Thursday, January 28, 2010

J.Crew Updates Website with New Arrivals!

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Molly, xoxo, Elizabeth, & Chris (in this post), Genny, Green_Dino, Crystal, & Nicole (in this post), as well as tiffany rose & Marietta, who let us know that J.Crew had an update to its website today (click here to view online).

There are some new arrivals for men (click here) & women (click here). Even the J.Crew Collection (click here) is updated with new arrivals. {wahoo!}

J.Crew has also provided the latest catalog online (click here to view). It is another {wonderful} destination catalog (Lisbon, Portugal). Also available is is the Men's only catalog for February 2010. :) As for their new arrivals...

Me likey! I am loving the sweet simplicity of the Suckered Gingham Perfect Shirt (Item 23310; $69.50). Moreover, there is something very beautiful about the cascade of flowers on the Tissue Garland Tank (item 23337; $42.50). I am also drawn to the Scalloped Zipper Cardigan (item 23423; $98.00), but I have to see it in person to determine if the exposed zippers are cute or too much. And since the Metallic Beacon Purse is too small, I am now intrigued by the Metallic Beacon Hobo (item 24904; $258.00).

Me don't likey! J.Crew has got to snap out of the "overdone" necklaces. Case in point: the Faceted Raindrop Ribbon Cluster Necklace (Item 25532; $135.00). It's a hideous mess. J.Crew, you have such lovelier (& simpler) necklaces at your B&M stores ...feature those!

It's also interesting to see J.Crew include more items collaborated with external partners like the G.H. Bass® & Company Penny Loafers (Item 26307; $120.00) and the Quoddy® Handmade Suede Ring Boots (Item 25075; $278.00).

Lastly, J.Crew is also extending their {amazing} offer for 30% off any purchase from Final Sale {no minimum} and free shipping {on $150+} with promo code EXTRA30. This offer is now good through this Sunday, 1/31/10.

I am thrilled to see this promotion being extended. As many of you have noted, J.Crew updated the Sale Section (click here) this morning with a lot of pop-backs. However, I did notice that a few items have gone up in price since a few days ago. For example, the Wool Schoolboy Blazer in Heather Coral (Item 17072; $178.00) was on sale for less than $79.99 yesterday and now it is back to $99.99.

What items are you most excited about and why? Which items are you surprised (or not surprised) to see? Which items did you hope would be included? Were you expecting a bigger roll-out today? Also, did you receive the latest catalog? :)


  1. While I'm glad to see the new arrivals online, I'm rather disgusted that not only have ruffles proven their staying power, now they're even more deconstructed and overpowering to whatever garment they're on than ever before. The ridiculousness of the "butterflies" all over a shirt? Goodness sakes. It clearly seems as if Jenna is out of ideas. And, well, I don't even know if I want to ask what was going through their heads when they came up with the Jeweled celestial dress (item #24719). The horizontal rows of "stuff" seem to be everywhere this season too. I know I say this with every rollout, but totally underwhelmed - nothing I would even consider on super-duper final sale. Guess now I'll just have to wait for the early summer rollout.

  2. I hesitated to post my reaction to the new arrivals, I was too underwhelmed. What gets me is the price increase on some of the items, $98.00 tee that will develop holes!

    If you zoom in on the painter tees and increase the view to 150% you can see the shoddy quality. Me thinks my love affair with JC is coming to an end.

  3. Oh I found something! (Okay, one thing...) The Cotton-wool lino cardigan (item #23850) in beechwood blossom. I would wear that! YAY I found something sans ruffles that I would (might?) wear! Oh I kid. (Actually not at all kidding. Man, that's sad.)

  4. I was in the store yesterday and picked up a few items. I got the neopolitan pencil skirt and the cardigan in the same print (I will not be wearing them together!), the snakeskin belt in a beige/grey combo, the tissue garland tank in sepia (I love that the edges are not raw) and I got the Ruthie shell from the sale rack in white. The Unagi tweed skirt was only available in violet in my store so I'll order the sepia. The violet is almost the identical color to the plum of the perfect pencil skirt, and I don't need two purple skirts.

    I saw a fabulous cotton strapless dress on a blogger that is not in the catalogue or online. Must be retail only but my store didn't have it. That's another thing I'll probably pick up if I can find it. It's the same print as the new watercolor potpourri mini.

    I did see and/or try on a lot of other new items.

  5. I actually found several things I'm drooling over - which is rare, I'm not big on spring. The Neopolitan print skirt/cardi, the double breasted merino cardigan (though why does everything for spring have to be 3/4 sleeves? especially if it's sooo lightweight!), the Blecker jacket, the Zoey jacket, the mint julep color on the long cotton cardigan... I'm pleased to see lots of thing that are very on trend at JCrew prices!

  6. I actually saw several items I'd like to try on in store this weekend. A few camis and several lightweight cardis. I'm loving the color palette on some of these items as well. Not everything is a pastel!

  7. I did pick up several mini skirts, the Denim Minnie pant. I am glad there are updated colors of the Celosia cardigan. After seeing the new roll-out online that's the only thing else I want. And the collection items...HUH?

    I am disappointed they did not have the reusable bags online.

    Chloe - I'm with you on the clutch and can totally see you rocking it!

  8. Love the look of the Unagi skirt and the Meron dress. Not much else at this point but I will take a better look after work tonight.

    I noticed some full priced items that were there earlier this week are now totally gone and my bookmarks and google search links don't even bring them up. Very strange, I can't imagine they all sold out. Probably a website glitch. I hope.

  9. I agree, this collection is extremely underwhelming. The same washed out colors and even more ruffles. I feel like I'm seeing pieces that have already been overdone elsewhere. I'm hoping that an instore visit will work out better for me.

  10. There are a couple of pieces that I'm interested in seeing IRL. I find a lot of it to be a rehash of last summer, and honestly don't think I can do another tissue tee with stuff tacked to the front of it, or another cheap quality cardigan (after the Mayas, I think I'll be staying away from the whisper-thin knits). I'm mainly looking forward to seeing the suiting pieces and the Neapolitan pencil skirt... the rest of it all seems so disposable. I'll be buying the bulk of my spring wardrobe from Martin + Osa (great fitting jeans and cardigans), Lands' End Canvas (cute button-down shirts, skirts, and accessories - great quality, too!), and Ann Taylor (love their all leather pumps - comfortable and classic)... the best part is that all of these places are either cheaper than JC or offer better sales. I feel like I didn't get my money's worth with them last year, and spent more time returning/reordering/stalking sales than I did actually enjoying the clothes.

