Tuesday, January 19, 2010

J.Crew's 7th Sample Sale Starts Today! :)

As mentioned previously (refer to the January 16th "The Deets on J.Crew's 7th Sample Sale" and January 5th "J.Crew's 7th Sample Sale Coming Soon {yey?}" posts,) ClothingLine (click here) will be hosting yet another J.Crew sample sale in NYC. This sale starts today! For the event's days/hours, view the image below (click here to view it larger).

The event information includes the following:
  • J.Crew - Samples / sample sizes for Men & Women
  • J.Crew Footwear - Stock / all sizes for Women,
    with limited selection for Men
  • Crewcuts - Samples / sample sizes for Boy & Girls
  • Madewell - Stock denim and handbags for Women
Footwear and Handbag sales are final.

The fitting room will be closed for the duration of this sale. Our entrance and selling floor closes 15 minutes prior to close of store.
The location for the event is:
Clothingline | SSS Sample Sales
261 W 36th Street
(between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! If you could also share any information (e.g. merchandise selection, quantity, prices), it would be greatly appreciated. :)


  1. Did you all see that Alexa Chung is going to be designing a collection for Madewell???


  2. I am thinking about going on Saturday, because I may be in town. Does anyone know if it'w worth it to go at the end of the week of the sale? Not sure if merch gets replenished or if it will be all picked through by Saturday.

  3. They usually replenish as the week goes on. You never know -- might find something!

    I went by this morning. Line was very short, maybe 20 peeps. Once again they had tables of shoes which was what I was really after. Saw a bunch of the Cadogan ankle boots as well as the MacAlister boots. Lots of heels and flats, mostly from summer but I wasn't interested because sale prices online will be better for those.

    Clothing wise it was the same ol' -- maybe a great item here and there but I didn't have the patience to look through. They also had a few bags from Madewell up on the wall (they were very shiny dark gold).

    I didn't buy anything this time around. I was really angry watching the resellers just shove shoe after shoe into their bags. That stuff really pisses me off.

  4. I went after work... only interested to check out the shoes section. So happy to find the Sahara suede boots in my size! Didn't see a lot of heels... more boots this time around. Short boots/booties are $129, tall boots $159, heels $99 & flats $65. You pay taxes for anything over $110. Saw the Starlight Sylvia heels, Metropolitan suede booties, Nottingham tall boots... the clothing section not so impressive. Many spring/summer dress, sweaters, and jackets. Not many coats. Mostly sample sizes, and yes I did see some samples being cut at the back. I say only go there if you want to get some boots.

  5. Bad news, sample sale a big bust. Same old grumpy annoying staff who don't do J Crew justice by arranging their merchandise in what looks like a 1985 mini version of a Ross Dress For Less. I didn't see many people buying alot of stuff - but who really gets excited to buy in a dingy space when there are people yelling in your ear "no tryons?" Everyone seemed to be going for the $10 t shirts, maybe a pair of shoes but rarely more than one. Embellished t's were $35, can get them cheaper at the store. I was there for a few hours, and didn't see one person who looked like they were getting many items, especially any persons who might be reselling. A reseller would have to think hard about buying any of the items there, especially the shoes, as they wouldn't make any money off them and you can get alot of them online for cheaper. Save your time, visit your local J Crew b & m store and take advantage of the sales. At least when you plunk down your money there, you will have been waited on by a nice staffer and your eardrums will still be intact.

  6. Thanks for sharing ladies! :) This sample sale sounds like the same event experienced the last few times. Too bad.

    Honestly, it's about time ClothingLine & J.Crew just reduced those sample sale prices to liquidate merchandise. It has to cost them less then paying for inventory fees & employees to run those (disappointing) events.

  7. I received an email from Clothingline.... with reduced prices on some items...

    for Women

    Select Reductions:
    Blouses, Shirts, Cotton & Wool Sweaters now $30, 2 for $50
    Lounge / Pajamas now $10
    Cashmere Sweaters now $50
    Everyday & Special Occasions Dresses now $45
    Blazers & Outerwear now $80

    Other styles still available

    for Men

    Select Reductions:
    Shirts, Suiting Vests, Cotton & Wool Sweaters, now $30, 2 for $50
    Limited Selection of Blazers & Outerwear now $80

    Other styles still available


    Select Reductions:
    Women's Sienna Fringed Moccasin Booties now $40
    Women's Templeton Short Leather Flat Boots now $75
    Women's Templeton Tall Flat Boots now $129

    Other styles for both Women & Men still available


    Just Arrived:
    Cold Weather Accessories including scarves, hats, & more
    Limited Selection of fabric & leather bags and small accessories

    Madewell for Women

    Still available:
    Denim - Stock styles / Stock sizes - any 2 for $30!

    Crewcuts for Kids

    Still available:
    Tee's, shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, skirts, dresses, outerwear, specialty and more


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