Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays! {celebrating w/J.Crew?}

First and foremost... Happy Holidays everyone! It's the time of year where we can spend time with our loved ones and enjoy a fantastic meal (& maybe some gifts!) :)

Per JCA tradition, this post is to find out what everyone is going to wear. I find it really interesting to see what other Aficionadas and Aficionados plan on wearing (and of course it gives me lots of wonderful ideas for future outfits). :) So for this post, what we are planning to wear for the Holidays? :)

My holidays involve being casual, which my outfit for today reflects. I plan on wearing J.Crew's Scottie Glitter-Critter Sweater & Dotted Victoria Ruffle Cami, with a pair of trouser jeans from the Gap.

What are you planning to wear this Holiday? Are you planning to go "head to toe" J.Crew or parts J.Crew?


  1. One of my all time favorite images ever...thank you, Alexis for posting that pic. I own that coat and every. single. time. I wear it, I get compliments.

    As to what I am wearing, I have created two polyvores (natch) are their links:

    Now, how quickly I put the pics up on my blog of them IRL, we'll see...depends on how much eggnog I imbibe. teehee.

    Have a great HOLIDAY, Alexis. Thank you for another great year here at JCA. ;)

  2. See, I am already drinking eggnog. Blegh. :P My stupid polyvore links won't, go ahead on over to polyvore and look for "dinagideon" under members (I am the only one--shocker), and then you should see the sets I created for Christmas (they are named Christmas Eve and Christmas--real original). That is, if you all want to. Polyvore isn't for hubby makes tremendous fun of me for my "paper-doll" habit. ;)

  3. Xmas Eve at MIL's: Hazelnut reindeer tee with my 06 chocolate velvet pants, 07 espresso satin peep-toes, amber Siren necklace and 08 Tartine cardi.
    Xmas Day at my house with my dad: Dijon silk streamers top and cinnamon pencil skirt with 07 espresso high Melrose boots and 08 Melanie cardi.
    Boxing Day movie at home with DH and friend: Chocolate matchsticks and the reindeer tee again!

    Did I mention that my Xmas dishes and decorations are chocolate, amber, and gold? :-)

    Happy holidays everyone!

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!

    My Christmas plans are up in the air due to an ice storm hitting my area this weekend I will not be able to get home so it might be just JC pjs for me.

  5. We're celebrating on Christmas Eve and I'll be wearing the sequin ruffle tissue tank in black, the sequin pocket cardi in black, and black and white tweed trousers from Loft. On Christmas Day, I'll just be hanging around the house, so I'll probably have on an old Christmas sweatshirt and sweats. Comfort reigns! :D

  6. I haven't planned my outfit yet but I'm sure it'll be J.Crew.

    FYI - for all us West Coasters who miss out on the early am update, the women's sale section went up to 950 items around 1am Pacific today.

  7. My outfits:

    Christmas Eve:
    08 Snowflake Tee
    Ethereal cardi in Pewter
    Graphite Matchstick cords

    Christmas Day:
    Hearts Francis cami
    Bling button cardi in Cherry
    Black slim pants from AT
    Black Glenbraes

    Happy Holidays to everyone at JCA and thank you Alexis!

  8. Happy Holidays Alexis and everyone! :)

    I think for Christmas Eve service at church tonight I will be wearing a black pleated chiffon shell and tweed jacket with chiffon detailing that I purchased at Ann Taylor a couple months ago with my charcoal grey Perfectly Pleated crop pants from Anthro and heels. I don't have pics for the AT shell and jacket so no Polyvore for this one.

    For Christmas I plan on wearing one of my new Christmas gifts: either the Pleated Paulette top (gift from DH) with my black perfect pencil skirt from J.Crew. ( click here for the Polyvore), or the Midnight Tweed Mini (another gift from DH) with a white button down shirt, black Jackie shell, black tights and knee boots. Click here for the Polyvore. (Btw, the Pleated Paulette top is stunning IRL, the quality is superb, and the fabric and color are divine. Same with the Midnight Tweed pretty IRL, well made, and an overall exceptional piece.)

    I hope you all have a beautiful, blessed, and very Merry Christmas!