  11. Lucky, lucky you who can go to J.Crew whenever you like. I'm so jealous!
    I wish we had J.Crew in Europe...

  12. How many ways can J Crew take a tank or tee and plaster ruffles or some type of placket to it? I really wish they would just move on. There are a couple of skirts that are cute, including the J Crew version of the "swan butt" skirt but for $128 I'm happy with my Target version. There are also some interesting accessories and bags. Otherwise maybe the next rollout will be more interesting. I have to thank J Crew for helping me save money this month.

  13. If you missed it once, you had a second chance to get it. If you missed it the second time, here's your third chance to get it. Still, I'm always excited to see new rollouts. There is always something that I have to have!

  14. It's always fun to check out a new rollout! This morning was no exception.
    That being said, I'm not shopping right now and I am okay with that. I can live without all of it. I did notice a few very high-priced items. Who is buying this expensive stuff which is all Made in China? aaagh.
    One thing I was happy to see: the Bass penny loafer! That brings back some good times from the 80's! But it says they are Imported! Weren't they always Made in America? Anyone else remember? Anyone else happy to see them at JCrew?

  15. Desert Flower or someone else who has seen the Neapolitan print in person, could you please comment on exactly what the colors in it are? It is so hard to tell from the monitor and the "violet" name really threw me.

  16. I love my celosia cardis so I am excited to see the pretty springy colors. I may pick one of them up.

    Otherwise, I see more severe pencil skirts (love 'em but want an alternative style skirt), minis (too short for the office), printed cardis and ruffle upon ruffle (and tons of raw edges). Hmm...I think I have written this same post for the lasst 4 or 5 rollouts. Yawn! J Crew, time for something new.

    On the other hand I have picked up some pretty printed silk tops from Boden and Banana Republic and a loose v-neck cashmere sweater in the most amazing shade of yellow from Ann Taylor. I am definitely having more fun with other stores right now.

  17. I was in a b&m yesterday and did not see any clothing I had to have, but I did pick up some jewelry, which I love! I bought the crystal colletto neckace in petrol, a beautiful grey / green, the dogwood earrings in gold, whose center stone matches the colletto necklace, and the crystal glamour bracelet, which looks great layered with the symphony bracelet. I love the recent brass jewelry -- well made and substantial. Also picked up the deco necklace, but am on the fence about this one -- possibly too trendy and not very versatile...

  18. I love a lot of the new thangs except for the jewels and the pants. J. Crew needs to give us some snazzy pants, IMO. Love so many of the skirts and Ts.

    I'm also coveting the ballet flats. I may break down and buy some J. Crew shoes.

  19. Love the flutter-flower clutch as well Chloe! And I agree on the ruffles, overdonw jewelry and "butterflies" which I recently poo pooed on my blog as well. Enough is enough!

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  21. I pre-ordered the Camden Brogues and the Meron dress. I like that they're offering the Celosia in some pretty spring colors. Can't decide if I like the Neapolitan skirt or not.

  22. I got a chance to see the tiered brique skirt in person and it is adorable. A bit on the short side, though, and I am petite! Wish they made it a wee bit longer so it would be work-appropriate.

    Also loved the fabric of the tweed contessa items, but can't figure out of the jacket is a wear-once every few weeks item or a wear-everyday item....

  23. I was waiting on exactly one item from this rollout: The Hillside Madras button-down shirt.

    I've been slowly cultivating my "50's high school" look for warmer weather with Jack Purcells, non-distressed dark blue 501's, and a patterned shirt. That green madras shirt should fit in nicely with my current rotation of vintage shirts off ebay.

    Based on this past F/W season, there's about a 99% chance my size won't make it to sale, so I'm ok paying full retail.

  24. i found a few things i liked... but j.crew, please stop making your a-line skirts so short! 17.25 inches?! 16.5 inches?! and those aren't even the "minis"?! oh my! my late-20s 5'11" frame would look ridiculous in a skirt that short.

  25. I want to try the vintage bateau top in pale camel. I've been wanting a stripe shirt and I'm curious to see if the camel gives me the stripe look without being jailhouse looking.

    And I love the tweed contessa jacket.

  26. Ah, makes me think of my trip to Lisbon many years ago!

    Why is it that the one item I'm crazy about is $695??!!

  27. I see what a lot of you are saying about being underwhelmed, but there are some really cute new pieces that I've grabbed already.

    The zipper cardigan mentioned in the post is really cute IRL, but my store sold out of it already. It's a little short though, so being tall it just didn't look right on me.

  28. Like others, I feel like I'm looking at the same old/same old. But then again, I really like some of J Crew's basic cuts and patterns. For instance, I'm in love with all the pencil skirts, the perfect fit ruffle henley, the skimmer pants, and the Twayla (I know I'm misremembering that name, but it's something like that) wool dress.

    Yet there's nothing I feel I HAVE to have right now. I found myself thinking that I hope they send out the 25% off cards for April and then I'll seriously consider some stuff.

  29. Love the Neapolitan pencil skirt. So pretty! J.Crew can always get me with their pencil skirts...

    I also really like the Lena Isle dress. J.Crew can also get me every time with their comfy knit dresses...

    I like the blossom Nico skirt, but it looks soooo short! It wouldn't have taken anything away from its cuteness had they added just a couple more inches to the length. I love me a good, full, A-line skirt...that doesn't make me feel inappropriate :)

  30. i wish there were some updated colors in the chinos. my office turns to business casual during the late spring summer and brightly colored pants are definitely a staple for me.

  31. I'm going to have to go against the tide and say I liked several items, the Bass loafers, the flats, some of the new colors and I love the new catalog! Since I clearly have a cardigan problem, I'm loving several and the brogues too!
    I was never a tissue tee girl; for me it's the crew neck perfect fit and I hope they keep the crew neck high and keep the knit at least as heavy as it is, especially for white.
    I agree with Alexis on the necklaces, most of them look like a tangled mess. Maybe I'm just not "arty" enough.
    To be honest, I see more in the Spring arrivals that I like than I did for Fall 2009, which IMHO ranks last in J. Crew Fall seasons over the past six years.
    I would like to see J. Crew do cute short sleeve button down shirts with cute collars, maybe some tuxedo styles, etc. that I can wear under cardigans for the spring and summer.

  32. I like quite a few things in the catalog, but not much of a fan of how they have styled the pieces. Its like just wear anything with anything and everything.
    Overall, nice to see new arrivals. I really love the color palate.

  33. I hate ruffles and I hate flowers. I can't believe I just said that! I loved the flowers and the ruffles when they first appeared but now I am tired of them. I was in my B&M yesterday and my PS asked me what I thought. I told her that I am tired of the flowers and the ruffles. She agreed. It is getting old. That said the swiss dot square neck top is fabulous! I bought it in black. I loved the v-neck slub tees too. I bought one of the new Boyfriend Beach Cardigans, incredibly soft and perfect for the chronically cold.

