Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Darlings, is it time for a J.Crew coupon code?

Yes, it is that wonderful time!

A big "thanks!" to Tiffany Rose, FFM (in this post), as well as Verity (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code SW87B5. This offer expires 1/18/10.

P.S. I have noticed that other blogs & websites post J.Crew codes & coupons *after* this blog does. If you happen to get codes & coupons from the JCA blog & post them at your site, could you please give give a "shout out" to the JCA blog? This way more JCAs are inclined to share. TIA! :)


  1. I'm still waiting for an extra % off and free shipping AND perhaps new markdowns. JCrew is being extremely stingy with the incentives to clear out their online inventory. It's ridiculous that the same items can be almost half the price in the b&m. I'm wondering if prices will actually drop with the new rollout in a couple weeks.

  2. I'm waiting for the cashmere v neck cardigan to get marked down.

  3. I cannot get to any stores right now and the online prices are too high. When I hear about the great deals people are scoring in stores with the additional 30% off--Good for you guys;)it is easy for me to pass buying online....

  4. McShoppy: I agree with you completely. It is silly that an extra % is being offered on sale items in stores, but the same incentive is not being offered to online shoppers. There are at least 2 more sweaters I would order online if they offer an extra % off of final sale items. But until then, I won't budge. I am disappointed in their after christmas/new year sales strategy.

  5. I too am disappointed by another lame promotion, especially because I have my eye on a pair of cords that are sooooo cheap in my b&m but I need petites so as not to pay for tailoring. Oh well, I'm holding out.

  6. Maybe it will be our turn later this week or next to see an extra percent off--but if it isn't at least 30% I won't buy final sale. 20% barely covers shipping so it would need to be 20% and free shipping (with a lower minium--$150is too rich for my blood at current higher prices online and the fact there is not that much that I even want!)

  7. Ladies and Gents,

    I checked the Final Sale site and more items have been added and some prices have been dropped. Here are two items that I bought before Final Sale and LOVE. Way cheaper now.

    Viscose tango tank (I have it in yellow and it is so cute. I get so many compliments on this and its affordable now...guess i should have waited).

    Dressy jersey ruffle sleeve dress (this does run a little big, but i would not order down, just belt it and its darling. This makes a great errand running dress for all seasons. i wear it now with a jackie cardigan and tights...in the summer with flip flops.)

    There are others things, but these two are less than $30 each. A great way to get your J.Crew fix!

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  10. Hi all,

    Sorry for OT - I am in search for my first work suit.

    I plan to go for all 3 pieces - jacket, pants and skirt. It would be most helpful if anybody would be kind to share 1) how JC suits usually fit; 2) the fabric quality (if they wrinkle easily, etc.) and 3) should I go for black or navy or pinstripe?

    For aficionadas in New York, which retail store has the biggest selection of suits?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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  12. There is only one thing I want right now, and a whopping $18 off an $80 sweater in the final sale section is not moving me to buy. I need better incentive to pull the trigger.

  13. I can't believe the wool pique sultana jacket is only $79.99 and hasn't sold out. It's a beautiful piece, very classic and quite well made. I love mine, and I paid full price in the early fall. I wish they had my size in the gold.

    It runs a tiny bit large, so if you're between sizes on jackets, get the smaller one.

  14. Can anyone commend on the Nottingham ankle short booties? Is it TTS? I tried on my regular size and found it to be a little tight... does anyone know if it stretches a bit over time? I finally found it in my size in the store and have it on hold until end of today and am pondering if I should get it since the store can honor the sale price plus 30% off.... appreciate any comments! TIA!

  15. Piggy Bank -

    I own one pantsuit from J.Crew, and a few skirting suits. My favorite is probably my wool gabardine (pantsuit). It's a heftier weight, but it's crisp and looks very polished. I have a wool crepe skirt, and it wrinkles more easily where you sit (on the front).

    As for fit, I got my pantsuit quite some time ago, and I think their sizing has changed a bit since then (moved to more vanity sizing).

    I personally think a black suit is best, especially if you're just getting your first suit. Black is nice and basic, always in style, looks professional, and can pretty much be paired with anything.

    Just my two cents!