  9. I haven't quite decided what I'm wearing Christmas day yet but I celebrated a little with J.Crew this morning when the Winnie jacket popped back in my size. Snagged it with the FS code posted yesterday - thanks again FabulousFloridaMommy and Alexis for sharing the code! And thank you Lauren S. for the fit advice on the stadium cloth coats in general. So glad I didn't size down, with final sale and all, I would have been bummed if I got the smaller size and the jacket didn't fit. Especially since my regular size popped back today. Yay!

    Shows as sold out already now, sure hope it ships. I really wanted the Winnie but thought I had missed the boat waiting for the lowest price. I love the Friday coat as well but since I have the Winnie now I'll wait for a further reduction on the Friday and see if I get lucky.

    Now, to plan my Christmas outfit and finish packing. I'm traveling 7 hours home today. Wearing navy matchstick cords and a soft pink JC cashmere turtleneck from a few years back. Chie Mihara "Dosha" boots and my candy pink Hurley puffer for the trip.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. Merry Christmas to you Alexis, and to my fellow JCA's!
    For our Christmas Eve I'll be wearing:
    Perfect Pencil in Dusty Blossom
    Sand Glenbrae's
    Vintage Forest Cashmere with silk tie (love this sweater)
    JC pink glass pearls

    Head to toe JC!

    Christmas Day:
    Wool Rosebud Pencil Skirt
    Cashmere scoop neck tunic, dusty blossom
    JC double strand pearls
    Juliet's in dusty rose
    Lady Day in dusty blossom ( gift from DH)

    Oh surprise! Head to toe JC! ;)

  11. I am keeping it pretty casual for the holidays. We go to my mother-in-laws today and the house is crawling with nine thousand kids and dogs. I am wearing some white Crew cami with ruffles on it- I forget the name with my dark charcoal alpaca long cardi (an early gift from Hubby) with some pale grey matchstick jeans and some red satin flats from I think three years ago. Tomorrow Hubby and I are by ourselves all day so I will be sporting my snowflake union suit :) Happy holidays to you all!

  12. Shale Florence tee, ivory toothpick cords & red cardi from a few years ago to run around this morning like a crazy woman doing last minute errands! I'll probably wear the same thing to my buddy's open house this evening.

    Merry Christmas JCA's!

  13. For today, I'm wearing the bijou top and ankle cords in warm maple. For dinner, I'm wearing a simple red silk Anthro dress with the ivory tie-front drapey top (blanking on the name, lol), patterned black tights, and red heels.

    Tomorrow's evening outfit--when we go for dinner at a friends--is all anthro and ATL :)

    Happy Holidays, Alexis! Thanks for creating and maintaining a very helpful and fun blog :)

  14. DaniBP, love the idea of pairing the dusty blossom pencil with the vintage forest sweater. I'm always eyeing that skirt but never sure I'll be able to pair it with anything. But that color combo sounds lovely.

  15. My family is pretty casual on holidays. (Sometimes I wish we'd even dress up a bit more!) so I will probably wear my J crew trouser jeans with a red cardigan that I got at Talbots this year. Happy Holidays!

  16. tonight is more formal for me, so i am wearing
    -a pencil skirt from earlier this fall in a light khaki, with the embossed buttons on either side
    -the all-over sequin tee from ATL in pink
    -a navy JC merino cardigan
    -patterned ATL navy tights
    and likely Uggs - we have to take off our shoes as soon as we hit the door, so no fun for me there!

    tomorrow is more casual at my aunt's, calling for
    -lavender frances
    -matchsticks from BR
    -jackie in burnished olive
    -patent belt in the same color

    I'll post pics here sometime tomorrow or boxing day:

    Merry Xmas everyone! And thanks for maintaining the blog, Alexis!

  17. Happy Holidays Alexis and to all you JCAs! This year for the first night of Hanukkah I rocked a set similar to this one and for Christmas I'll be wearing an outfit close to this.

  18. Today and tomorrow are both pretty casual..but I'm in the crew all the way. Today I'm wearing an ivory Tulle Roses tee, with a cashmere v-neck cardi, trouser jeans and my Abbey spotted cat calf-hair ballet flats.