  34. Hello Ladies,
    Just stalked Bergdorf and Neiman Marcus websites for Frye. On Neiman's they have a pair of Frye Paige Tall boots for 93.00! I think it is only one pair left in a size 9. Someone try to get them because this is a heck of a deal. They were there as of 5 minutes ago. I also got a pair for $164.00 on Bergdorf's down from $468.00. There is a free shipping code from Bergdorf's. I will post in a minute as soon as I can track it again, but wanted to get this deal out there!

  35. The free shipping code I used was NEW2BG. Good luck!

  36. I actually like a lot of the stuff this time around. LOVE the blume heels--adorable flower plus nice prints--and heels but not stripper high heels! Also will probably order to check out the loulie tank, black blossoms cardigan, sequined raye tank, zipper cardigan. Am on the fence about the Palmera--cute or too messy looking? Many cute embellished t's, tanks, but will wait for sale on those (they always go on sale and don't last long enough to pay FP).

    Once again I am very disappointed that the new suiting dress styles only go up to size 12. No love for the curvy ladies, J. Crew.

    Btw, the Limited did a black version of the flower flutter clutch over the holidays for $40. I thought it cute but didn't buy b/c the flowers were made out of polyester.

  37. Will the Extra30 work as a free shipping code even if you're not buying sale items, but over $150? We need a FS code!

  38. I was in my J.Crew yesterday and have to say that the new pieces look much prettier IRL than they do on the website. While the colors aren't nearly as bright as in previous years, they aren't as muted as I was expecting them to be, either.

    The Tissue Garland Tank runs large but is super cute on, especially when layered under a tee or even the Tuxedo Ruffle Henley, which is how I plan on wearing it.

    I tried on the Scalloped Zipper cardigan and it is very short as previously mentioned. While I do think it's cute, I won't be getting it. If I were to get a cardigan this time around it would be the Black Blossoms cardigan which fits the same as the Stained Glass and Watercolor Leopard cardigans, if anyone is wondering. The print on this cardi is also very pretty IRL and the colors are more saturated in person than in the online pic.

    There is a scarf in the Watercolor Potpourri print that appears to be in store only. The colors in it are beautiful and match all the new colors of tanks and tees perfectly.

    The *Camo* jacket is very, very cute IRL and isn't really even camo at all. The print is actually large flowers and there is no way to mistake it as being camo, IMO. The fit is TTS...I got my normal size XS, since I am normally a 2 or sometimes even a 0 in jackets.

    The reusable totes are adorable and will be a much better option for purchases instead of the new *factory store inspired* J.Crew bags they plan on starting to use in the future.

  39. Elizabeth: You can use the code HCK97M for free shipping on $150+. :)

  40. Thanks so much FabulousFloridaMommy!

  41. I was in the store last night, and I had a lot of fun trying things on...some were very lovely and others, not so much. A lot of the in-store only tees and cardigans did very little for me, which seems weird. I would think J. Crew would want the to put "wow" pieces in-store, but the things I tried on were doing very little for me. I see these being on sale very quickly, esp. the tees.

    The things I tried on that are available at are very lovely...esp. the tweed Contessa dress and the scalloped zipper cardigan. These two are very well made and flattering.

    I did post a review of the pieces I tried on, if anyone wants to take a gander. :)

    BTW, I have an unhealthy obsession with the Dani heels with the neon crisscross strap. That may end up being a full-price purchase. Very cute.

  42. Thanks Alexis and Everyone for the news and comments on the new roll-out!

    I've had just a moment to peek, so the overwelmed feeling is magnified...

    Right now? I Love the Contrast Pencil Skirt and (believe it or not, RatsOnParade, LOL) the Jeweled Celestial Dress. I love the basic tee dress base with the added jewels- it's so me.

    Anxious to see the Mystery Bag on page 12 of the Collection Look Book. Could be interesting.

    Happy Spring Everyone!

  43. Oh! And I like RatsOnParade's pick of the Cotton-wool lino cardigan....

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  45. Collection image #11 - crazy, that styling is like a little kid playing dress up, putting everything possible on.

    #13, looks like she's just wearing fishnets and no pants. then i realized it's a romper....that's a mighty mighty short romper...

  46. I love J Crew but am not in love with their spring collection thus far. The colors are blah and just uninspiring. I was very underwhelmed by it all, honestly. There isn't one item in the collection that I feel I just can't live without. Hoping they'll return to doing what they do best and get out of this boring color rut.

  47. I guess more of the same for me too...some things that I am tired of and some I still like. I like the Portugal locale, more saturated colors (e.g., Sepia, bright plum, mall flower print shirt and dress available in store only, navy and white lorelei dress in store only, new colors in the Celosia cardigan, Kelsey cami, cashmere v-neck cardigan and jackie cardigan.

    I went into the B&M and tried on some of the new arrivals. The new tanks did not look flatter me at all. The garland tank was the most flattering, but I can't always do gobs of material on my chest. The neopolitan and unagi skirts were nice, but not crazy about the fit on me. I found the fabric of the skirts too thick for me. The denim Minnies looked nice, but they were way too small for me in my usual Minnie size. I didn't try sizing up. I live the black blossom print on the cardi, but I have the deco print from the fall and it looks similar to me. The scalloped zipper cardigan look less impressive to me on the hanger, and the stripe long weekend cardigan was HUGE!

    Also, I am getting tired of all the ruffles and fluff. While I like these in limited amounts, it is making these new items less special too me. And, all this material keeps making my shape more voluminous. Finally, I am hoping for some different styling in the future catalogues. I am too tired of the layered messy necklaces, and the collared shirts buttoned all the way up, with nonsensical layers of clothing, and even socks too! I wonder if they'll go back to the 80s, and start doing two layers of scrunched socks?

  48. oops, that's small flower print shirt

  49. For those of you who have tried on the new Neapolitan pencil skirt, how is the sizing on it? I sized down in the perfect pencil skirt, but sometimes the ones with thinner fabric are more TTS. Thoughts?

  50. Dina, thanks for posting the pics on your blog. Looks like I will have to pass on the zip sweater. Very cute idea but it will just look too short on me. So many JC cardis are either too long or too short!

    Speaking of which--hemlines! Some of the dresses are so cute (the cotton one with the flowers on the shoulder) but they barely cover the model's crotch. That means I could only wear it as a beach cover up and it's not worth buying for me unless it gets marked down to $19.99.

  51. I like Nori skirt and Unagi skirt.

    BUT, why did they have to get the names from sushi restaurent?
    Nori skirt really looks like the namesake....

    Nori: papery seaweed that hand rolls are wrapped (Japanese)

    Unagi:eel (Japanese)

  52. Cass,
    Yes, I don't know what is up with JCrew this fall and now spring with all the short skirts and dresses. Did not used to be that way. I am so glad I overbought many skirts that I loved from 2005-2008 b/c now I am not loving anything.

