Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Madewell Email: New Year, New Jeans

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the email Madewell sent yesterday.

The email features the Legging Jeans ($95) which is described as "traditional denim details meet soft, stretchy leggings– so comfy (and cool), you'll want to live in them".

Is it just me or does the price of $95 for these leggings seem outrageous! Almost as outrageous as that Chambray Workshirt (shown in the image above) that costs $68. (As though we couldn't find a similar top at the Goodwill for $3 or for free in our dad's closet.)

The email also reminds us that Madewell is running their "end-of-the-season" sale at local brick & mortar (B&M) stores.

What are your thoughts on the Legging Jeans? Do you like or dislike the style of the Chambray Shirt? :)


  1. IMO jeggings are horrific regardless of the price.

  2. NOT for me. Maybe if you are a teenager.....

  3. Jeggins!

    I read an article on Yahoo about the dangers of the latest trend - skinny jeans. It also included "jeggings," jeans so tight they are like leggings. The article said the danger was that some people are wearing pants so tight it could cause nerve damage.

    read it here:

  4. I was at Madewell over the weekend and tried these on. They are not flattering at all. I think the only reason leggings actually work are because they're black and therefore actually slimming but the denim ones I tried on seemed to show everything. For a trend might be worth trying for $20 but certainly not $95!

  5. Jeanne: You are so right! No matter the price they are pretty bad. ;)

    Heidi: Not for me either. :)

    DinDin: LOL! "Jeggings"- that is a great term I didn't know before! And the article about the health safety of these "jeggings," is simultaneously funny and sad. If pants have a health warning, then I definitely won't be wearing them. ;)

    Tres Tippy: I know what you mean. For a trend garment, why so expensive? :)

  6. Ew, jeggings. I hope they include Monistat with every purchase.


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