Tuesday, November 17, 2009

J.Crew Email: Are you missing out?

"Thanks!" to Sandra (in this post) & GoldCoastGal who let us know about the following. J.Crew sent an email to non-card members listing all the reasons why it's great to be a card member. This topic was recently discussed in the October 20th "J.Crew Email: Are you missing out?" and October 16th "J.Crew Email: A special offer... for a limited time" posts.

There are several stated benefits associated with the card:
  • $25 Rewards Card for every $500 you spend
  • Lookbooks featuring their favorite pieces
    (and how to wear them)
  • Prioritized status when receiving monthly catalogs
  • Cardmember-only invitations to private sales
  • Advanced notification of the biggest sale each season
  • Early access to select items
  • Complimentary standard alterations
    (does not apply to Factory stores)
  • Personal shopping (they'll even open early or stay late to suit your schedule)
  • Access to the Cardmember-only priority number, so you'll never have to wait in line
Some JCAs have been very happy with the card (especially those who do not carry a balance). They reported getting their rewards card quickly as well as several preview emails. However, some JCAs who are card members mentioned not receiving all the slated benefits (like not getting the Look Book, getting the catalog late, etc.)

As for me, I still don't plan on opening a card with J.Crew (the interest rate is outrageous!) But thanks for the offer! ;)


  1. I've been a cardmember for a few months now- I haven't spent a ton, but I don't carry a balance (that interest rate is ridiculous). I haven't received any of the benefits- I started getting the catalog a little more regularly, but no lookbook, no cardmember only emails, etc.

  2. I've been a card member for about 6 months now, and have never received the lookbook, and I only received one catalogue. I've called numerous times, and still don't receive it regularly. Doesn't seem worth it even for the reward card...as you must spend $500.00 to get a $25.00 one. There are enough promotions that the reward card doesn't make a difference.

  3. I cancelled my card this afternoon after having one for 6 years. I don't carry a balance and never have but the benefits are not there...if I put my JC purchases on my major cc the perks are much better. The rewards cards amounts aren't that great vs other major card perks.

  4. I've been a card member for four months. I knew that I would probably spend $500.00 during the fall and winter anyway so why not get a rewards card? I'm happy with it. It would be great if J Crew offered color fabric swatches for their entire line so that customers could see the true colors and feel the weight, since many items online are not offered in stores or some customers prefer to shop online only.

  5. I'm a card holder and don't even get a catalog in the mail...

  6. I'm like Margaret. I knew I'd spend enough to earn the reward card so my thought was "why not get something rather than nothing?" As I've said before, I do wish there weren't pre-set reward periods; the points should be rolling, imo. And it'd be nice to get a few cards in the mail every now and then for $10 off a $50 purchase or something. But I can't say I find the benefits better or worse than other retail cards I've had.

  7. i always thought new catalogs whet appetites for new purchases. not getting catalogs when you want them seems foolish marketing - but what do i know, i'm just the customer.
    i picked up the latest catalog while in the store this weekend, and then on monday i recd a catalog from j. crew - the october catalog with an "it's on us" sticker announcing free shipping! a month and a half late! now really, j.crew....

    OT, for those who missed the gap/ON/BR friends and family... gap is offering 25% off online only, using code GIFT123, free shipping for purchases of $50 or more. valid until nov 22, 11:50pm est.

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  9. 11:59 pm est, that is. sorry, typing in semi-darkness.

  10. I like the rewards cards and never carry a balance, so it's fine with me. J. Crew is really my most go-to clothing provider. Be aware that your credit rate can suffer from having too many cards. All these merchant incentives for opening a new account can mount up and mess up your credit record.

  11. I agree that the bennies are not super, but I do enjoy the in-store tailoring and the benefits that have trickled in so far for me (rewards cards, free shipping offers, discount cards, etc.). It certainly has skewed my closet to more J. Crew offerings. DH is now on my card, so the rewards are coming in a little faster - he only recently discovered their graphic tees and vintage polos which are slimmer than BRs.

    I still think that the BR card really works best for us as a family. When the whole family can benefit (through Gap and ON), the rewards come in faster and it's just convenient. And since I rarely buy crewcuts (unless it's a good sale or something I really have to have full price [rare]), the JC card's benefits pale by comparison.

  12. Never gotten a look book in the 4 years I've had this card. You suck J.Crew. You suck.

  13. I have had a card for many years. I have never gotten the free shipping offer that someone mentioned above. I have never used the tailoring service b/c I am tall so I don't see any real benefits other than the occasional rewards cards. My rewards card used be about $100-125 but now with the wacky styling and declining quality I usually only make the $25-50 mark the last few times. I received 2 orders this week and 3 defective items. It is getting ridiculous.

  14. I just started using my jcrew card and the SA told me that points only accumulate per quarter and they don't rollover, so if I don't hit 500 by Dec, I'll lose it all. Is this true? From the website, it seems like the accumulate per calendar year...I don't know why the website and a SA would say conflicting things, it should be relatively straightforward, but now I'm confused!

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm sure I'll hit the 500 regardless, but still, it would be nice to know the actual policy.

    Thanks! I love checking this blog, this is one of the few blogs that I read the comments for bc you guys are all so great!

  15. I've had the card for over 6 years now, and I laughed when I saw that list of perks. I've never gotten a lookbook, I've practically begged them multiple times to send me catalogs but there hasn't been one in my mailbox in probably over 2 years, and I can't remember ever being invited to a special sale or getting a preview to any regular sales. I also think the rewards points system is not that great -- the points should be rolling as others have mentioned. Also, I think card members should get free shipping on all orders. But I may be spoiled since I also have a Banana Republic card with the much better benefits.

  16. I believe the points do roll over. Unless they changed the rules without telling us like JC seems to do...


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