Monday, January 4, 2010

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post.

Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. Merino ethereal ruffle v neck in any color, medium. My mom loved mine & I want to find one for her!

  2. oops, forgot my email

    mrandmrsdarling at gmail

  3. Looking for:

    -Champagne fizz necklace
    -Colleen rose flats (cheaper than online price) 8.5 or maybe 9 (would even take a phone # to a store than you've see them in?)
    -Dream vneck sweaters item #17808 in medium (try me on colors)
    -See my posting under sale; looking to trade 8.5 leopard Juliets for a size 9

    redhed_01 at hotmail dot com

  4. Camis in size 14:
    1. Victoria (any colors except ivory, plum, gray, golden roses or abstract roses)
    2. Frances (moroccan blue, cobblestone, black)

    Cardis from past seasons, w/ prints or unique colors, cotton or cashmere, XL

    1. Storybook bracelet!!
    2. current Pastiche necklace or bracelet
    3. current Salon necklace or bracelet

    new or used, from smoke and cat-free environment please.

    Thanks so much :)

    email butterfly1700 @ hotmail dot com

    I also have things to trade if you're my size (14/16/XL) or like jewelry. :)

  5. I'm looking for:

    - Striped dolce sweater, S (blossom or pewter)
    - Black pleated headband
    - Silk pleated ruffle tank, 6 (shell)

    michichan17 at hotmail dot com

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  7. Looking for annalise melon and cinnamon size 6 sale price and silk indigo floral top 6. Thanks all.

  8. Merino 4 pocket cardigan in Charcoal, size small.

    goodrich_yas at msn dot com

  9. Also looking for the perfect fit corsage scoopneck tee in small in bright hydrangea.

    mrandmrsdarling at gmail

  10. Looking For:

    Tori Cardigan, Black, XS


  11. In search of:

    Abstract Rose victoria cami size 12 or 14

    mackenzie_0007 at yahoo dot com

  12. Looking for lady day or classic pea in plum, purple, or red. Thanks!!!

    0, 0p, xs, pxs.

    email is

  13. Beaded ribbon-front top (19176), 2

    silver.lining.jca at gmail

  14. Looking for the cashmere Martine cardigan in the pink shade in XS.

  15. Symphony necklace "crystal" from J.Crew not crewlet, thanks.

    jodikrueger at gmail dot com

  16. Looking for:

    I am DYING for the Metallic Cloque pencil skirt, sour lemon, size 4 or above.

    Watercolor Madison dress, either the blue print or the green print, size 2.

    Trixie heels in size 6.5 or 7, the black/white with yellow bow.

    Tartine cardigans in XS in navy, brown, yellow, etc.

    Preworn is fine

  17. One more thing I forgot, I am looking for Maya cardigans in size XS in amber, dusty blossom, sweet guava and grey. If you bought one recently and don't want it, or have worn yours and no longer love it, please email me!

  18. Happy Monday, y'all ... here's my current list (and a shout-out to LizPoms for a great transaction last week! Thanks so much, Liz!):

    Ruffled Collier top - Light Amethyst or Wild Blackberry, 8 or 10, hoping to get for FS price or close to it ... sadly Columbus Circle store did not answer the phone when I called on Sunday, maybe they were busy? IDK...

    Sherpa long hoodie in Warm Stone (light brown) M or L - hoping to get for FS price or close to it

    Camilla lattice-print skirt, 10 or 12

    Double serge pencil skirt in bright blue color, 10 or 12

    Navy slub beaded Boo-Coo Tours t-shirt, M

    e-mail me at elaine (dot) hamill (at) gmail (dot) com. thanks!

  19. Looking for:

    Farrow bow top # 17142
    size 10

    Beaded bow top # 19176
    size 10
    believe this only came in one color

    EUC is fine for either

  20. Arrggggghhh, they just canceled my order for the printed Kelsey top! Anyone have one in size 2 they want to part with? Or know of a store that might have one?

  21. In search of:

    merino ethereal ruffle v neck in navy, size XS or S. new or gently used OK.

    black nolita denim jacket XS. new or gently used OK.

    wool perfect pencil skirt bright blue 0 or P2. new or gently used OK.

    New slippers from any of the holiday seasons that fit a size 7/8

    email: trestippy at

  22. ISO

    Tartines size SMALL, esp persimmon and raspberry(?). Just found mine and they are COMPLETELY moth-eaten :(

    Sherpa puffer jacket 17952 in Antique Stone (AST) size SMALL - if anyone sees this in-store could you please place it on hold??

    Thornbush drop earrings 24003

    Like Molly Darling my mom was admiring some of my clothes...
    Ethereal v neck sweater size MEDIUM any color
    bootcut cords in buff sand (BSA) size 8S

    and still ruffle-trim Astrid 2 or 4


  23. silverlining: I sent you an email.

