on a dark grey Splendid long-sleeve tee, ponte moto leggings and Marvin K for Aquaitalia rain boots (Spring in Chicago sucks this year!). Wait- I did actually wear my J.Crew military jacket from last year, so I guess that's one thing afterall.

  18. Happy mother's day to all celebrating! I'll be wearing the gold beach cardigan, white v-neck tee, yellow/ochre ikat pencil skirt, and metallic parisian mary janes. :)

  19. Yes, I wore the cashmere stripe sweater dress, so cute and soft! Happy Mother's Day!

  20. Alexis,

    I have BOTH of the outfits you posted for Mother's Day..

    Great choices!

  21. Everyone: Happy Mother's Day again!!! :)

    Johanna: We have great taste! :)

  22. A little late,hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day :) @-;--


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