Tuesday, January 19, 2010

J.Crew Factory Email: We have a surprise for you, Lake George

"Thanks!" to Marietta, who shared the latest email J.Crew sent today announcing a new J.Crew Factory Store.

The J.Crew Factory store will open in Lake George, New York. The grand opening will take place Tuesday, February 9, 2010. The location for the store is:
J.Crew at French Mountain Commons
1439 State Route 9
Lake George, NY 12845
(518) 761-4032

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)

P.S. Oh J.Crew, where's your next promotion? Even a free shipping code with minimum would be lovely. ;)


  1. Sorry to post first off topic, but I just got one of my packages from the last 20% off and free ship promo, and got a (bad) surprise. Instead of the sweater I ordered, I got a size four tiered silk tank in an orangey color. If anyone is missing theirs, I'll be returning it later this afternoon or tomorrow am. I wonder if the two just got sent to the opposite places, or is this just a random screwup? This seems to be happening more and more lately.

  2. Okay, I'll post second OT. I got a (bad) surprise when I opened my package and instead of my Campo bag, got a sale clutch; the plastic bag *did* have the right sticker though. And two weeks ago, I got some gorgeous Italian cashmere lined leather gloves instead of the $10 belt I ordered ;)

  3. What an interesting place for a JCrew outlet. That is in the middle of nowhere, isn't it? But people going to the Adirondacks will stop I suppose.

    McShoppy, did you keep the gloves? I totally would.

  4. CheesyGoodness and McShoppy,

    Can you imagine how many screwed up orders are out there in the US. I mean with all the ones we see posted on this little blog many go unreported. JCrew has some real issues with sending incorrect items that really need to be addressed. I am to the point where I expect there to be a problem with every order I get and am pleasantly surprised when there isn't. Kinda sad, I know:(

  5. Lake George is a wonderful place for a J Crew outlet store. It has Ralph Lauren, Tommy, Liz, Jones NY, Nautica, Coach, Banana Republic plus more It also has a TJ Maxx at another location. There is a lot to enjoy there other than shopping. It seems sort of upscale resorty. We discovered Lake George when we visited Montreal where daughter lives. We stopped at Lake George on our way to visit Manchester VT, also another wonderful place...

  6. I got a light grey silk garland cami instead of a dark blue silk posy cami. The only thing they have in common is that they're silk and camis. The one I got is much more expensive than the one I ordered, so I feel guilty about keeping it. Still not sure what to do.

  7. Carla, sounds nice! I usually map out all the TJ Maxx's on a route if I am taking a trip, and stop at some of them if not all!

  8. Em,
    I totally kept the gloves ;)

    . . .But I believe in karma and it will totally come back to bite me, I'm sure . . .

  9. I got OT surprises in both my last orders. One was the wrong color Salon bracelet (I ordered the pink and they sent the black); I didn't mind sending that one back, because it cost $95 and I didn't like the bracelet style anyway once I got a good look at it. But the other surprise was disappointing: I ordered a dusty blossom patent belt, and they sent black. (The black belt had both a black sticker and a dusty blossom sticker on the plastic bag, but you could SEE it wasn't dusty blossom.) That one hurt, both because the return shipping was almost as much as the belt cost, and because the dusty blossom I actually ordered is now sold out. :^(

  10. Alyssa, they really should credit you back for the shipping charges. I live five minutes away from the store, so I always do the returns there, but other stores like Anthro and VS, have been very accommodating when a problem has been on their end. Once or twice after I've had similar complaints with JC (wrong item sent, CS gave wrong measurements over the phone) I was credited back the original shipping charge. I only order with free ship now since I had to eat too many shipping charges on things I ended up returning. I really think JC's customer service can be top notch, especially when you are as calm as possible! I've had some really pleasant email exchanges with very acceptable results when I wasn't able to register complaints over the phone.

    McShoppy and maryw, ah good times, great JC memories. What wonderful cock ups in shipping! Maybe Alexis should run this as a post every week or so, a "What did you order vs. what did you receive?" My worst was the empty box when I ordered a purse... Never anything good like the gloves, though!

  11. Alyssa:
    They made you pay shipping for their own mistake? I would try to get those shipping charges back. Have you asked?

  12. DinDin and CheesyGoodness, thanks for the advice on trying to get the shipping credited. I sent both the bracelet and the belt back in the same box, and also returned a cashmere sweater from a third order with them (the "sweet guava" sweater looked pinker online, and when I received it, I realized it was almost the same color as one I bought last year.) Since the cashmere sweater was my error rather than a mistake on their end, I'm not sure I'd feel right asking them to waive the return shipping for the whole box.

    Looking over the above paragraph, it sounds like a lot of returning, but I don't usually return things--I'd say my return rate is only about 5%. The Salon bracelet and dusty blossom belt mistakes have just brought my average up quite a bit.

  13. Hey everyone - when's the next rollout? I've got some gift cards burning a hole in my wallet.

  14. JCAs - which Birmingham J.Crew store has the best sale selection? Headed there for business and would love to see if I can find some better stuff than my picked over location. TIA to anyone who has any info!


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