  24. I am looking for
    Joley Pearlized Patent pumps in warm brick, sz 8
    Beaded Ribbon Cami in sz 0 or 2
    berry Trim Astrid in Charcoal, sz 2

    any help appreciated!!!
    Email :

  25. Sorry, one more
    imperial tee size SMALL

  26. Here is my wishlist:

    A sweater in size small in rust

    Strapless abstract roses dress in a size 4 - I bought a used size 6 from another JCA but it is too big!

  27. - Nottingham grey suede boots size 7 or 7.5
    - Frankie chino shorts size 2 any color

  28. watson pants- 6p any color

    stacy7005 at gmail

  29. looking for:

    Brewster short boots, dark brown, size 6

  30. Still looking for a Jackie Cardigan in Honey Glaze, size either small or xs. Used (in good condition) is fine!

  31. ^^ Really, any cardigan in the honey glaze color will do. I can't remember what other cardis they made in that color.

  32. Looking to find printed wool wrap, item #20496, in aubergine print (red/pink roses)... Email, thanks so much!!

  33. Looking for the brushed gold-lamé skirt from HO '08 in a size 6. From the J. Crew website:

    Also looking for a NWT small gallery tote in white.

    Please contact me at allison dot davis at gmail dot com.


  34. Oh, the Versailles dress from ages ago would be so happy in my closet. Ideally a 4 but would be grateful for a 6, too.

  35. Looking for Spencer Mary Janes in black or pink in a size 8.5 or 9. Really want to pay the store sale price and not the online one! Thanks


  36. I am desperately seeking two long shots:

    The french terry tie neck pullover from this summer/early fall, size medium or large, in the champagne color


    The silk indigo floral top from this summer (there was also a skirt) in size 12. I returned mine and could kick myself.

    Will of course take new, used, etc.


  37. Looking for:

    Banana Republic blouse(picture)
    Spring 09 Silk pleated button front S or XS any color but black.


    Cashmere Hooded pullover with a split neck, 3/4 sleeves, and kangaroo pocket. Don't know year or style #. Navy size S or M. Have picture just e-mail me.

    Jersey striped scarf Fall 09 in gray, retailed for $29.50.

    If you have any please e-mail me, and please include what you'd want sell it for and if your flexable on the price.


  38. French Terry tie neck pullover color: champagne size: Large

    jodikrueger at gmail dot com

  39. Nolita denim jacket in black size small..item number 19794


  40. Did anyone purchase a chocolate brown long puffer during the extra20 that they don't want anymore? I'll be glad to take it off your hands!


    rachel_c_evans at yahoo dot com

  42. If anyone has a mens golfing (driving) cap from years past I would be interested. Probably size med. - all they have is crewcuts online...Thanks.

  43. Ah yes, the eternal quest...

    A pair of metropolitan boots, any color, size 8

    Imperial tee size M

    Gently used would be great. Thanks!

    denise (at) armstead (dot) com

  44. Seeking the following:

    Anton sweater in Heather Dusk (fall '09) - size S

    Dream Turtleneck sweater in Heather Cypress (fall '09) - size M

    Hammered Metal skirt in silver (summer '09) - size 8

    Jackie cardigan in Deep Rose (summer/fall '09) - size S. Would also be willing to trade if anyone wants a M in EUC.

    E-mail: joolymon at aol dot com


  45. Hi ladies...

    Looking for new or EUC:

    Textured Jersey Bouquet Tee - Pewter - Large
    Beaded Blossom Tee - Grey - Large
    Bling Bling Cardigan - Large -Cherry color
    Paris Hoodie - Large - pink

    And also (I know, ha ha):

    Lexi satchel in grey
    Storybook bracelet
    Pastiche necklace

    email at


  46. Looking for Dream Open Cardigan in sz L or XL, any color but grey (have it already)

    Cashmere sweaters in sz XL. I am slightly obsessed with cashmere right now (even JC cashmere haha)

    Anyone have Sz 6-7 girls, sz 8 boys, sz S/M/L men's (depends on item) JC or similar stuff?

    Contact info:
    mommymoo3 at comcast dot net

  47. Would love:

    Ruffled Celosia Cardigan in Cinnamon Spice, size small

    Abstract Rose or Golden Roses Victoria Cami (outlet item), size 0

    glorie1218 at yahoo dot com

    Gently used is fine. Thanks!

  48. little update: found the ruffle Astrid, yeah!!!

