Friday, December 25, 2009

Extra 20% Off Final Sale {& free shipping}

A big "thanks!" to many of you, including GigiOfCa (in this post) & MommyDearest (in this post), who let us know about another offer from J.Crew.

J.Crew is now celebrating the HOLIDAYS by offering customers 20% off any purchase {no minimum} and free shipping {on $150+} with promo code EXTRA20. This offer is good through 1/3/10.

It is worthwhile to point out the following fine print of this promo: "Free shipping applies to orders of $150+ after 20% discount on sale items and before shipping, handling and taxes are added". {A bit sneaky here, but by now we are use to it.} ;)

Happy Holiday Shopping!!! :)

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Are there any sale items you are interested in getting?


  1. I was up for the flip and it went to 900+ items. They need to get their warehouse dept & IT in sync. At lest 80% of the items I clicked on provided the "We're sorry..." message.

    I made a comprehensive list of links to posts w/irl pics & reviews of items on final sale. Good luck & hope you are able to find things you like. I ended up at Sephora (EXTRA to save an addt'l 20% on sale items) and Anthro (thanks Roxy/Effortless Anthropologie & Kim/Anthroholic & their readers for great info!) to try some things.

  2. is anyone having difficulty using this code? dreaded insomnia has kept me up for hours, so decided to put in a few orders as the items trickled in--oddly enough, i seem to have free shipping in my acct still, however once i entered the EXTRA20 code, the discount was taken but shipping was added on! my orders were most definitely over $150 after reductions...grr! frustrating! i placed the orders anyhow b/c those popbacks disappear all too quickly, but customer service best be refunding me those shipping charges when they return to work saturday morning!
    a very happy holiday to all! alexis, thanks for keeping us up to jc date!

  3. hey gigi, thanks for that list--great work and hope you're feeling better!
    i entirely agree-i too was awake the sale section updated but not the actual inventory--very annoying! however, as of the last 15-20 min, most things seem to have been fully updated (tho items are selling out now--who knew others couldn't sleep on xmas morning?!)

    hope you found some good deals on your shopping trip!

  4. Stefanie - I am doing better. Thank you :-). Still not out of the house yet and probably not for 4 or 5 more days. I was online at Sephora & Anthro.

    You're right -- the J Crew site populated many of those items w/at least one available in a size...I.e. merino ethereal cardi in buff pink. Overall there's nothing I have to have so I'm ok.

    Oh - about the code. Perhaps they are putting the free shipping as a part of the "promotion" total. Check the math.

  5. ah--gotta love the ease and comfort of online shopping! glad you're on the mend though, gigi!

    thanks for the tip--thought of that as well, and while math isn't always my forte, i checked, rechecked, then checked again--they definitely added shipping to each order, even though each order was $150+, post reduction.

    sigh..emailed CS and cc'd my online PS, so hopefully this will be resolved on saturday...shipping on 4 orders is a chunk of change! oh, JC, the problems i ensue b/c of you...but i still have love for ya!

    crawling back to bed now...i'm finally tired!

  6. hello fellow insomniacs,
    it's not a thing to be happy about (someone having insomnia), but may i just say i'm so comforted to have company in that dreadful department. off to peruse jc it is now.

    merry christmas all - i hope the many blessings of the season find their way to you and yours pronto.

  7. Gigi, thanks so much! That list was very helpful :)

    I ended up getting just one thing--the pinstripe navy skirt--because I knew it wouldn't be there long. Hated to pay shipping, but also didn't want to spend three times the amount of the one skirt to get fs :)

  8. I bit! Terra Paisley dress, Annalise cami in 2 colors, finally caught the silk/cotton strapless top in my size, and also picked up the ikat skirt and the frosted jacquard skirt in rose gold. Also some miscellaneous belts and things. I still have free ship too, Stef! Mine worked though. I hope the CS folks fix their mistake and refund your shipping.

  9. Hehe I got a gift card in my stocking so while Hubby makes breakfast I bolted to the laptop and immediately obtained the Dolce shawl-collar popover in dark charcoal and a Sherpa Hoodie (love that longer length) in the buff pink. YES. Happy shopping!!!