  53. AppGal - I got the measurements for the Neapolitan skirt and can e-mail them to you if you like!

  54. AppGal: I am between 2 sizes in most JC pants and skirts. I usually go with the smaller of the 2 in pencil skirts, but the neapolitan skirt felt uncomfortably snug, perhaps because the material was thick and with less give. I took the smaller of my two sizes in the cotton pencil skirt from last summer (bronzed twig, slate, stone) and in this fall's perfect pencil skirt in wool (cinnamon, plum). I had a similar problem with the watercolor leopard skirt too. I did not try the size up in the neapolitan skirt.

  55. Ji: I thought the same thing! in fact, when I saw "unagi," i immediately thought of the Friends episode when Ross claims that "unagi" is a state of mind...meanwhile Rachel craves sushi when he mentions it :)

    (sorry for the OT...I'm quite a Friends nerd!)

  56. I have the girls' carousel coat
    $98.00 item 23394 in size 14. I ordered it two weeks ago.

    I'm 5' 2" and it fits perfectly. Sleeves are a little long for my height but fits like womens XS

  57. Wayyy too many ruffles. And some just plain weird items (laporte drape blouse, so unflattering). The only item I really like is the scalloped zipper cardigan. I also like the studio tee in cool dusk but seriously? $98 for a "limited edition" tshirt? No thanks. Disappointed in the swimwear update as well. I'm waiting for D-cup jersey lommelina tops.

  58. Jenny: That would be fantastic! Thanks! :) musingsonmtn(at)

    love2shop4bags: Thanks for the info. I had a feeling that I would get the bigger of my two sizes in this one. Is there any give to it, or is it pretty stiff?

  59. AppGal:
    I now crave sushi so bad...
    I remember that episode too.


  60. Hexicon, hmmm, it's funny that they named the color of the Neapolitan print violet dust. I saw the cardi instore and it struck me as being warm toned. The brown is very soft, like last year's desert brown which I loved, mixed with soft dark grey, ivory, and maybe light pink. I got no purple out of that, but maybe the grey is supposed to be purple. They sent me a grey sweater when I ordered purple last week so maybe those two are interchangeable for JC?

    I am in like with the scalloped zipper cardi but I would have felt love if the zip wasn't gold tone. It's kind of jarring against the pale grey. I like the neapolitan cardi too, but not enough to go full price. The coletto necklace is pretty and no whiff of asymmetry which is a plus! The Bisbee is the only bag on my radar, and mostly because the summer hyacinth color is gorgeous. Nothing clothes wise is calling to me on a deep level, but of course I like the things that look like what I already have! The Alpansia blouse is similar to last spring's Marrakesh top. The featherweight microstripe cashmere cardi looks exactly like some Gap sweaters I got a year or two ago for a miniscule fraction of the price. And not much to say about the tees, just a few words: ruffles, paint splooshed, overpriced. Really, my only major complaint with this rollout is the skirts. They all fall into two camps: super short or tight, except the tulip shaped drapey Clare which is tulip shaped and only goes to 12. And is tulip shaped. Shudder.

    Isn't it funny that the white Nolita is a new arrival? A month or so ago it was languishing in final sale. IRL is right. If you missed it the first time...

  61. My biggest complaint about the new arrivals is the COLORS. J Crews colors can be so awesome (like the ones they offer for their cashmere), but these colors are so drab and boring. They remind me of a Dickens novel and they would make my look like a corpse, thanks to my irish complexion. They have some great basics, like the pique polo and the scoop-neck T, but the colors are crappy. I hate to mention another retailer on here, but TALBOTS just put some amazing stuff out! I bought a great ruffled button-down shirt that is way cuter than the j crew ones (it's called the Origami shir)...I also bout a terry cloth bathing suit cover-up, and these cute pin-striped capris (called Doby striped). I could have kept going but my car needs maintenance.

  62. AppGal: I would say there's a bit of give with the neopolitan skirt, but in an odd way. It was causing unflattering pulling and I thought it sat rather high up on my waist/rib cage.

    Hayden Harnett 25% off sale plus free shipping one time use code until Fri night midnight:

    White + Warren Cashmere (very good quality)
    if you like fuchsia, their Trapeze cardigan (shaped like but longer than JC's Dream Shawl Cardigan)is half price at $110
    BTW, once you own one of their travel wraps/wraps, you'll never leave home without it;)

    As for this roll-out..I mostly think they've lost their dang mind:) I do like some of the simple jewelry. Cardigans are too thin and jackets/skirts are TOO short. Styling is still drunken.

  64. love2shop4bags: Thanks so much! I guess this should be one I try on in-person before buying :)

  65. I should elaborate..the prices are too high. The styles are either the same or off-the-wall.

    A new accessory or a change in styling to the similar, past items I own, should add enough zing to my Spring:)I love the color palette but NOT a fan of the neon.

  66. sweetsy,
    Thanks for the OT codes. I appreciate the posts on other stores that people put on here A LOT!

    I think the skirts are too short and some of the sweaters too. I am a bit disappointed in the new offerings. I am hoping more pretty things come out later in Feb. and March. I keep on a hopin'

  67. AppGal: You're welcome. It could I tried a flawed skirt or there are discrepancies in sizing. I found this the case for two gunmetal matelasse skirts in the same size. Good luck!

  68. I wish J Crew could photo shop MY legs to look as good in that Nico skirt;)

  69. For all of you desiring the tote bag that many of us are purchasing in-store...there is a DARLING crewcuts version for 9.50.

    Here is the info:
    Girls' fashion scout tote, $9.50 item 24266.

  70. Sorry to keep posting but the questionable item of the day is:
    The Sullivan Skirt item 24488 WTF?!

    Bisbee Handbag is highly suspicious. Can you say, Rebecca Minkoff MAM?

    Necklaces: there are still far too many necklaces that require one to tilt their head to one side or get the urge to reach out and try to adjust for balance;)I'll stop now.

  71. There are a few items I liked and ordered to see in person. (yay free shipping!) However,
    what is up with the necklaces? Way too many thin silk ribbons being attached and woven around jewelry.

  72. Oh, who besides me will be ordering the Leather sequin shift dress (item 27346)? lol.

  73. Casual Crew:

    I bought one of the painter tees in the store a couple of months ago (boat neck with 3/4 sleeves) and have not had any quality issues. In fact, I like the shirt quite a bit and ordered some more in the newer colors. I wash on delicate cycle and hang to dry.

    I do wish they would bring back the more vibrant colors - the washed out colors I am continueing to see are totally unappealing to me.

  74. OT, but does anyone have any comments (good or bad) on the Gathered Tie Front Top on sale for $34.99? Considering making a 30% off order... TIA!

