Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {exclusively for men!}

Preface: Although the Great (Weekly) Exchange posts are for all J.Crew Aficionadas and Aficionados to use, it leans more towards the ladies. I thought it might be useful if there was a dedicated Great (Weekly) Exchange post for Men's items. I will start out with just one post (for those selling & seeking) each Tuesday for a few weeks and see how it goes. Hopefully this will help out our fellow Aficionados! :)

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are interested in (1) swapping/selling/sharing and/or (2) looking for and interested in buying certain items from J.Crew's Men Collection. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post.

Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site? Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. Hi, I am a lady but I have a men's item to sell.

    It's a pair of Ripstop cargo shorts that I bought at the sample sale last summer for my husband. He didn't like them (I think they are beautiful). They are a size 32W and the color is faded cement (they were selling for 59.99 on the website). This pair has absolutely no flaw whatsoever (no black marks anywhere), they are like new besides the fact that there is no tag.
    Selling for $16 shipped (I can ship to Canada for no additional cost).

    I have also another pair in the khaki-brown color (never worn), size 33W but these have the a black marker sign on the inside around the belt. If interested make me an offer.

    My email is crazyaboutjcrew@gmail.com.

  2. Great idea! I don't know how many men visit JCA, but I check it almost every day...

    I have one of the Sutherland trench coats in tan, size XL, in very good condition that I would be willing to sell for $50 or (preferably) trade for one of the flannel shirts from this past fall, in the red and gray plaid that sold out everywhere (at least, it disappeared from the web site and I could not find it in stores in either Boston or New York). Would need this in XL.

    I will probably be putting this coat on eBay soon, but I would be willing to sell directly via Paypal. If you are interested please contact me at someassembly (at) gmail (dot) com, thanks.

  3. I hardly see any men ever posting information on here so this is great. I purchased a cotton-cashmere v-neck sweater that's navy in XL while it was on sale for $49.99 online. I didn't want to return it and lose money by shipping it back for a L so I decided to keep it hoping that I'd grow into it. The thing is I just bought a merino wool sweater in the same color at an outlet store in a L since it was only $14.99 after a discount of 50% was applied my purchase. I'm willing to sell my XL cotton-cashmere navy sweater that's only been worn once for $25 plus shipping which is $7.

    I can be reached at jargalbreath@gmail.com

  4. Looking for the White/navy critter/lobster shorts sz 31

    wool/cashmere deep v-neck in deep green and heather grey sz L


  5. Hi, I'm interested in any of the Secret Wash or Oxford button-ups in size Large Tall. I have a hard time getting any of these because they don't seem to make many in my size. Thanks!

  6. Desperately desperately desperately seeking the men's Aldridge linen suit pants in a 36-38 waist and any inseam greater than 30, navy or tan. marie516 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  7. Help!!! My sister bought me for Xmas the j crew tissue stone necklace tee and I was devastated to open my Xmas present and 2 stones were missing on the shirt. I know this is an older item but i have been coveting this for months and live in London so of course even though it went on sale i had a hard time tracking it down in the stores or on eBay (for a reasonable price). Well, i need to find a new one with the stones intact in a size XS or if anyone knows where i could find replacement beads for this shirt would be awesome!! I have hit 2 fabric bead stores in the DC area and couldn't find the exact beads to match any help in locating this shirt in XS or the beads would be great...Thanks guys in advance!!

  8. I have a J.Crew Mens Cashmere V-neck sweater in size medium. Its yellow and it doesn't suit me. the tags are still on.

    Also have J.crew anchor/gray shorts from last season. size 33. (no tag) Used once.

    I have a couple used j.crew mens scarves.

    If you want pictures email me at:

    Leave your name, and items you're interested in.

  9. Just adding... I also wash and steam all my used clothes before I ship them!

    If you're also interested in any other items let me know... might have it and might be interested in selling that too.


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