Friday, May 20, 2011

Prabal Gurung at J.Crew

"Thanks!" to Tamara (in this post) who shared the following article from New York Magazine's The Cut (click here to read in its entirety):
Exclusive First Look: Prabal Gurung for J. Crew
May 18, 2011

As the sponsor of this year's CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund, J. Crew is doing capsule collections with the three prizewinners (Billy Reid, Prabal Gurung, and Eddie Borgo). Tomorrow, their six-piece collaboration with Prabal Gurung launches online and in select stores. The collection consists of crisp cotton and white denim staples, embellished with unexpected details like asymmetrical lapels and oversized bows.

Our favorites include the ivory-colored denim blazer, which resembles poplin but will hold its shape better in humidity; meanwhile, the two dresses are sleek enough for work but could be dressed up for a summer wedding. More good news: It costs far less than the normal Prabal price points, ranging from $198 for a pair of pants trimmed with black ribbon to $450 for an white top bursting with intricate rose-shaped ruffles. Enjoy!
To see and shop Prabal Gurung's collection for J.Crew, click here. For more articles about this topic, check out:
Not going to lie, his line is super cute in a super girlie kind of way. I just don't have anywhere to pull off those big bows. As mentioned in yesterday's "J.Crew Updates Website with New Arrivals!" post, it would be great if they could make the same tops with proportions for the bows that I could actually wear. :) And while I am at it, slightly modify the back so I can wear a bra. ;)

What are your thoughts on Prabal Gurung's Collection for J.Crew? Did you already order something from his line? What is your favorite piece? Please share! :)


  1. I personally think the whole line is awful. I wish JCrew would put out more items that are actually wearable--at least more than once:)

    I placed an order today for an item I really wanted that is washable and wearable.

    Good to those who can afford and wear these statement pieces once and then never again.

    As AppGal said, "Where are the pretty pencil skirts?"

  2. I like that crazy bow top. I know better than to think it would work for me irl. Fun to look at, though.

  3. I also really like the Exploding Bow Blouse, especially in the Neon Azalea color. Like Gigi, I know I really don't have anywhere to wear it, but still think it's fun to look at. :)

  4. I love how the big bow top is so beautifully sculptural from front view.

    But the tied pants are just plain silly. Reminds me of how the bike rental booth gave me a rubber band to slip over the pant bottoms. I can imagine the model tripping over the dragging ribbon...

  5. Love the front of the Big Bow Blouse - don't like the racerback - that killed it for me :(

  6. I absolutely LOVE the explodinig bow topin beechwood and luckily I put an order in yesterday as it seems to be all sold out in my size now. I think it will look stunning with wide leg black linen pants. Granted, not everyone can pull off a bow of that size but I consider that a good thing - I'd hate to see everyone else wearing such a signature piece. BTW - the June issue of Vogue features this top as it's Steal of the Month.

  7. I appreciate the design and execution, but those pieces are far too OTT for me and my lifestyle. You have to be a fairly specific body type to pull off that amount of KA-BOOM. And for the price, I'd need to have more than one occasion to wear it!

  8. Looks like a line made esp. for Carrie Bradshaw to wear on her next Sex and the City movie!

    I am very tall and can basically pull off anything I want to wear but I would never wear anything from this line. I like to see high end collaborations with other designers but make the clothes wearable (or not so clownish.) please.

    Congrats if you got the items you wanted and want to wear this type of clothing. Makes fashion all that more interesting.

  9. hi ladies--

    i *LOVE* the entire line but wouldn't be able to pull any of the items off except for *maybe* the exploding bow blouse, which i ordered. we'll of course see how it turns out, LOL! :)

    i personally think that it can be dressed up or down depending on what bottoms you wear as well as whether you cover it up w/ a jacket/blazer/cardi or not.

    have you ladies seen his collab. w/ ann taylor?

    kimchi girl

  10. Summer, please tell me there is not another SATC movie in the works. The last one was so terribly awful. I watched it with friends and we laughed at how ridiculous it all was. They screenplay makes them all look like such unbelievable idiots.

  11. @xoxo - yes, apparently SJP is considering making a third SATC movie. I watched the first one, chose not to watch the second. The first one was so terrible! And the fashion wasn't even that great!

    Back on topic - I am not a big fan of Prabal Gurung, so am probably a bit biased in my review. The giant bows - great on the runway, but probably only good as a one-off in real life. Looking forward to IRL pics on JCAs.

  12. I like most of it very much but there are two problems: 1) Every item is just largely unaffordable and 2) Every item was already pretty well sold out last night. So, whatever. I think JC is doing too much lately (Madewell, Factory, collaborations with designers, the whole bizarre and half-assed bridal collection)...Why don't they slow down and focus on ONE thing and do it well? I still buy a great deal from J.Crew (in this month alone I must have placed three orders and visited a B&M twice), but they are in danger or overdoing it with all this circus.

  13. I actually LOVE LOVE the jacket, and I am tempted to order it...has anyone seen them in person, yet?

  14. J Crew is the most schizophrenic retailer! They have $14.99 flip flops and $1000 jackets, prim classic cashmere cardigans and outrageous furry skirts. And now this collaboration with a designer whose own collection appears to have zero relevance to the J Crew aesthetic, even to the Collection pieces.

    I can only think that it's a total marketing gimmick. Target collaborations have been wildly successful, so I guess the brilliant minds at J Crew decided to get in on the action. I suppose it's great for Prabal Gurung fans, but I suspect 99.99% of J Crew's customer base isn't interested. My husband and I go out a lot, and yet even I have no use for any of these pieces. They're too.... editorial.

    I wonder if this is the direction J Crew is headed. For those of you who were already unhappy with the shift that occurred in the past couple of years, you must be shaking your heads now as J Crew moves even farther away from the pretty, wearable, modern-classics clothes.

  15. BTW, the comments about the SATC films made me laugh out loud. I never watched the show when it originally aired but I'm addicted to the reruns. But the films, oh my god, how awful! The first film was bad, the second was atrocious! I'm glad I watched them at home so I could be embarrassed in private! If there's a third film I'll probably watch it (at home!), but only because of the slim chance that it might be more like the TV show, especially the first season.

  16. Prabal Gurung is not something I would wear but I have bought more from J.Crew in the past couple of months than I have in a long time and the only returns I had were the Casbah items that didn't work with my coloring. Thinking about it I don't recall buying a single collaboration item from J.Crew ever but there is a lot of preppy and pretty that is really working for me.

    tamara, you made me LOL when you said you watched SATC movies at home so you could be embarassed in private. How true!

  17. Did it seem odd to any of you that women who are married can just fly off to the Middle East without first consulting their husbands? I'm all for liberation, but in even the most modern marriages the spouses deserve at the very least to be consulted, IMO.

    Hey, I have an idea, ditch Pat Field and have the J Crew stylists dress the SATC girls. :) They'd all look awesome in the Fall 2011 outfits.

  18. I LOVE the Prabal Gurung pieces! They are beautiful to look at, but alas, not very practical to wear. At least not for me. But a girl can dream....

  19. @tamara there are so many "ya right" moments in those movies I groaned throughout both of them. I am also one who watched them at home because I was curious but too embarassed to be see attending in public.

  20. I even bought the DVD of the first film! I decided to see it well after it was gone from the theaters and Comcast's On Demand. At least I bought it used from an Amazon seller. Hey, next person who buys something from me will get a free DVD with their purchase! lol


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