    And my email, in case any of you JCAs has or has seen anything on my wishlist, is

    mommydearestjca at yahoo dot com

  49. Looking for black cardigan in XS. New or gently used okay.

  50. opps my email: jcrewlove at gmail dot com

  51. Looking for Jackies size M - any colors
    looking for the animal print cardigans in M - snow leapord or oscelot - (long shots I am sure)

  52. XL Fleur de Lis T-shirt - was in-store only...

    Can be new or used, but from a no kitteh home please. :-)

    biancanrobinson at gmail dot com

    A pics from Patina's blog

  53. oh please!

    i am desperately looking for:

    the stadium-cloth boulevard trench,
    (item #19648) in Black or Heather Graphite - size 0

    email: carpe_diem50 at hotmail dot com

    thanks in advance!!!

  54. This is a long shot but does anyone have LAST year's (Fall 08 I think) Cashmere Heirloom Henley that they are looking to sell?

    I am looking for pretty much any color (except green, already have it) in an XS.


  55. Hi- I've enjoyed reading this blog for a month or two, but I am new to posting. I am looking for:

    Adelaide chino jacket in Navy, size 0 or 2
    Wool mini skirts any color size 0 or 2

    dancerb26 at gmail

  56. I am looking for Soho sweater dress either small or medium. Any color

    Please email me at clm334 at

  57. Gosh I do love this thread! Ok...still on the hunt for the following:
    strada fan placket perfect shirt (item #20212) in Pale Almond. Size 10 or 12!!!

    Thanks again to the JCA ladies who helped me identify this!

    Please contact telel(at)msn(dot)com

  58. Men's

    wool/cashmere deep v-neck sweater in deep green and heather grey sz large

  59. Would love to find:

    Size 7.5 or 8 Glenbrae Flat Leather Boots in Espresso (the dark brown), new or EUC.


  60. Hi, I am a bit late posting here but if anyone ordered the

    Wool Ribbon Script Coat in Petite Sz 0 in Antique Stone

    in the recent promo and is planning to return, I would like to buy it. I dithered and missed it.
    Thanks in advance :)


  61. Looking for some hard to find items --

    1)Country Celtic Herringbone Jacket in a 2 or 0
    2)Juliette Jacket in 0 or 2
    3)Soiree Skirt (White skirt with party scene in black) size 2
    4)Bridget Plaid Shirtdress in size 0
    5)Soiree Canvas Laminated Bag -- any pattern

  62. If you happened to get the Panneau Silk Cami in Dark Charcoal, size 0 or 2 last week with the sale price/Extra20 promotion and it isn't working out for you. Please email me at because I am looking for one. Thanks! :)

  63. dancerb

    I emailed you at the gmail address you listed as I have several wool minis and your email came back as undeliverable....?

    If you are interested email me at girlfromoz_100@hotmail(dot)com

  64. Priya Cherry, I think I have the bag you want in a solid, NWT. Let me know if you want a pic,

  65. I would LOVE to find these itmes:

    *Stretch flannel Olive top in a size 10 (or maybe an 8 or 12?)

    *Ruffled collier top in a size 10; Light Amethyst color

    *Python-print mini skirt (from like '08?) in an size 8 (or 10)

    *Silk ruffle cascade jacket in a size 10 (or 8); Wildberry color

    ~Used condition is fine!

    PLEASE email me if you have any of these items that you would like to sell OR if you have seen them at your local b&m! TIA for ANY help--I really appreciate it! :)

  66. One of my "wants" was fulfilled yesterday, I got the patterned Kelsey top. Still looking for:

    I am DYING for the Metallic Cloque pencil skirt, sour lemon, size 4 or above.

    Golden Roses pencil skirt, size 4.

    Watercolor Madison dress, either the blue print or the green print, size 2.

    Trixie heels in size 6.5 or 7, the black/white with yellow bow.

    Tartine cardigans in XS in navy, brown, yellow, etc.

    Maya cardigans, XS, soft blossom, amber and grey flannel.

    Preworn is fine

  67. Looking for the Dapple Dot Cardigan in M, L or XL.

    faceartists at aol

  68. Desert Flower,

    The outlet has a version of the golden roses skirt, not sure how it compares to the original.

    I saw a few at the Ontario Mills store, they were an extra 30% off as well

  69. Gloria,

    The outlet in Gilroy had a few Golden Roses cami's Xmas weekend, you could check there.

  70. Thanks, Pakola, the outlet version is definitely not what I want. The retail version from last fall is silk and wool and fully lined. The outlet version is unlined cotton sateen. I appreciate the head's up though!

  71. I'm looking for the Black LEather Short Templeton boot in Size 7. Let me know if you have them.


  72. trying terribly to find an ivory SHIMMY dress for my bridal shower! size 2 or 4. please email kellyahester at gmail dot com

  73. Looking for

    galaxy necklace

    old jcrew catalogs


  74. Kelly, the outlets had a silk/cotton blend version in early Dec. It was REALLY popular at the one near me, but possibly someone has one?
    It's super cute. Hope you can find one!