    Tomorrow, a tissue turtleneck with my flannel ruffle cascade jacket, some jeans, my flora slingbacks, and topping it off with my pearl and chain necklace. :) Merry Christmas everybody!!

  19. Happy holidays, JCAs!

    Today is my daughter's birthday, so she'll have on a CC tee and jeans, with CC stripy knee highs to run around in, and a dress later on TBD. I'll wear the jersey ruffle neck dress in plum, black textured tights, and either black jackie or grey cashmere cardi (depending when the ice storm hits our area, it may be pretty cold.)

    Tomorrow I'm thinking one of the four zillion black jersey dresses I've amassed with the red cashmere cardi from '07, or last years Peyton dress in heather grey with a white oxford underneath, with festive tights and jewelry.

  20. Everybody sounds so darn CUTE - too bad we couldn't have a giant JCA party! :)

    I'm leaning towards:
    Xmas Eve
    Sparkle-plaid Margaret shirt ('07)
    Cashmere cardigan - jalapeño
    5-pocket trouser jeans
    Black heeled boots

    Xmas Day
    Dream turtleneck in Heather Birch ('07)
    Dusty blossom libretto necklace
    Black Minnie pants
    Steve Madden Tuxxedo oxfords

    Happy Holidays, all! Can't wait to hear what JC presents you got (or got for yourselves).

  21. Merry Christmas Everyone.

    Tomorrow I'm wearing the bow ribbon sleeveless shirt with pixie pants and a long black cardigan (with great boots from Lori's in Chi-town). Day after (for a family party), it's the midnight rugby striped silk taffeta belle skirt with a black merino wool t-neck.

  22. Happy Holidays Alexis and Everyone!

    Alexis, I love your J. Crew ensemble- comfortable and classic! The Christmas Catalog pic you posted was one of my favorites. Remember the video?

    I'm in the Midwest for the Holidays and we are mired in a snow/ice storm that caused us to cancel a big dinner we had planned tonight. :-(

    That said, I'll rally to pull something together to celebrate with the relatives with whom I'm staying. There's nothing like J. Crew to pull me out of a Holiday Cancellation Funk. (and I think I spy a little box of something from Lynchburg under the tree... :-))))

  23. I am wearing a black painter tee with the sketchbook roses belle skirt (Fall 2008) black opaque tights and my black patent Tory Burch flats

    Not sure what I will be wearing tomorrow--here's hoping I get some new Crew from Santa! :)

  24. Merry Christmas JCAs!

    I have Polyvores of both but here's a list of what I'm wearing. I'm pretty casual both days.

    Christmas Eve:
    Breeze Evie
    Breeze Jackie
    COH Jeans
    Cole Haan Penny Pumps in Black
    Black Bistro Pants (for church)

    Christmas Day:
    '09 Snowflake Tee
    White Jackie
    COH Jeans
    Cole Haan Penny Pumps in Beige

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!

  25. Pink frances cami and navy blue jackie with matchstick pants for Christmas dinner with the family.

  26. I'm wearing the silver heather soiree cardigan from last fall with a gray lydia cami underneath, plus dark trouser jeans from AT and my silver claudia heels.

    OT, if anyone wants to splurge big for xmas, I was in the collection store today and they had two of the $800 tiered lace camis from the fall--size 0 and 2.

  27. all jcrew + casual for me, at least right now (maybe i'll feel like getting more dressed up later): grey stephanie jersey dress/jumper, olive l/s perfect tee, rust ribbed tights, lt. brown suede boots. ivory cableknit zip hoodie over it when i'm feeling chilly.

  28. For Christmas Day I'm wearing:
    Black Flannel shorts
    Black Tights
    Olive flat boots
    Ivory Frances Cami
    Cashmere Shawl Popover in Jalapeno
    Pearls and Avalanche necklace

    If it stays cold and windy I'll change into my black pixie pants and add the Tissue Turtleneck in Glazed Hazelnut.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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  30. All JC for me too. Christmas eve will be casual with matchstick cords and reindeer tee and puffer vest

    and Christmas day will be more festive with frances cami, sequin shell, velvet jacket, toothpick cords and my favorite shoes -- the metallic lulus!

