Friday, January 22, 2010

Crewcuts Email: crewcuts for every day of the week. plus, free shipping.

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marietta & HeidiG, who shared the following email Crewcuts sent this morning.

The email let's us know that a Crewcuts "calendar" is now available online (click here). It consists of "a week's worth of our most versatile, durable and very mix-and-matchable looks for boys and girls".

Lastly, the email reminds us that shoppers can get free shipping on any Crewcuts order. Dear J.Crew, how about a similar free shipping offer for the regular J.Crew line? It would be put to good use. :)

What are your thoughts on the "clothes calendar" for Crewcuts? Do you like the style of the new Crewcuts?

1 comment:

  1. This is a cute idea, but it would be helpful if I could see more of how one item could be styled different ways...more of a "Five Pieces to Get You Through the Week" kind of thing...of course, most of my kids' clothes go straight to the wash after a school day (especially with the rain and mud), but it sure would be helpful to get ideas of how to add mileage to crewcuts items!

    Actually, this wouldn't be a bad idea for them to incorporate for adults too :)!


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