Monday, November 23, 2009

J.Crew Factory Email: Hooray-For-The-Holidays Sale 30-50% off

"Thanks!" to Marietta & Linda who shared the following email J.Crew sent today.

The email reminds us that J.Crew Factory stores will run a major sale the day after Thanksgiving. Customers who shop before 8AM on Friday, November 27th, will enjoy an additional 40% off clearance.

Moreover, the Factory Stores will run a sale with 30-50% off select holiday styles. This sale runs from 11/25/09 to 12/2/09.

The email also shares with us that the J.Crew Factory Store hours for Thanksgiving are now available. To find out when your local Factory store opens (and closes), click here.

Will you be shopping on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving)? Are there any items you are hoping to get at the Factory store? Do you think (regular) J.Crew will have any Black Friday promotions?


  1. FYI,

    I was told that the next batch of new arrivals at the factory stores is December 1.

  2. I posted this earlier, under the weekend finds:

    I visited the J crew outlet this weekend. The outlets I went to are the Premiere Outlets, a chain all over the country. They are nicer, have better selection, and look like an actual J crew store but they are usually not very discounted (about 20%), except for a few times a year. Now is one of those times. All coats and jackets were 50% off the outlet price...I got the Felicia coat for $99.99. Sweaters were 40% off the outlet price and so were t-shirts. They had the Jackie cardi in an array of colors, as well as cashmere cardis. They seemed to have a lot of sizes of everything. I saw bootcut cords, lots of colors, cute skirts and pants...everything is marked down. No shoes or handbags and no holiday dresses, but last year I went in December and they had Holiday dresses out, so maybe they're just not out yet. They had tons of jewelry, and most of it is very similar, if not the same, as a lot of the stuff being sold now. Lots of hair accessories, lots of PJs and loungewear. The Favorite Tanks were $5. The service was great AND they honored the student/educator discount, so an extra 15% off was great....I guess it only doesn't work with clearance items.

    Everytime I visit the J crew outlet I say "I'm never paying full price for J crew again". Of course, I always do, but it's great to get some Christmas shopping done and see stuff that you loved from recent past seasons.

  3. I love shopping at the J Crew factory store! About a month ago, I picked up a sherpa hoodie for $27 and a necklace for $19. These items were definitely factory items (you can tell the quality is a bit less)- but the price was just right! I did see some actual past season J Crew items (some suiting pieces) but most are factory items.

    My nearest outlet is about 1 hour away so it has to be a special trip for me. This year I am going to exercise some restraint and avoid the malls this weekend. I've been on a shopping rampage for the last 2 weeks doing early Xmas shopping. My credit card is pooped out!

  4. Eh, the 30-50% off has been going on for a while. I don't think I'll be going on Black Friday... the outlet mall is crowded on normal days; I can't imagine it on Black Friday.

  5. I went to the one in Anthem, AZ this past weekend on the way home from a trip up north. There was a ton of nice coats in the sale section, including a really cute green and white houndstooth printed one. Sale was an extra 20% off. Lots of PJs. Some cute cardis but they seemed to only have sizes XS and S, literally huge stacks of these sizes and no other sizes available.

    I tried on the golden roses pencil skirt. It was a big disappointment for me because it was not lined.

    I tried on a bunch of stuff but left with nothing.

  6. The Jaclyn Smith 100% cashmere sweaters at K-Mart are $29.99 this Friday. I got two for $34.99 last Friday but if you happen to be near a K-Mart while you're out shopping this Friday, I'd recommend checking them out. Such a steal!!! And they are pretty nice cashmere... way nicer than the crappy, thin, not even that soft cashmere sweaters they have at TJ Maxx for $59.99 right now.

    I too wonder if retail JCrew will have a black Friday special... somehow, I doubt it.

  7. In the past I've had better luck waiting until later in the day to go to our outlet down in Jeffersonville because all the crazies go when the mall opens up at midnight. The freeway gets all backed up, they show people just parking along the freeway and going to the stores. Insane! I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not going super early like that.

    I'm thinking the BM will have some sort of additional % off their sale stuff like they did last year. Too bad there doesn't seem to be anything there that caught my eye, unless I'm shopping for finicky husband.

  8. Has anyone been to the Factory Store in Tulalip WA?? It's about an hour away from me and haven't ventured out yet....worth the trip?

  9. Off Topic, but it was this time last year when many of us got our lovely red card for 25% off @ B&M's-hint hint J crew.... I LOVED this card:)

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  11. Just came back from the crewlet - they have the giraffe cami there if anyone is interested. Also new cord colors for the matchstick - vibrant pink, red, green - colors that look like the sweaters on the header of this blog. Happy Holidays. They also had a necklace that looked like the palm leaf necklace only not as big and chunky as the original. There was also a stack of sequined scotty dog tees that simply adorable. Check it out on audrey's blog - they are even cuter in person. They also had the libretto braclet in clear after discounts it was around $22. Happy Holidays and safe shopping to all!

  12. I never shop on Black Friday...too crazy.
    I talked to my PS today and likely they are NOT expecting any additional discount on sale items on Black Friday since they have low inventory.
    I regret not buying enough last year when the sale was good.

  13. I don't shop Black Friday in the stores but will consider making some online purchases that day.

    jcrewcrazy: Thanks for the information about the Giraffe cami! I'm calling my crewlet today to see if they have it. :)

  14. Went into the Birch Run outlet earlier today, and it was a bit of a bust for me. Seems like almost everything in the store was made for the factory outlet, with the two diamonds on the tag. They had the all cotton Jackies in many colors for 50% off, making them about $22. They seem to fit exactly the same as the retail version, but wouldn't bounce back as well without the nylon and spandex. All the jewelry and hair accessories were for the factory and 40% off. They had a few crystal symphony-alikes, but anything with "rhinestones" were pretty cheap looking. The clearance was 20% off, going to 30% starting tomorrow, and there were a few gems. They had last year's Lille (retail) in black on clearance for $130 if anyone still looking, and some of the simple wool/cashmere Francie skirts. There were a few smatterings of Collection pieces, including a few fancy blazer/jackets with the golden roses lining. There were some funny looking long sleeve tees half done in rolling ruffles with a crazy fabric tie thrown on, and some decent looking factory Victorias, both cami and long sleeve versions. They had tons of the camis especially in all colors and sizes for about $70, no extra percent off. All cold weather accessories were 50% off, and women's solid cardis with embellishment were 40% off. The featured cardis on that promo were ridiculous, simple all cotton with a few ruffles or something, tag price a whopping $70 and up. Needless to say I did not bite. There were cute outlet versions of the Sara dress from a few seasons ago in charcoal and purple for about $40. I didn't see any cashmere, but there were a few dream tie cardis in honey glaze form last year on clearance in xs and s I believe.

    All I grabbed was one of the cotton Jackies in last year's peacock which I missed out on that I wanted for pairing with yellows. I wasn't overwhelmed by the factory quality stuff, although some of last year's retail coats were tempting. I'm glad I went so outlet shopping isn't haunting the back of my mind for another year! Happy shopping, you guys, and have a great holiday, too!


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