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Follow Up to J.Crew Event at Collection Store (NYC)

As mentioned in the October 20th "J.Crew Event at Collection Store (NYC)" post, J.Crew invited a few of their top card members to attend an event with Creative Director Jenna Lyons. The invite promised "an evening of cocktails and private shopping to celebrate the arrival of the 2009 Holiday Collection".

A big "thanks!" to both Marietta & Roxy who not only shared their experience, but both shared pictures of this event. Also, "thanks!" to Stefanie & Cass (in this post) who shared her experience too! {yey!}

The following is Marietta's review & photos:
I just got home from the Collection store holiday event. It was great! Lots of wait staff serving wine and hor dourves, alot of SA on the floor to help with sizing/searching for items, etc. It was pretty crowded, if I had to guess I would say about 30-45 people.

Everyone was super friendly, and best of all Jenna was there! She looked great, and was taller than I expected her to be! She was wearing black Minnie pants (at least they looked like Minnies to me), the blue and white cotton check shirt, military jacket in olive green, black ankle booties, a colorful statement necklace (didn't look like JC to me), and a fuzzy scarf. She was approachable, introducing herself to people, although I didn't speak with her personally. I wanted to introduce myself after I checked out at the register, but she was helping someone with jewelry, and I was too beat and hot to wait.... it was smoldering in there!

But, perhaps the best part of the experience (besides the 15% off) was the lovely gift that was included in my bag... a silver JC box, tied with a grey grosgrain ribbon.... a long gold necklace with multi sized creamy gold pearls and a little bling in between.... so pretty! I checked the JC site, it's not there, so I wonder if it's a retail only necklace? The boxes were behind the register, so I think you got one if you made a purchase.

I picked up several things: Heirloom flora earrings in crystal, Gunmetal matelassé skirt, Glimmer pocket cardigan, and a open merino cardigan in a honey glaze with sequins down the front... I don't see this online, but so pretty! Also came in a purple lavender color. Style # 20377, $138. It seemed to be pretty popular amongst the ladies there tonight.

All in all, I'm so glad that I went, and really appreciate events like this being thrown by JC! :-)
The following is Roxy's review & photos:
I only took a couple of photos (attached). One is of a stunning jewelry display from outside the store with a (not real but very real-looking) owl in it.

The second photo is of a ridiculously awesome party top I tried on.
Probably not to everyone's taste but I loved it. I was so excited I forgot to write down the style number's $178 I believe.

We did receive gifts, it's a gold chain with scattered pearls and rounded rhinestone beads on it. They gave it out randomly in both pearl and champagne pearls. My friend got champagne pearls and I got white pearls. Overall it was a really lovely event

The following is Stefanie's review:
i was at the collection store event too! way crowded and hot, but well worth it. jenna actually approached me--i was wearing my coveted tiered lace cami and she came up to me and asked how i got it--apparently even she couldn't get one and she jokingly (or at least i think she was joking!) offered to buy it off my back! hmm...i think we could have struck some sort of deal! ;)

i came home w/that pink mohair coat (it's a bit shocking and likely not for everyone but i love it!), the same sequin mustard open cardi mentioned before, the feathery vest (again, not for everyone but i love the quirky items) and some jewelry--also preordered a bunch--an ombre coat, sequined skirt, sequined tank (i'm all about shine lately!), bow mini, and one more top that i can't recall the name of right now--i'm shopped out!

a fun night, but i think my credit card needs a rest now :)

ps...i'm pretty sure the necklace jenna was wearing was one of those 'one of a kind' bird of paradise necklaces tht was featured in october's catalog

The following is Cass' review:
I was at the Collection Store event too. I was going to buy that same sequin cardigan in the lavender, but they told me they don't carry XL in the collection store, and it was already a cropped fit so it was just not going to work.

I bought a single flower pin for $12 b/c I wanted to get the gift they had behind the counter to people who were making purchases. They did graciously give me the necklace too despite my sparse purchase. I was a little disappointed with the offerings b/c I expected there to be new stuff but there was not item I had not seen either online or in another store (I saw that sequin cardi in black at the 45th and Madison store).

Jenna seemed to be pretty friendly and as Marietta mentioned was dressed in her quirky way. Was doing the whole ankle socks thing. There were, however, some regular ladies there trying to pull off JC styling quirks but just looked like fashion victims!

"Thanks!" again to both Marietta, Roxy, Stefanie, & Cass who shared with us. It was so nice of them. I feel like I attended the event too. :)


  1. I tried on that black/white/gold tweed mini the other day and found it to be scandalously short, even if I sized up-- and I'm only 5'1"! The minis this season don't seem right; I don't know if the cut is making them sit higher on the waist, or if they actually are shorter in length. I adore my jc minis of the past, and the current offerings are disappointing to me, fit-wise.

  2. I love the the tattered silk cami and am happy to see it IRL. Very flattering. Can't wait to see more from the next rollout.

