Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Darlings, is it time for a J.Crew coupon code? {about time, fewf!}

Yes, it is that wonderful time!

Our request for a shipping code {of any kind} has been answered by a wonderful JCA. A super big "thanks!" to Rhiannon who was kind to let us know that J.Crew is offering free shipping on orders of $150+ with promo code SRC51Y. This offer expires 1/25/10.

Who knew I could get so excited over a free shipping code with a relatively high minimum of $150+? ;) But when codes are scarce, as in no other codes are out "there", this one looks pretty, pretty good. :)

P.S. I have noticed that other blogs & websites post J.Crew codes & coupons *after* this blog does. If you happen to get codes & coupons from the JCA blog & post them at your site, could you please give give a "shout out" to the JCA blog? This way more JCAs are inclined to share. TIA! :)


  1. Yeah for a code.(I won't be using it but yeah anyway:)

    OT: Women's Sleeves Poplin Shift Dress at landsend canvas line looks JUST like the JCrew Deco dot dress (minus the dots) from 2008) Really cute in navy or tan.

  2. Love you Rhiannon! (And agreed Alexis -- who knew I could get so excited about so little??)

  3. I should have pulled the trigger this morning...arrgh.. all the items in my cart are sold out. Good for my wallet.

    Thanks for sharing the code though!


    Bought stuff this morning and paid $14.50 (ugh)

    Why isn't there free shipping for Jcrew card holders?

  5. ITA that JCrew should offer free shipping for card holders (like BR). I'd order a lot more if I didn't have to pay the outrageous shipping.

  6. Completely agree re: shipping. Their tiered shipping cost structure makes zero sense and definitely makes me think twice before I order when I shop on the site. I find myself waiting for shipping promotions and then by the time one shows up in my inbox I don't feel like buying anymore. Not to mention the fact that over a year later I am still having problems with their website on a fairly regular basis.


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