    And my present to myself was the bright yellow Winnie ... LOVE!

    Thanks Alexis (for ever since I discovered your blog) and FFM, for the free ship code ... that was a nice little gift!

  31. Happy holidays, Alexis and all of you JCA's!! I Love this post, and I've been looking forward to reading all about everyone's outfits.

    My outfits for the holidays:

    Casual Christmas Eve:
    Antler tee in Lt. Amethyst (love this tee)
    Alpaca Long Shawl Cardigan in Fawn
    M + O skinny jeans
    Brown ankle boots by Aerosoles

    Christmas Day:
    Evie ruffled tank in Light Berry
    Bling Cardigan in Bright Olive
    My old dark green wool pencil skirt by Llz Claiborne
    Black tights
    Lt. Gold J. Crew Ballet flats
    Long glass pearl necklace and pearl bracelets (my own creations)

  32. Merry Christmas, Everyone!

    For Christmas Eve, I am wearing sequins - need I say more...

    On Christmas day, I will wearing my silver sand jacquard pants, silk blouse, and heather silver mohair souffle cardi with my silver alessia crackle metallic shoes - and of course, multiple strands of pearls!

    Happy Holidays!

  33. Thanks Lauren S! That dusty blossom pencil is actually really versatile, there are LOTS of color options with it (it's a very beigy-pink). I wore that outfit until this afternoon and then decided to go more "festive". I posted about it a few min ago.
    Happy Christmas Eve!

  34. Stopped in my local J. Crew and they have tons of wool duffle coats in wild blackberry, several icon trenches, and matchstick cords in dark aubergine. If you are interested give the Palo Alto store a call.

  35. Merry Christmas everyone! :)

    Tonight for our midnight Christmas Eve service I'm wearing my Eden blazer in Iris, my outlet snowflake tee, and matchstick cords in warm ochre. Tomorrow I'll be ultra-casual. No fancy outfits :)

  36. Head to toe J crew, but not what you think, he he..

    Here is my Polyvore:

    Merry Christmas to all!

  37. Merry Christmas! I don't really have a party to go to but today for last minute shopping and dinner with the hubby - I wore a tissue circle necklace tee in heather sterling with a merino portland cardigan in champagne. But I did give my hubby his christmas gift tonight - wool university coat. Also to my delight, I just received an email from JC saying that my sherpa hoodie (in ivory) is on the way! I thought it wouldn't ship until February so that was a nice surprise.

    Now, I'm waiting while my hubby is out trying to find a pie pan so I can go ahead and make a pie for tomorrow. :)

  38. I'm snowed/iced in and am not wearing anything special tonight.
    BUT today I received the pink pocket calendar in the mail as a gift for being a great customer. (Although recently I've definitely been more on an Anthro kick, with their free shipping and cute clothes and all.) Thanks, J. Crew!

  39. happy holidays JCAs! Even though I'm lounging around in PJs tomorrow I enjoyed seeing what everyone else is wearing!

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  41. EXTRA20 is back on Final Sale. Good thru 1/3! The usual blurb...

    "All sales final. No exchanges, no returns. Offer valid in J.Crew stores and online only. Does not apply to previous purchases or gift cards. Free shipping on orders shipped via ground shipping. Free shipping applies to orders of $150+ after 20% discount on sale items and before shipping, handling and taxes are added. Savings are applied with code EXTRA20. 20% off applies to sale items only. Offer valid through 1/3/10, 11:59pm EST. Not valid on phone orders. Cannot be combined with any other promotion."

  42. For Xmas I'm wearing the soirée party scene skirt from a few years ago with a black tanktop and tan/sand-color tartine cardigan and shiny black flats. I love festive party skirts!

  43. I really wanted the Winnie but thought I had missed the boat waiting for the lowest price. I love the Friday coat as well but since I have the Winnie now I'll wait for a further reduction Hot Deals on the Friday and see if I get lucky.

  44. I wore the wool bungalow skirt in deep garnet with ivory pointelle tights and with the gathered tie top in ivory!


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