  75. love2shop4bags:

    I bought the charcoal and white version of that top. Great basics, with a little bit of flair. The tops are pretty thin but the fabric is oh so soft. I am currently wearing them as SAHM tops that make me feel at least I am "trying" to be more put together (rather than pjs, sweats, and yoga pants). I did a post on the outfit I wore it with--it is layered under a Talbot's floral cardigan. I published that post yesterday morning, I think.

    This top is not worth more than 20 or so dollars, so I am glad I waited.

  76. SE Mom: Thanks for the information, I have returned many tees last year for quality issues so I am little wary about ordering more tees.

    Having looked at the new arrivals again there are a couple of interesting items, I called CS for the measurements and the sizing seems to be huge this season (Bermuda shorts, Skimmer pants, Vintage Matchsticks). It will be interesting to hear other JCAs comments.

  77. Dina: Thank you! Do you have any comments on the sizing? It seems a bit loose, but wasn't sure if it's so loose you should size down like in the rolling ruffles tanks, or loose enough in your usual JC size that it's the style of the top. Thanks again!

  78. Oh, (smacks head)! I should have mentioned the sizing. I normally take a small in J. Crew's tops, on this top I took an X-small. Whenever I see the XX-small pop up on a top's sizing, I am leery of vanity sizing, and go with the X-small. So far this has proven to be the right thing to do. :) HTH.

  79. sweetsy, good call on the Bisbee! Goes along with my problem of this rollout, that I only like the things that are like what I already have. My MAM is doesn't have the added shoulder strap which I quite like, so if the Bisbee goes onto a good sale...

  80. The jacket I referred to in my previous post is the Black Blossom Blazer seen here . I realized, however, that it isn't actually *the* camo jacket that's in the lookbook here ...sorry!

    I really think the Black Blossom print is very cute, not only on the jacket, but on the cardigan, skirt, and shorts, too. :)

  81. I'm pretty sad about some of my purchases from the current promo. Caught a popback of the snowflake tee and it is just hemorrhaging sequins. Sad face. The grey Nonno is perfect except for length, and only in front, grr. Sometimes I curse my chest! I'm cursing my short neck today too, the heart Frances and Annalise are both awesomely cute but make me look like I have a bad case of Hilary Duff-itis! I love seeing the high ruffles on people, but for me it is NOT a pretty sight. Also, the Sunday skirt is a shortie, but for 13 bucks I can live with only wearing it with tights. The shape is fun and it is really comfy. The one thing that I got that I really love is for my husband, the lambswool shawl collar sweater in a beautiful, rich dark brown. It has these flecks of green in it and it is just so soft and cozy. We never have any quality or fit issues with the mens' stuff, unlike women's and kids'.

  82. Yawn. I can't even find anything to spend my rewards card on. I think I'll spend it on Dh. Maybe I can convince him to try on the cotton surplus cardigan. It's quite cute

  83. Was looking at some of the new crewcuts jewelry necklaces. In the description it says they cannot ship Crewcuts jewelry to Illinois anymore. Anyone know why? Just glad I don't live there anymore. I buy my daughter a lot of their jewelry!

    Alexis, Do you have any ideas on how to find out WHY?

  84. Genny, why don't you try e-mailing

  85. Genny:

    It likely has something to do with new regulations regarding the labeling of childrens' items that contain lead.

    “[e]ffective January 1, 2010, no person, firm, or corporation shall sell, have, offer for sale, or transfer [‘children's jewelry,’ ‘child care articles,’ or ‘toys containing paint’] that contain a total lead in any component part of the item that is more than 0.004% (40 parts per million) but less than [300 ppm].”

    More info is here:

  86. Just did. Will see if anyone has a clue as to why??? May take a while to find a competent employee? hee hee

  87. I was wondering about lead and other problem metals that had been reported in the news esp. from Claire's. Means maybe JC kids jewelry is not the best....or not but since they don't know for sure....As an IL native glad to see IL is cracking down for our kids sakes.

  88. Cheesygoodness,
    I know what you mean about the ruffles. I debated over the Kelsey ruffle top-- when I got it then I discovered mine was defective...The buttons are all wonky. Now sold out in my size and color.
    However, I did like my Annalise. Itdoes have a lot of ruffles that are very full though.

  89. Hexicon, I think the neopolitan skirt is an ivory base with tones of dark grey, lavender and salmon. Interestingly, I think the cardigan in the same print reads more brown than grey.

    As for fit, I tried on both the neopolitan and the unagi, and in both I took size 4, which is the size of most of my J. Crew skirts. The 2 fit in both, but was pretty snug and although the SA commented that they would stretch out because of the cotton content, I wasn't comfortable in the 2. I do have some J. Crew skirts that are size 2, but the majority are 4 so I would say these two skirts run pretty TTS.

    By the way, the strapless dress I referred to in my earlier post is called Watercolor Potpourri Ames Dress. It is not available online or in the catalogue, and is in limited quantities in select stores according to my personal shopper. Apparently they didn't make a lot of them.

  90. Like others, I was underwhelmed when I looked at the new arrivals this morning. There are a few items I'm interested in though. I love the blume ballet flats! And, the crystal colletto necklace looks so pretty - can't wait to see it IRL. I have been in a purple mood for quite a while now and I am hoping that the skimmer in violet dust works (cuz it could be bad to have a lavender pant :D). I love their knit dresses and I am very interested in the Lena isle dress - I may have to order it soon. :)

    I love the watercolor print, but I can't wear a 15.5" long skirt and I can't (and won't) buy a $450 coat. Oh, well, I am hoping for something in store that will work for me that is reasonably priced. Not a strapless dress, but maybe the scarf.

    I'm heading down on Saturday and hope to try on many of the new items just to see how they work and fit. If the violet dust skimmer is good, I've already decided that I'm buying it.

  91. Wow, are they saying the jewelry has that bad metal in it? I'm so not on board with that. They need to provide more information on that.

    I really like quite a few things in this roll out and have already place a couple of orders today but the jewelry, I want to know.

  92. As for that leather sequin dress (27346) that's $1800 friggin dollars... there's only 4 left in stock. And the medium is completely sold out. So someone out there has the money to buy it!

  93. The model featured in the Collection spread is disgustingly skinny. In look 18/23, her ankle looks like it's going to snap off. 8/23 and 13/23 are really bad, too. JCrew used to have beautiful, healthy, natural looking models. blagh.

  94. I'm loving the new catalog set in Portugal...was there over ten years ago...loved it.

    The color palette is kind of bland but I do like the pops of corals/pinks in some of the accessories. There are few things I would like to try on but my B&M carries so little so will see.

    Thanks for the info on kids jewelry. I try to stay away from metal parts for my DD since I know she'll likely put it in her mouth. Now I know I should not get her any more of CC jewelry with exposed metal parts.

