Friday, November 13, 2009

Seek & Find: Will you visit J.Crew this Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopping by a J.Crew store this weekend to see what's available in the FALL sale, or to see some new HOLIDAY arrivals {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)

P.S. I noticed that many of you have already been reporting sale items (and in which stores) in other posts which by the way "thank you!" :) I really appreciate how helpful we are for each other!


  1. I think I am going to pass for this weekend. I will try to take advantage of the ON/BR/GAP FF discount instead. I'll probably got to B&M next week and hopefully new arrivals should be in.

  2. is advertising 20% off on women's knits and tees. The prices, however, seem to be the same. So I called them, and the first girl told me all the items ending in .50 are the ones under this promo. Didn't make sense. So, I called back. After describing the issue for the third time now to a supervisor, I didn't get mu ch further in finding the answer. She said she will bring it up to the attn of their promo dept, and in return I asked her they email me. She said sure, and almost hung up without even asking me for my email address. Is anyone else as annoyed as me?

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  4. CS is really frustrating right now (it must be the new Christmas staff), no one seems to know what is going on and they have reverted back to old ways of making up any excuse in the book to get rid of the call.

  5. The knit & tees are now on sale including the new arrivals. I did not bite I am taking a break from the crewlade.

  6. I went in yesterday to return a few things but the new arrivals were not in. The store director said they'll get the new merchandise next week so I'll wait until then to go back. :)

  7. I have a few things I need to take back, but I'm not sure if I'll purchase anything...I just ordered the asymmetrical chiffon bow pullover in heather dusk, so I'm done for the week!

  8. Earlier this week I saw a lot of boyfriend chinos for $19.99. I wasn't too interested in much of the new arrivals though.

  9. I'll be heading to Charlotte this weekend and will probably head to the mall while there. Anyone from Charlotte know if the Southpark store has gotten any of the new arrivals yet?

  10. I will be going to my local B&M in a while to return my damaged marzipan cardigan and some other things I purchased for my son that do not fit quite right. I am hoping they will have the new checked slate shirt so I can see it IRL.

    Otherwise, I am not planning on buying anything.

    FFM - Did you get your snowflake tee from the Crewlet?

  11. Hi kitsmommy! I didn't make it to the Crewlet yesterday. We ended up spending too much time at Millenia in the GAP looking for clothes for my 5 year old. I may try to stop in today if I get the chance though. :)

  12. I was at my B&M very quickly last evening and my SA said that they would be getting more of the holiday items in the store at the end of next week. They didn't seem to have very many new items in this wee's shipment...

  13. Oh!

    And I picked up a Crinkle Cotton Perfect Shirt in Sweet Guava for 39.99.

    I love this color! The fabric is more summery and not as cozy as I want for winter, but I like it as a holiday party option and plan to wear it into the Spring.

  14. Not sure what to do. I want the snow gem tee -- have been trying to get the appliqued snowflake tee from a few seasons ago via eBay but no luck (bids always go too high) but I'm just not sure how much I'll wear it. I like the reindeer tee, but in the brown color, and having been burned on orange-y colors in the past -- they never seem to look IRL like they do online -- I may need to see that one in person before I can commit. Also, wtf do I do if I get something on it? all those sequins! It would get destroyed even @ the best drycleaner. I am also eyeing the Chimera jacket as it's down to $99, but not sure if I can justify it since I just scored a charcoal berries Astrid on eBay for $89. The Chimera is so similar. It's sooooo pretty. Afraid to get dusty blossom because if I get anything on it, it'll be ruined, but can't justify the gray because of Astrid. On the fence about the navy. ARRGGGHH I don't know what to do!! Someone help me decide...

  15. I will be going this weekend to see what new arrivals are in so I can try on for sizing. NYC JCAs, do you have a recommendation about which store to make a PS appt with? It's been awhile since I've done it.

  16. Elaine: at the JC outlet stores, there is a snowflake tee that looks EXACTLY like the applique one from last year. I put a pic of it on my blog here. I know that outlet stores will ship items to you if you don't have one near you. I was the same way with that tee...I was so bummed to miss out on it and scoured ebay for one, but this one is a VERY nice substitute!

  17. I would appreciate any reports on the silk tiered ruffle cami. Is it still 19.99/29.99 in store? TIA

  18. Elaine,

    I know what you mean about hard decisions! I seem to be constantly perplexed in my purchase decisions these days. Probably because I can't really justify buying anything given my current collection.

