Saturday, December 19, 2009

J.Crew Anchors Down {with expensive cuteness!}

"Thanks!" to Nicco, the Designer & Founder of Nauti & Co., who shared some exciting news about his recent partnership with J.Crew over at his blog (click here).

The "Martini Anchor Set" from Nauti & Co. is now being sold at J.Crew's Mens Shop in SOHO (484 Broadway, NYC). However, this Anchor Set isn't the type you throw away. Oh, n-o! The h'orderve pick is made of .925 sterling silver. As for the cost, the six anchor set is priced at... wait for it... $299! (That doesn't even include tax.)

Although the price tag is {way, way, way} out of my price range for six h'orderve picks, it is a super cute design! ;) Here's to hoping that it comes out in the plastic version (which is more my price range), so I can get some. :)


  1. Fiona: I totally thought about that spelling! :) However, over at Nauti website, he had it as "h'orderve pick" so I went with it. ;)

  2. nicco is awesome. good friend from highschool and very talented. :)


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