  95. I never love everything in a new rollout, but I certainly didn't feel let down this time. I went through the entire catalog at work today and there were a few things that I clicked on to inspect a big closer on the jcrew page. As many of you have said, some things I can wait for a promo...I have done it before so I can hold out on some things again. Speaking of which, I just received a jcrew delivery today --1 of 3 sale purchases. I received the salmon vintage double serge coat and the pleated paulette top. Both are items that I eyed last year but wasnt willing to spend the dineros. The paulette top was a popback and I lucked up on that one. I am very PLEASED with both.

    And to indulge my habit even more, I received my $75 rewards card which will probably be spent tomorrow evening at the Pentagon City location. There is a little something that my friend put together, so I'm going to check out the associates over there...this will be my first time at that location so if anyone is in the area please stop by. I think I am going to wear my vintage double serge jacket so I will be noticeable. :-)

  96. The Bisbee satchel caught my eye, but I can tell based on the photo with the mannequin that the bag is huge. Why does J Crew insist on making ginormous sized purses?

  97. I don't know if it's I or J Crew that has changed, but I really like this rollout.

    The colors aren't as brilliant as in the past, but I find a lot to like--I like the wool/cotton Jaspe shirts, the Bomber Jacket, the colorful belts, the oxford-style shoes, and the scarves.

    I can do without all the ruffly stuff.

  98. This has nothing to do with the new rollout, but I thought I'd give you ladies a try since I'm among fashion friends here. :) I'm in the market sometime in the next few months for a women's tux. Who makes them? (I don't mean the vampy kind you'd find in Victoria's Secret - I mean the cute kind Ellen Degeneres would wear.) Where are they?

  99. As usual, most of the neatest men's shorts are the 11" club shorts, but the 9" Staunton shorts are intriguing. Hopefully they'll come in patterns too.

  100. Loooong day at work and I finally got a chance to peruse the new arrivals and the comments here. I have to say that there are several things I like, most of it basics and suiting - surprise, surprise.

    For those who have tried the Neapolitan pencil skirt, is the fabric textured? When I zoom in it looks to be metalasse or at least textured.

    Desert Flower thanks for the sizing info on the Unagi skirt, I will have to pick this up. I have the purple double-serge skirt and love it. I want a summer version. The sepia looks interesting too. I think it would go well with my brown Lulus.

    Tastymoog you made me literally LOL with your ankle comment. You would probably do the same if you saw me. I wear a size 4 skirt/pant and my ankles are so small I can put my thumb and middle finger around them and touch. I have heard the "they will snap off" comment before myself. Nothing I can do about it though, it's a family trait.

    Jenny the ginormous purses are definitely on the way out and more reasonable sizes, even tiny purses are on the way back. It's about time, I say. Good for our backs, shoulders, necks, etc.

    No catalog at my home in Canada yet but I always get them so I'm sure it's coming. Loving the Portugal theme on this one.

  101. IT about the collection spread model; way too skinny.

    And speaking of "Friends," some of the crazy item names remind me of Rachel's "apartment pants". WTH are "curator pants"?

  102. Rae: Re. women's tuxes...Jil Sander (for Uniqlo), Dolce and Gabbana, and has a cute Calvin Klein one! :)

  103. XOXO, the neopolitan skirt is textured. It's kind of got little raised dots as part of the weave. The dots have some sheen. It's hard to describe. Really pretty!

  104. I managed to find a few gems that I had to order- Rewards card came and went!
    I ordered the Black Blossoms cardi and the Scalloped Zipper cardi- (Jcrew cardigans are my uniform at work) & the Vintage Silk scarf in lilac (reminds me of a liberty print) I must say that I usually love J crew jewelry but am disappointed that everything has a bow or some sort of gold fringe hanging off of it??? Still loving my Libretto from last season!

    Bravo J crew for extending the sale! I have managed to pick up some very desired 'popbacks'-most excited about the Paulette, the Camino in dusty rose and my colleens (thanks Jbird for the push:) Not to mention way too many crewcuts items for my daughter-eek.

  105. love2shop4bags:

    I have the tie front top in the cream color. it's very very soft. When I first got it, I thought it would be see through, but it's not. also it's a jersey fabric and in my opinion has a nice drape. I think it runs big, I wear a size 12 in perfect shirts, and I got this in a Medium and it fits well and slightly loose.

    I wore this top just this week, tucked into a pencil skirt with a v-neck cardigan. I left the "tie" part hang out from the cardigan and it was super cute.
    I think it's worth it. It's not super unusual so that you can wear it often and in different ways without it being super noticeable that you're wearing the same top over and over.

  106. Just got back from the store. Got the neopolitan skirt.

    It's a textured fabric and it's 73% cotton and 27% silk. I think it's either TTS or runs smaller. I got a size UP from the perfect pencil skirt. The skirt is longer than other pencil skirts. I didn't need the perfect pencil hemmed, but I will have the neopolitan hemmed.
    The neo skirt is also lined.

    I know someone was asking about colors:
    it's got a dark charcoal, a dusty violet (in the online photo this looks greyish-violet, but i think it's more violet in person, but still dusty violet, hope that makes sense...), cream/white, sepia color

  107. Also - I tried on the merino linen long cardigan. It certainly is long. I'm 5'2" and this covered my butt and then some. I wear a size 12 in perfect shirts and I could button this cardi in a size M. The sleeves were loose/baggy on me too.

    For the fabric, it's thin and the buttons are too heavy for the more delicate fabric so that when I first saw the cardi the buttons were droopy looking like they could fall off.
    I didn't get this. It just seemed too fragile. If it were slightly more substantial I would have purchased it and rolled the sleeves up.

  108. I love the new sepia skirts...they look like my two wool perfect pencils and I was lamented how I couldn't wear them in warm weather and I'm so happy J.Crew has made a light-weight version! Some of the pastel colors are also pretty...they improved from the totally washed out colors of last spring (09). And I am glad they made a matchstick jeans without holes! I love the new matchstick jeans as I have the others and they are so flattering on.

    I just checked out the bikinis in the catalog and I started laughing at some of the places J.Crew decided to stick bows on!!! What were they thinking?

  109. The wool flannel schoolboy blazer in pearl grey went up from $188. to $198. Interesting.

  110. I'm just "eh" on the new stuff... which is probaby for the best as my credit card could use a break. I do love that swiss dot square neck top though. Will def. have to go looking for that at the B&M. And what is up with all these skinny pants!? They can't look good on most ppl right? They sure don't look good on me! Everytime I look at the sales rack, they're full of skinny pants but they just keep bringing them back. And their "bootcut" jeans are just skinny jeans.

  111. I bought the black blossom shorts that I love love love and am probably going to wear all weekend (I think the model is wearing way oversized shorts in the picture, in real life they are only 5" long and fit really well). Also got the Gabriella dress (excellent beach cover up) in the store. I ordered some swimsuits in the new colors about 5 seconds after the website was updated yesterday. I couldn't buy any of the winter stuff, so I'm glad spring collections are finally here! Now if only there were more 100% cotton sweaters or earrings that weren't the length of my face...