  75. OH NO

    Annalise cami in whisper pink, size 2

    If you have one or see one, could you please let me know?

    mommydearestjca at yahoo dot com

    My box just came and the invoice clearly says Annalise but the contents were a navy cashmere sweater. DARN CREW PACKERS!!!

  76. looking for an extra small long puffer coat - in chocolate or any other dark color. i have a small, NWT but it's too big!

  77. Hello,
    I am looking for the date planner for 2010 that some of the JCAs got for Christmas. Sadly JCrew does not love me and I did not get one.

    carrascora at gmail dot com

  78. Thanks I found a planner.

    Thank you so much Sunny!

  79. Hi,

    I am searching for:

    Crystal Thornbush Drop Earrings (#24003) in the colors Crystal and Butterscotch (a picture of the crystal ones can be found in the 1st link below)

    Heirloom Flora Earrings (#19493) in Chocolate (a picture of these can be found in the 2nd link below)

    Please email me at love2shop4bags AT yahoo DOT com if you're interested in selling any of these ;) Thanks!

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. Hi!

    I'm looking for:
    skinny crystal garden bracelet any color summer/fall 08.

    wide crystal garden bracelet any color summer/fall 08.

    Will pay with Paypal or exchange for any of my new JCrew sweaters, mostly extra small cashmere. Let me know!

  82. Hi!

    Looking for:

    Skinny or Wide crystal garden bracelet any color, summer/fall 08.

    Will paypal or trade with any of my new cashmere sweaters, extra small.


  83. I'm looking for the Merino Ruffle Cardigan in Brilliant Blue. I think this was from early 2008? It has a ruffle around the crew neck. I'm hoping for XS but S would probably work. If you have one of these in the back of your closet going unworn, let me know!

  84. Desperately desperately desperately seeking the men's Aldridge linen suit pants in a 36-38 waist and any inseam greater than 30, navy or tan. marie516 at gmail dot com. I also have lots of tradeable womens' stuff if you're a 4-6, 7.5 shoe, or like jewelry/headbands. Thanks!!!!

  85. I apologize for posting so many ISOs, but JCrew shipped me the wrong item, so....

    desperately ISO Annalise cami in WHISPER PINK size 2. If anyone is thinking of returning one or sees one in a store, could you *please* let me know?

    Thank you so much!

    mommydearestjca at yahoo dot com

  86. Oops, meant a 34-38 in my post above. Sorry!

  87. Looking for J. Crew Mica mini in Fog (the Collection version) in size 2 or 4. New or gently used is fine.

  88. Hi!

    I am looking for the carlin double cloth coat, in black, size 8. Anyone?

    Thanks so much!


  89. Anyone looking to not use and sell their J.crew 2010 day planner? I would love to have one, but was not lucky enough to be sent one. :)

    please email me at

  90. Hi JCAs,
    I'm going on a tropical vacation and am looking for summer dresses in a size s/xs. EUC is fine!

    Thanks! :)

  91. Hello, I would love to find the Norfolk Jacket in size 8!

  92. Thanks to silver lining I found the pink Annalise!!! Thank you so much!

  93. Have you moved to a warmer climate and no longer need your LUCILLE WOOL BOUCLE coat, Flame color, size 12? If so...please contact me at annega at microsoft dot com. Name your price!

  94. I'm looking for a Mica mini in fog size 2 or 4... thanks!

    also any jewelery from the fall-winter 09 line in great condition!

  95. I am looking for J.crew Pippa flats in SIlver size 6.5

    email at

  96. Hey ladies- I'm looking for a Sherpa long hoodie in the white/ ivory color, size medium. Preferably new and unwashed. email mschwoer 17 AT yahoo. Thanks!

  97. Sydney Girl,

    If you are still looking for the Antique Stone Ribbon Coat in PO there is one in the sale section right now.

  98. Looking for:

    Metallic tweed charmed mini bag

  99. Hi ladies! Late in the week I know, but I'm hoping to find a merino ethereal cardi in either green or rust for less than the $70 they're currently going for on ebay. A medium would be best but I'd take a large too.

    snapsparkchik at gmail dawt com

  100. I'm late too, but am looking for:

    - Perfect pencil skirt, dusty blossom, sz 2
    - Dream shawl cardigan, black/grey/navy, sz XS
    - Maggie double serge jacket from '08 (yes, I know I'm dreaming here), black, sz 4 at gmail

  101. Merino Turtleneck Sweater
    Color Black
    Size Medium

    On clearance racks now, just not my color/size.


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