  3. Oh that sounds like FUN!! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I had so much fun! It was great to meet a few JCAs last night too. I spoke with Ms. Lyons and I can't say enough nice things about her. She was incredibly approachable and friendly. The staff was also on their game last nite and there was plenty of stock in-store (though they had to run into the stock room for most of it because there were only 2-3 of any item on the floor). Loved it, hope to get invited to the next one too.

  5. roxy, i bought that feathery top! it's style # 20036. my husband will likely tell me i look like an ostrich in it, but i think it's a lot of fun!

    so sorry i didn't meet other JCAs, aside from my mini chat with jenna (who i agree-is quite friendly and chatty...and tall! i'm 5'8" and felt sorta small next to her!), i was holed up in a dressing room with a super friendly SA who ran back and forth to bring me things, gave honest opinions and went through the look book with me so i could pre order. not sure if they work off commission, but nonetheless, she was very helpful.

    hope there's another one soon and next time will look out for all of you!

  6. Roxy,
    Looks like you have confirmed what many on this blog have speculated on...they only put out one or two in each size to make one think they only have a couple in stock but plenty are in the back! Old marketing trick that people tend to fall for....

    I love reading about the event. Fun news this morning:)

  7. That sounds so fabulous! I don't think either of the stores here in town carry Collection Pieces - how fun to go to an event at the store! Thanks so much everyone (and Alexis) for sharing! :)

  8. Marietta, Roxy, Stephanie, and Cass-

    Thanks for sharing your experience! It sounded like so much fun.

    Not surprised that Jenna was kind & approachable- In my opinion, you must appreciate your customers in order to create what she creates.

    I'm going to be in NYC over the Holidays and can't wait to check in on all the stores!

  9. Thanks for sharing ladies! How fun!

  10. I too attended but I didn't see Jenna :(. She was probably there when I was but there were so many people crammed into the tiny but beautiful store when I was there (6:30 - 7:30) that I missed her. I also spend most of the time on line for the dressing rooms. I agree with the others who commented, the SA were patient and very helpful and very busy running to the basement for sizes. I live close to this store and I have been in several times and the manager recognized me and was nice enough to offer me her email and said that I could contact her today and she'd honor the discount for the items I wanted that they ran out of or didn't have my size. I was able to purchase the Elizabeth blouse in lavender and received the necklace with my purchase. I spoke to some really nice ladies for about 20 minutes that were waiting on line for the fitting rooms and wonder if they follow this blog. I should have exchanged emails with them b/c they were really nice. Most of the items on display weren't collection items so that they could move more merchandise. Marietta is right - the
    open merino cardigan in both a honey glaze and lavender color with sequins down the front...Style # 20377, $138 was moving fast. It was a great experience and I'm glad that I was able to attend. I hope those that couldn't will be invited to go to an event like this in the future.

  11. JC makes a point of not carrying XL in the collection store?

  12. Thank you for sharing your reviews ladies! It sounds as if the event was a lot of fun. :)

  13. Thank you all for sharing, sounds like fun.

    tastymoog, I have to concur with your statement. I'm tall and I find the minis way too short for me. I think they are the same length overall but bottoms are changing to a higher rise so they are starting to fit a little higher on the waist and the net effect is shorter on the legs. I have some 15 and 16" minis from the past few years that are fine but this year - no go. Too bad because some of them are really nice but I just cannot take them *quite* so short.

  14. The mini is cute... but I have one from last fall that is similar. It is the purple and gray tweed one... and I got it for $15 on ebay. Also, I am wearing my bumble tartan mini from FA 07 for the first time today... I love JCrew's older minis!

    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  15. I had so much fun at this event last night! But how did I miss Jenna?? Must've been that one glass of wine I had 'cause she should be pretty easy to spot at 6' ;)

    I picked up the cardi with the ruffled neckline shown in the pics in a fresh plum-like color and the dapple dot skirt. Wearing both today with black tights and heels and I am sooo happy with this outfit! Love love love the necklace they gave us as a free gift too - also wearing that today. Bring on the next event!

  16. That necklace looks like one I saw at the outlet last weekend. It is really pretty!

  17. Nope, no size XL at the collection store. The SA who told me looked about a 12/14/16 herself so was at least sympathetic. Not sure if it is an image thing or what. I know they only put a few sizes out there at once, but clearly hold plenty of other sizes in the back. I find it odd that they manufacture a certain size but only want to sell it on the DL.

  18. I don't believe they carry XL at the stores, generally. They didn't the last time I was looking for something for my mom (an XL).

  19. They usually have a small number of XL at regular stores; I know because I have bought the size in store before in cardigans and button down shirts, and sweats at least. However it's hard to find because they sell out quickly. Rarely ever on sale rack.

  20. Many of the window displays at regular stores this year were kind of uninspired, but that owl is genius!

  21. Loved reading everyone's recaps!

  22. ooooh, I'm so bummed I missed the event. Dast the business trip. My husband is an absolute gem though and went for me...I can't wait for my necklace!! :)


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