  112. Things I loved: the white wool scarf with silver polkadots and ballet flats in black leather w/ white capped toe (not part of new roll out). Woo me, J.Crew, woo me. I am underwhelmed.

  113. I went to the store tonight and tried on the Neopolitan skirt. I have to agree with most of the comments. It's really pretty. It is not too heavy and has a dot-like texture. I took a 0 in the perfect pencil skirt and would buy a 0 in this skirt but it is fitted. It is a bit longer in length but not as long as the tweed skirts in the winter were. I didn't buy it because I went into the store thinking they were holding one of the watercolor potpourri dresses for me. I called yesterday and described the dress in detail from Vanessa's blog. They said they had it...long story but not even close to the same dress. The SA couldn't find a store with it and on the red phone they said that it was sold out already but would search for me. Really strange.

    I bought the Andre Super 120s dress in navy (on red phone) and will probably buy the plum if they can't find the potpourri dress for me. Retail on the potpourri dress is $148 according to red phone person.

  114. I'm not dying for anything in the new rollout. There are some pretty things, including a cotton poplin one-shoulder sheath that seems to be in-store only. I saw it in lilac and black. $128 Style number is 22975. I do love the sparkly flip flops :) My PS pulled the scalloped zip sweater for me, and it was cute on, BUT it's dry clean (I like to wash) and the edges of the silk ruffle are unfinished. I'm afraid they're going to be a frayed mess after one wearing. The ruffle was caught in the zipper of the one I tried on. Kinda ruined it. Apparently it's flying out the doors anyway.

    On the other hand, I am really happy extra30 is still going on, because I am popback stalking. Maybe tonight will be my night! My word verification is "sucker" Ummm, what does that say for my chances?!

  115. I really like the Bass penny loafers, but I'm not foolish enough to pay a premium for buying them at JCrew when they're available cheaper at virtually every shoe store. I really like androgynous looking shoes, but I think I have more than enough right now. I just bought a pair of Bass dirty bucks and a pair of tan/brown saddle oxfords a few months ago and I've barely worn either of them yet.

  116. mommydearest - I am popback stalking too! does anyone know when the sale section has been updating? As of right now it looks like it hasn't yet correct?

  117. Seems to happen about 7:30 EST but lately have noticed it happening around 8:20 EST

  118. Leah, I think I am getting the strapless dress (from Vanessa's blog). My personal shopper says she has hunted one down for me. We'll see. If the item number helps you at all, it is 22356. It's called the watercolor potpourri ames dress. Apparently available in select stores only.

  119. website has updated with a few things:)

  120. Went crazy with the extra 30 and my rewards.. eep. Tons of knits I'd been wanting popped back this morning and I snagged them el-cheapo. I also happened to grab that frances heart patterened ruffle cami too.. not sure it is "me", but it has intrigued me since it came out, so I figured it was worth a shot. I've seen a couple reviews of this, but anyone buy this and love/hate it or get compliments/confused stares?

    I'm kind of interested to try the new spring Celosia cardis, the originals were a bit, er, much for me personally, but the collar looks a bit toned down on the new editions...

  121. Rewards card finally came so I splurged on a hydrangea cashmere shawl popover in hydrangea. I finally got this color - after 3 months LOL! DH was laughing because I didn't even make it 4 weeks into my JC ban...

    I think the spring arrivals are pretty, but usually spring arrivals don't have me as excited as fall/winter. Nothing on my "must have" list this time around. Must be the color palette. DH noticed a lot of nice additions to the men's collection (the Alden boots, for one).

  122. I was super duper excited to see the blakely dress on sale for $49 plus 30% off...yay!!! i bought it in two different colors but they were sold out when i decided to get one for my sister. but still super excited.

  123. Molly,
    While I did not like the solid color Frances cami at all, I just got the heart print one and I LOVE it. FYI: I returned the Kelsey b/c I just liked it as well as the Evie that I got at the same time. But I LOVE the heart frances so kept it. I mean one can only own so many JCrew camis and I think the heart one is subtle and pretty and unique with lots of possible wear/color combos.

  124. I stopped by the store today at Copley Place in Boston, which is reputedly the city's top shelf B&M, and they had almost the entire spring collection in stock.

    Now, when these things went live online this week I cozied up first thing in the morning with my cup of coffee and spent an hour or so loading up my virtual shopping cart with dozens of gorgeous items in multiple colors. I do love the styling in the catalogs when it's not senseless with overdone layers.

    The Lisbon shoot looked lovely, but I can't help byt wonder how much it costs to fly the whole crew and models over there, put them up in what I imagine were not budget locations, spring for 10 cases of roses (or whatever that over the top number was they brag about in the companion web feature), etc. - and subsequently whether any of that cost is getting passed down to us as shoppers.

    J.Crew's prices have definitely gone up and the quality of some items has gone down. (Last summer I fell in love with the drapey tissue tees in lovely colors only to have them spring holes, which one store employee suggested is a cool look.)

    In any case, I went to see the items live this afternoon and left with more than $300 worth of purchases:

    - Whip-snake Belt (23283) in papaya and beechwood, both size M

    - the gorgeous Crosshatch Pencil Skirt (21520) in pewter Size 6
    **extremely flattering fit**

    - the Suckered Gingham Perfect Shirt (23310) in Wild Blackberry, size 6

    - the Merino Ethereal Ruffle Cardigan (25327) in shadow, size M

    - Enamel Button Painter Henley (23332) in pale blossom, size S.

    - tulle blossom art tea (23429) in pearl (the flaming pink) size m
    **love this with shades of gray**

    I did some damage, and could easily have done more. I'm in love with the French Sailor String Bikini with neon ties. I would also have bought painted poppy art tea and the ethereal ruffle cardigan in the pale pink color.

    A salesperson told me that there are already wait lists for some colors of the ethereal ruffle cardigan.

    As for some reviews, I tried on, liked, but didn't get "the feeling" about:

    - the Black Blossom Brenna Short
    - Stretch double-serge pencil skirt (odd seams in the back, very hip-hugging)
    - tissue tier tank (great colors but unflattering at the waist, sort of adds midsection bulk)

    Things I loved in the catalog but did not see in the store:

    - Celosia cardigan
    - pixie pant
    - Merino linen camp cardigan
    - an art tea that I loved online in this gorgeous bright yellow floral design but which is inexplicably and completely gone from the website now

    Sigh... Yeah, I agree with those of you who think there are too many ruffles (inlc. the tissue rosette bouquet tee), but they're still doing an intoxicatingly great job with the things they do best. I like pops of color, not sure how they'll look on me without a professional stylist. I give the collection a B+ overall.