  10. Stefanie,
    I guess I may know why the code EXTRA20 didn't work for you. When you check out,there is a place you need to type in CVN number of your credit card (assuming you have a pre-existing credit card number there).You need to input the number on the back of your credit card as CVN number,then type in the coupon code under 'enter promo code'.After that when you click 'update order',the promotion for both 20%off and fs should be taken into account. Happy shopping!

  11. Merry Xmas!
    I thought I was in the clear from J. Crew for at least the remainder of this year - but found myself skimming their site at 7am this morning. Herringbone professor blazer (hoping a 4P fits the same as a 2R with shorter sleeves), Anton cardigan, and assorted knick knacks later ... they've got me again.
    For anyone looking at the tuxedo blazer - sleeves are waaaaay too long and the single button closure hits at low waist, creating a slender but stick straight silhouette.

  12. thanks for the tip, joyce, only, i'm using my jc card which doesn't have a CVN #. i think there was just somehow a glitch in my acct--i checked and rechecked--20% was subtracted but FS wasn't applied (even tho my order was still over $150)
    will have CS fix things tomorrow! merry, merry again to all!

  13. Merry Christmas Everyone! Nothing from the sale for me this morning but I did find some J.Crew under the Christmas tree for me...YAY! I hope you all have a beautiful day and congrats to all those who do get some of the 20% off deals! :)

  14. I done did it again. Not $150 though! I got a few odds and ends but mostly warm-weather bottoms basics like shorts and capris, since I can wear those 3/4 of the year here and I also went on a tops buying spree this year, so I'm short on stuff for my bottom half. I dropped the snowflake gem tee at the last minute. Maybe I will cross paths with it again someday....Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!

  15. Thought about a few things but since it is final sale I passed. I refuse to be stuck with things I don't like or change my mind on and wish I hadn't bought...Have to remember to keep focused. NO FINAL SALE. NO FINAL SALE. That is my New Year's Resolution to not buy JC final sale items.

  16. Hi all,

    I too was lucky enough to recv a gift certificate -- so I skimmed the sales a bit this morning.

    Has anyone else found the FS warning erratic? It seems to be on some items, but not others. For example, the v-neck cashmere sweater is FS, but the crew neck cashmere cardi is not. To quote a now famous blonde... "Wait. Am I on glue, aren't they the same?"

    Also re the free ship. In my exp the free shipping promos are very iffy. Earlier this month I ordered 3 crewcut necklaces for my niece (hoping to get a colour she likes this time). When the sales associate added them all up there was a shipping charge. I pointed out that crewcuts were advertised as freeship. She said that since one of them was on sale, I couldn't double up on the promotions. Weird.

    Anywho, the 20% is tempting... So I think I'll go back & sort through the sale piles some more.

    Hope y'all find something fabulous (& not FS) to wear in the year to come!

    Happy Holidaze,


  17. Hi again,

    Thanks also it Gigi for the list. It does help pare down the list of goodies. I appreciate the time you put into it. Thanks for helping a fellow JCA out.

    Sorry to hear you're ill. I almost always get sick around the holidays. Cabin fever & Christmas are a dreary combo. Hope you can escape the house in time for New Year's day.


  18. I went for a few items, a couple for my husband and a couple for me. I'd put a few things in my cart yesterday and was disappointed to see the ruffled cotton sateen dress was gone today, but I really wanted to wait for a decent code before ordering. It's been quite awhile since I've pulled the trigger on anything, even with all the codes, but all the popbacks put me in the spirit :).

    While ordering, I had a swimsuit for me and a sweater for hubby sell out from my cart, so apparently, many people were shopping along with me. For some reason, I thought I might have been one of few today but not so, lol. Also, thanks for the update because I never did receive the email!

  19. how do these coupon codes work when ordering online? whenever i type them in and press "update order", nothing happens... maybe it's because i'm in canada, and the codes don't work for us??

