Tuesday, December 8, 2009

J.Crew Clearance Center Warehouse Sale {drool-worthy}

A big "thanks!" to an Anonymous JCA who shared the following {fantastic} news from the Citizen-Times (click here).

J.Crew's Clearance Store in in Arden, North Carolina is having a major sale of "sample-quality items for men, women and children". This event takes place this weekend:

Saturday (10AM to 4PM)
Sunday (10AM to 4PM)

From what I hear, this store is amazing! Just take a look over at DinaGideon's insightful "J.Crew Clearance Center, Arden, NC...It Is as Awesome as it Should Be!!!" post at her My Superfluities blog. The prices and quality of merchandise are nothing like the craptacular sample sales in NYC. The warehouse typically offers very reasonable prices for items, some of which are still in-season. :)

The location for the store is:
J.Crew Clearance Store
1 Clifford Way (off N.C. 191)
Arden, NC 28704

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


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  3. Em: Thank you for sharing! I am so jealous that you can go to both warehouse sales. ;) I hope you score some amazing deals! :)

  4. A couple of notes too:

    I went last weekend and saw the sign for the sale this coming weekend.

    Look at items carefully as some have small defects. For instance, I bought a pair of pants and noticed when I got home there was an ink mark on the leg. No big deal on that one since it will come out in the wash, but check items carefully.

    Also, some items are not as good a deal as you can find in store or online. Mainly refers to accessories and basics, like t-shirts and button downs.

    If you are looking for wedding wear, they had a huge selection. Also a big selection of suiting (pants mostly $30, jackets $60, dresses $50, not many skirts).

    Hope that helps! Would love to be able to go back this weekend!

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Alexis!!! I had such a nice time when I went there...and for you all with kids, they had a tiny basket of toys that my kids just went nuts for. Add to that an awesome staff, and you can bet I was one happy camper.

    Please do watch for defects, though. Only one or two items I picked up had them, but I was like a hawk looking for them.

    But in the end? Two beautiful Winnie Coats for 180 dollars??? Pretty darn special.

    Have fun, Em. I think your offer to look out for stuff for folks is really really cool.

  6. I am going too!! I have always wanted to go, so my husband and I are making a weekend out of it. I am driving all the way from Georgia...so I hope it is as great as I have imagined it would be!

  7. Em - I'm on the hunt for an imperial tee (item 18095) in M and one of those odd silk pleated skirts (item 11653, only came in chamgagne) in 6 or 8 (depends on how it runs), and a pair of those oh-so-cool metropolitan boots (19995), blk or tobacco, in 8.5 (if they run TTS). I'm in California -- way too far away -- if you find either of those items (in decent shape -- no holes/snags/stainage) I would TOTALLY reimburse you. THANKS! denise (at) armstead (dot) com.

  8. I'm going too!!! I just happen to be visiting family in Asheville this weekend. Wow, I got lucky with the timing. Can't wait!

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