  16. Growing My Piggy Bank - I have several J.Crew suits and suiting dresses and unfortunately I don't have the same experience as Jenny so I'm giving conflicting advice.

    I find the wool crepe to wrinkle the least of the wool suits but mine fit quite loosely, which may make the difference. Others have mentioned that wool crepe attracts lint and pet hair but I don't have pets and don't have that problem. The super 120's is my favorite wool suiting from J.Crew. It is very silky, soft and looks more refined than the wool crepe. It wrinkles very slightly and the wrinkles steam out easily between dry cleanings.

    I think your first suit should be charcoal. It's the most versatile since you can mix the pieces as separates with most any other color, including black, navy and gray. It goes easily with most any color of shoes as well and can be a softer look than black near your face, which isn't flattering to everyone, especially in the depths of winter.

    J.Crew has superfine cotton suiting available again this year and it truly lived up to its name IME. Very comfortable cotton, few wrinkles, holds up well and is machine-washable. I wouldn't recommend it for your first suit but keep an eye on the pieces for a great buy if it goes on sale.

    Oh, and thanks for sharing the FS code Tiffany Rose, FFM, Verity and Alexis!

  17. Weighing in on the suit question:

    I love J. Crew suits and recommend them to all my soon-to-be-graduating college buddies. I second ShuLvr's advice that the super 120s suiting is amazing - doesn't wrinkle much and has a feel and sheen that makes it look much more expensive than it is (granted, I only buy on super sale...). I also like the stretch wool suiting because it's four season and is even less wrinkle-prone than the super 120s. Also, stretch = flattering without being slutty.

    I agree that grey is safe, though it can be an unflattering color and comes off as downright drab if not styled appropriately. I'd recommend navy blue for your first suit, with or without pinstripes (both styles are equally formal and mature). Perhaps I'm partial because I live in DC (navy pinstripe = total power suit). Personally, navy looks better on me because it draws out the pink in my complexion (I look positively dead in grey). While navy is not the most versatile color - i.e. can only be worn with a white shirt and black or brown shoes (commence debate on whether black and navy can be paired together), I find this helpful. Interviews are not the time to be showing off your trendy new magenta collared shirt, and navy suiting will quell that urge every time.

    Whatever you do, don't go with black suiting. It screams power-suit (inappropriate for a job applicant) and I know you don't think you have dandruff, but you do. Everyone does. Skip.

    If you're looking to buy now, there might still be some deals at your local B&M. I've seen a solid grey stretch wool suit (pant/skirt/jacket) combo on the sale racks marked down to a reasonable price. I got an absolute steal this December when I grabbed the navy stretch wool suit set (skirt/pant/jacket) for $150. Anyway, it's worth a gander. Good luck!

  18. PiggyBank - I agree with the comments recommending the stretch and super 120's suiting. Either is a good choice and will serve you well for years. I would stay away from pinstripes or any pattern because it will become quickly recognized as your one and only suit. Versatility is key if you only have one.

    As for color I also prefer the coal over navy (although I wear navy with many different tops including magenta, all the time). The risk with navy is that if you are called back for a second interview it may be more recognizable as your one and only suit, especially if you are conservative in wearing it with only a white blouse and the same shoes. Same goes for the office, it could look like a uniform in a big hurry.

    One of my male friends recently asked "Jack", the J.Crew men's stylist about buying a first suit and he recommended charcoal for versatility as well. I guess the best advice would be to try one on in all the colors and see what you like best.

  19. Has anyone else noticed that the glazed pecan color is different from the cord skirt to the matchstick cords? I ordered some of the pants hoping to have the same deep, rich color I have in the skirt. They are like 3 shades lighter! Very disappointing...I wonder if this is happening in other pieces.

  20. Hi Jenny, ShuLvr, Nina and xoxo,

    Thank you all very much for the tremendously useful advice. I will definitely head to my local store and check out all the suits recommendations!

    I initially had my eyes on the super 120s navy pinstripe but will pass. Thanks xoxo for pointing out the memorable impression patterned suits tend to leave.

    Let's hope a 20% or even 30% off all orders is on its way! :)

  21. extra 20% off FS and free shipping with $150 with code extra20.


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