  20. Lisa,
    Re: tuxedo jacket
    May I ask how tall you are? B/c my sister wants this jacket and she is almost 5'11". Think it would be OK for a tall gal?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas:)

  21. So you have to spend at least $188 in order to get the 20% off to then get to $150 in order to get free ship??? What kind of deal was that. JCrew did offer BEFORE Christmas $150 then 20% off and free ship. NOT the current, lesser offering. Aren't deals supposed to be better after Christmas and this is final sale now too. Why is this any thing great????

  22. I took the plunge. (and unfortunately it was quite a plunge to my credit card) I hope I won't regret it. But I couldn't resist matching cashmere gloves, hat, scarves (in ivory) even though it's FS. I love ivory/creme cashmere during the winter. Only downside is how quickly they get dirty but I'll just have to be a little bit more vigilant with the non-chlorine bleach. :)

    Other items: crushed glitter minaudière, ikat floral skirt, kelsey ruffle top in ivory, perfect fit scoopneck corsage tee in berry, vintage matchstick cord in amethyst. I am definitely going to take some time off from shopping or even browsing JC! But I can't wait to get all my goodies.

    Gigiofca: Thanks for your list! Your pics definitely helped me weed out some items. :)

  23. Hi Genny -

    I'm 5ft 3in, so am petite, but typically purchase a 2R in J. Crew's jackets. The tuxedo jacket was at least 3in too long in the sleeve for me - but it probably would fit a TON better on gal like your sister with some height.

    I think it is still cut a little straight though, to be menswear-ish, so I'd recommend seeing if you can try it on IRL first. Hope this helps?!

  24. Lisa,
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, that is what is wrong with final sale--need to try on things first or maybe get stuck! Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

  25. Gigi - you are just too fab for words.

  26. Any thoughts on the wear of the tiered silk cami. Just received two from the last sale. I am worried about the unfinished fabric. Has anyone had this fray?

  27. I got the Tuxedo jacket and I love it. I usually order Tall sizes in Jackets so the waist isn't too high and the sleeves are long enough. This didn't come in a Tall but fit me well. The sleeve length is good for me - I'm not super tall (not quite 5'8") but I have a long torso and slightly simian arms. It is kind of a straight fit - but I like it.

  28. i looked at the online offerings a few times, put stuff in my cart, and a few hours later they disappeared. which is fine with me, because like many of you i can't get myself to buy final sale online. maybe in store, just maybe, but certainly not without trying, touching, looking - not with the finishing, quality and inconsistent fit issues jc has been having for a while now. and certainly not with high free shipping thresholds.
    i did make a big purchase on the previous 20% off sale. and jc thoughtfully upgraded the shipping to 2 days so i got the BIG box before christmas. that was very nice of them. i'll be looking through everything this weekend and making returns after - which is to say, JCA's hang tight: the picked-over sales sections will be flourishing again soon once returns start coming in. And come in they will.
    p.s. Gigi, hope you feel more spritely by the hour, and raring to go within days.
    p.s. 2: outlets for GAP, BR, AT have some astounding deals this weekend. JC outlet has some decent options, too. If you can, i'd recommend a 'let trip before a regular B&M.

  29. Can anyone comment on the fit of the petite Evie? I read it runs big in general and I'm normally swimming in a 0 so I just ordered the petite 0... I never buy petites, even being 5'3", so I'm curious as to how they run. Please (fingers crossed) don't let it be short and wide! At $16, I could not resist ;)

    I promised myself no more shopping in the new year, at least for a while, and I was trying to start early but then I snagged a few final sale items despite promising myself I wouldn't. Can't wait to receive the Colleen rose flats I've been eyeing for months! I am praying those are true to size - J.Crew shoes on FS is such a no-no and silly me never tried them on at the store because I knew I would've walked out with them at full price.

    Also picked up the Metallic Aran Isle hat in gold (bought the matching scarf at my B&M), 4 of the favorite fit tanks (no new colors in the current collection?), 2 bling button cardis and the Ikat floral skirt which is the item I am most nervous about since I didn't try it on when I saw it at the collection store a few weeks ago. Would love a review on that as well, even if it is too late due to the dreaded FS :) Hoping it's not as hippy as I find most of the pencil skirts to be...

  30. i took advantage of the sale and found some great items! i was able to find these from my local store...hate ordering off line during final sale being that you can't return or exchange.

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