Tuesday, January 5, 2010

J.Crew's 7th Sample Sale Coming Soon {yey?}

ClothingLine (click here) will be hosting yet another J.Crew sample sale in NYC. This sale will run the week of January 18th. For the event's days/hours, view the image below (click here to view it larger).

From the looks of it, this latest sample sale will be similar to the last sample sale (refer to "J.Crew's 6th Sample Sale Starts Today! :)" post). That means lots of footwear in all sizes for Men and Women.

I went to the first and last sample sale and found both to be a disappointment. It was not worth the train ride into the city for items that were dirty and more expensive than stalking an item on sale online. With all that said, if I lived or worked near the area and nothing to do for an hour, I would totally stop by. ;)

The location for the event is:
Clothingline | SSS Sample Sales
261 W 36th Street
(between 7th & 8th Ave)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Will you be attending this latest sample sale? If you are, please let us know! What are your thoughts (in general) on these Sample Sales? :)


  1. I am no where near NYC, but I love the new layout!

  2. I will wait for another JCA's report before venturing out to the latest sample sale. They don't sound like they've been very impressive.

    Yes, Alexis, the new layout is really pretty! And it loads faster on my iphone too ;)

  3. I also LOVE the new layout! Well done!

    Review time (just a quick one):

    Madewell Sweatshirt Sweater (24821) - this appears to be sold out online, but I'm confident they'll be back (from returns). I got a small and it fit fine through the shoulders and bust, slouchy like the Jaspe sweatshirt, but the bottom hem has a thick, tight elastic band that was too tight on my hips. The material was very thin (kind of like the bling button cardigan) and somewhat itchy. There was very little shape to the top - you know when you've had a long sleeved tee for a while and after a bunch of washes the body looks square, and the sleeves aren't clearly defined? That's what this looked like out of the box - not quite like the online picture. This will be going back.

  4. I had really good luck with boots last time around so I will probably go again. I scored a pair of the Metropolitan Suede Booties for $99. Mostly the clothes are not worth it to me.

  5. just got my Holiday Catalog in the mail with worthless free shipping code! They seem to come over a month later. If I'm lucky. Isn't it strange they can't get their catalog together when that's how they started out?

  6. OT - I jut got my Fenton-Fallon JC necklace today.
    Eek! I am someone that loves big jewelry, and I can wear heavy necklaces that don't strain my neck. But forget it with this piece, it's sooooo heavy, and garish in person. The crystals look really cheap. Don't like the look in person AT ALL. The silk bows are also very droopy, but you can just clip them off if you want to. Can't imagine who is going to love this necklace at $300. Return it goes!

  7. Happy New Year, Alexis! I LOVE the new layout..it is SO CLEAN..like a fresh take on a new year and easier on the eyes:)

  8. I'll actually be visiting the city that week.... but after going to the very first one last year, I think I'll pass. If we just happen to be in the area and there is no line... then it wouldn't hurt to take a peek, but mostly I would just be looking at jewelry.

  9. I live in Manhattan, but I doubt I'll bother with it. It's so freaking cold out that I don't want to make any unnecessary trips.

  10. Love the layout! Makes me think Spring is coming soon! :)

  11. Madeline P., MommyDearest, Silver_Lining, Sweetsy, & Kelsey: Thank you so much! I thought it was time to change to a new layout. :)

  12. If anybody goes, I'd be really interested in the oxfords, size 10.5? I've been dying for a pair all fall.

    Let me know!


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