    **Oh, forgot to mention that I use Lancome products, I'd ordered the Chris & Tell lip color Jenna raves about in her pics this month, and it arrived today. WARNING: It's NOT a natural looking color at all. I envy those who can wear it well. On me it looks a bit like zinka. Remember that stuff? Neon colors, circa the 80s, much like some of the new hues in the spring collection...

  125. I just don't understand. I am a big JCrew fan and thought everyone else was on this blog, but all I read is negative comments. It's getting old. Yes, they will charge for shipping, just like any company. And styles change, as will J.Crew! I am seeing more style than ever. Better quality, cooler fabrics. Better everything! Am I the only one?!?

  126. You're right, SarahT. I hope my comment right above yours wasn't too negative. I wanted to post some thoughts on the new collection, having just been to see it in person.

    I was frothing at the mouth, really, and loved nearly everything I saw. Just walking into the store and seeing all that color was such a pleasant invigoration in the midst of a cold, gray New England winter.

    I'm loving looking over all my new clothes, and the catalog - oh the catalog.

    I was also anxious to post about the Chris & Tell lip color, not meaning to sound negative, but really to give some feedback on how the color looks on a non-model.

    I have fairly dark red lips, so I think the color would definitely look better on women with pale natural lip tone. The Lancome promotion is with Saks Fifth Avenue only, so one needs to call the nearest Saks counter and put one's name on a waiting list to get it. But the warning in the new Jenna's Picks - "run, don't walk" - is prudent.

    The color arrived at the Boston Saks yesterday and they have only 30 tubes. I think this color will go quickly and be very hard to find after a few more days, unless they add it to Lancome's permanent collection. It certainly goes well with the exuberant, bright colors in J.Crew's spring rollout.

    In all, I want to stress that I really love what J.Crew is doing these days. I've been wearing their clothes since I was in 8th grade back in 1992, and they've come so far and changed so much since then. I still have an ankle length, army green, button front rayon skirt with an odd print, and pair of khaki pants that button just below my rib cage, both circa the mid-90s!

    But even back then I remember that J.Crew was different than everything else out there.

    These days I love the mix of feminine and function. I think it's fantastic that they're staying true to the brand's signature style while experimenting with fun trends.

    One thing I love so much about J.Crew's clothing is that even though it's grown in popularity, and many more people are wearing it, the clothes leave room for personal interpretation and arrangement much more than some of the other big women's brands.

    In any case, you're right to point out that this is a blog for fans. That said, I think it's fair to provide realistic, constructive feedback from time to time.

    Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. Thanks, Alexis, for all the fresh content! Must be pretty time-consuming!

  127. Molly, are you talking about the $250 silk tafetta Blakely dress? It was on sale for $49?? Wow!!

    Can anyone comment on the superfine cotton? There are a number of suiting pieces I would love to try since I live in Arizona and they would be perfect during the summer. I'm wondering how well they hold up over a day, wrinkle wise. Any comments?

  128. Desert Flower I have the superfine cotton suiting from last year and it is really comfortable, wrinkle factor is about the same as wool, maybe a bit better and it is machine washable. I have ordered the skirt and pants in gray and will let you know if it is the same as last year. The fabric was really great. Although 100% cotton the weave indeed provides some stretch that snaps back better than lycra. The finish is very professional, it looks like fine wool.

    SaraT and Shannon, Alexis clearly states that this is a blog for "all aspects of J.Crew", not just for rave reviews. The advice on color, fit or quality is very valuable, especially for those who shop exclusively online. That said, there are plenty of positive comments throughout this post as well as posters referring to IRL photos on other blogs of items they tried and many even bought so I don't know how you consider this all negative. If I want to read only glowing product descriptions I'll just read the copy on the J.Crew website, thanks.

  129. Thanks, Captain Crew! I am going to order a few of the superfine cotton pieces and give them a try. J. Crew is one of the few stores that offer lightweight suiting and when temperatures get well above 100, I will appreciate cotton!

  130. I just want to add a quick two cent....I love jcrew, and you will hardly ever hear me say a negative word...unless something was just really bad quality. I do take a lot of the negative comments lightly, as I know everyone has their own personal style, limitations, size, etc. BUT there are many times, where it actually helps me make a decision to purchase. For example, months ago one of the aficionados reviewed the vintage double serge coat, said that it appeared to big on her short frame, didnt like the belt because it was too high, etc....well for me I read all of those things as positive attributes because I am 5'7 and that would be a perfect coat for me. I normally wear a Tall 2 in coats but this style had no Tall, but it appears they made the sleeves a bit longer than their average which may not suit a shorter person but suits me just fine. I caught the coat on sale with the extra 30% off and am loving it! So please consider the source everyone, one person's negative comment may be a different experience for yourself. Just to add, I went shopping with my friend yesterday at b&m and most of their clothes do not fit her properly so she tends to shop more at BR--not that BR has better styles, etc..but just simply because it has more stretch in their clothing and that accommodates her hips and small waist. On the other hand, my shape is very proportioned and I am tall so I do just fine with most JCrew styles...and that is not the case for everyone.

  131. Just received several final sale items, including the Ryder Tote in Shadow. Can't decide if it's navy or dark gray, but either way it works. Depends on the light I suppose. Really nice oiled leather and lots of pockets. This bag is huge! I commute by train here in L.A., so this bag is perfect - holds everything I need to get through the day. The handle drop is sufficient to put over the shoulder, so the removable strap seems kind of dumb - went right in the closet. Also got several bling button cardigans, and they are very lightweight (perfect for SoCal evenings) - also run a tad large. I may order more in the next size down and keep these as well.

  132. CaptainCrew: Your line of "If I want to read only glowing product descriptions I'll just read the copy on the J.Crew website, thanks." made me laugh out loud. Well said.

    As for this discussion, I think one of the benefits of this blog is that JCAs post their honest opinions about items. It is great to read reviews- both the good and the bad. I remember GigiOfCa had a post about the Teegan Blouse & how it didn't work for her. But her review is actually what made me give the blouse a second look and to get it in both the Black & White versions.

    As for this blog being along the lines of "all negative"... it is not true. As CaptainCrew stated, there are plenty of positive reviews too. (And the comments here seem to me, to look the same as the ones on J.Crew's FaceBook page, another site that loves J.Crew.) It's like the half full / half empty cup, you see things how you would like to. Lastly, the great thing about blogs in general is you have the option to skip comments & posts that you do not care for. :)

    I love J.Crew and for the past few years I have been shopping exclusively there (no Gap, no BR, no Nordstroms for me now). I have no plans of taking my money anywhere else. I also look forward to seeing what new items they roll out, which always seems to get my attention (& money!) ;)

    Have a great weekend everyone! :)


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