Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Madewell Email: Our latest tee

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the email Madewell sent yesterday.

The email features the Slouch Pocket Tee ($38) which is described as "we've created the tee of our dreams: incredibly soft and fluid, with a flattering, drapey fit.". For $38, that is one pricey "simple" slouchy t-shirt!

The email also reminds us that Madewell is running their "end-of-the-season" sale at local brick & mortar (B&M) stores.

What are your thoughts on the Slouch Pocket Tee? Do you like or dislike the drapey style? Are you a fan of Madewell's t-shirts? :)


  1. OT - site is just updated, along with the Fallon necklace.

  2. I bought the silk version of this Madewell tee and it is very pretty. Also bought the burnout ex-boyfriend tee and got a lot of comments on it. Looks kind of daring with the burnout, but it's more illusion than anything as you can't really see through it.

  3. Eeek - the strategic placement of the drapey pocket looks like a wardrobe malfunction to me.

  4. I don't mind a relaxed fit, but I think the pocket tipped the shirt over into "kinda sloppy" territory. I wear relaxed clothes and would have to put on some form-fitting pants to balance this. Pass.


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