Thursday, November 12, 2009

J.Crew's Special Selections Store {Los Angeles}

"Thanks!" to Carla who let us know that J.Crew announced the following news:
Just unveiled J.Crew “Special Selections” at Ron Herman on Melrose... Run, don’t walk
The unveiling of the J.Crew Special Selections Store at Ron Herman Melrose (Los Angeles, CA) took place on November 9, 2009. It carries similar (Men's Collection) pieces to J.Crew's Liquor Store in NYC.

Carla also shared the following article from Freshness Magazine (click here) about this news too:
J.Crew x Fred Segal - J.Crew Selections Shop-In-Shop
By: Emily
November 11, 2009

For all who have been keeping track, J.Crew has changed rather significantly in the past few years, reaching out to newer and wider ranges of audience. Think the Liquor Shop and J.Crew Men’s Shop in New York City; think collaborations and exclusive items from top of the line labels such as Mr. Freedom and Alden Shoes. For a label that became synonymous with the preppy suburban landscape until the recent years, J.Crew has been changing its game. While the specialty stores that J. Crew has been vested in were so far all located in New York City, now the label is shifting its game to the west coast with a gamely ally in Fred Segal’s owner, Ron Herman. While the partnership is new, the friendship is aged and well, as the CEO of J.Crew, Millard “Mickey” Drexler has been friends with Herman for the past 30 years.

Named “J.Crew Selections”, the shop-in-shop carries items from J.Crew curated by Herman and deemed fitting for his boutique which carries high-end labels such as Lanvin, Band of Outsiders and Dries Van Noten. The collaboration continues to offer quality items for Fred Segal customers but with a wider and more flexible price range. While both parties intend for the collaboration to be long term affair, they yet to have plans to incorporate women’s line into the shop.
There are a lot more images of the store, including CEO Mickey Drexler attending the opening over at WireImage (click here) and even Life (click here).

Do you think this is a good marketing move? Do you think it hurts or helps the brand? Should J.Crew should consider expanding their Men's Colelction in similar ways?


  1. I'm very happy for the guys that the men's selection has received such great choices, I think they are doing all the right things for the men's side. I still think the women's side has gone off the rails a bit although I see some cute things in the new rollout tonight. While I'm rarely in LA, I think attention on the West Coast is important for J. Crew. They rule in the East already.

  2. Great news for the men. The ladies stuff may have taken a serious nose dive but glad the mens line is good:)

  3. So this is a mens only thing? Too bad, I would have stopped in my next time in LA just to see it but probably not for mens :(


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