    The Chimera in Dusty Blossom is gorgeous. My dry cleaner can usually get out just about anything. Red wine? Immediately douse it with white wine and it disperses it for cleaning. I just tried this on my sea salt cords and it worked like a charm.

    If I'm ever not completely sold, I "bank" the $$ for the Spring Collection and am always glad!

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  20. Roxy, I'd recommend the Prince St store in Soho for the PS appointment. They have more merchandise there and SA there are generally nice. I'm actually planning to drop by there this wkend to see if they have the new arrivals.

    Hi Michelle, yes the silk tiered cami is still 19.99 for papaya color and $29.99 for the other colors.

  21. Appgal! OMG! No, I didn't know Jcrewlet would ship anything! Oh dear, this could spell trouble for me!! LOL. Thank you.

  22. Roxy - if you're in midtown, I'd recommend Eric at the Rock Center B&M. He's among the best IMO but I don't go downtown often enough to know the SAs there. I'd inquire for you about the promotion/discount if you'd like.

    p.s. Last I heard the new rollout will be in on/around Nov 18.

  23. If anyone sees the Poplin Brynn dress in Warm Wisteria please have it on hold and let me know.
    I'm desperately in search of it in that color. I have in black if anyone wants to trade for that color. TIA!

    notaryjulee at gmail dot com

  24. Question for all you ladies: I just saw that the ruffled collier top is now on sale. I've been eyeing it since it came out, but haven't had a chance to try it on. Can anyone who has tried it in the ivory or another light color tell me whether it's see-through?

  25. Went in to do returns this morning, and they had just gotten the boxes of new arrivals, so I may have to go back in again later in the weekend. I spent most of my time at babyGap and Sephora for the extra percent off. I miss the extra % sales at JC. I still have a receipt from last year that had a tiered percent off depending on how much you spent, and that thing was like two feet long! My JC spending now is a total nickel and dime operation.

  26. Thanks Jean and jjc. I just might do both. :)

  27. Duh...I forgot to mention size 4 in Warm Wisteria Brynn dress. Thanks!

  28. Went to my local store today. Nothing. So disappointing. No color and I'm sick of ruffles on everything but the pants! New arrivals will be out next Friday 11/20 but I'm not getting my hopes up.

  29. OT: I still have a BNWT "Headache" tee size small that I will be taking back to a b&m tomorrow unless someone wants to take it off my hands. I paid full price for it ($29.50) and will sell it for $33 shipped. If interested, email me at TONIGHT! :)

  30. I also have a small Slub Embroidered Floral tee in Champagne (BNWT...still in bag) that I'll be taking back. Again, paid full price so I'll sell for $40 shipped. if interested.

  31. kitsmommy - what did you think of the marzipan cardi? it was damaged? i've been eyeing it, but haven't heard any reviews. i'd love to hear your thoughts.

  32. JC Mama, I just sent you an email!

  33. I stopped by the wonderful J Crew in Orland Park, Ill., Friday and was told that a few more things would be marked down Sunday. Always nice to get a little tip in advance -- I plan to stop by there!

  34. Hi starla729,

    I'm sure kitsmommy can give you some more detail... However, here's my impression of the Marzipan cardi.

    I got it in my usual size in the dark aubergine. I had hoped to find a replacement for a much loved chocolate brown merino w tortishell buttons from several seasons back. Sadly, I plan on returning it. Mostly because of the fit.

    I usually take a small in the knits & tees, but would have to size up in the marzipan. It's just too tight in the bust. I get the dreaded bust-a-button gap right between the 3rd & 4th buttons. No matter how light a second layer (inc. just bra) the gap remains.

    Just to be sure it wasn't the result of halloween candy, I went & tried on my jackies etc from earlier this year w no problem (glad I limited myself to just 3 reese's). So I think its safe to say the sweater runs small.

    A shame really as I like the rest of the design. The arm length falls well & the sweater hits just above my hip-bone (I'm just over 5 ft). The ribbing at the hem & cuffs is generous & fine so it doesn't bunch, pinch, or roll over itself.

    The fabric is a little lighter than my older merinos & feels crisper - more like cotton than wool. I can't say for the lighter colours, but the purple does go over a tee without much fabric show-through.

    I esp. like the buttons in that they have a jazzy little rim of gold that sets them off more than the matching shell buttons that are on most of the sweaters.

    I wish that this sweater could work --most esp now that it's on the sale page. I just can't see me losing a cup size to do it.

    Well, it's catch & release time as I'll be taking it back tomorrow. Here's hoping I can somehow find an ethereal ruffle cardigan in a small cypress at the B&M (it's sold out online).



  35. thank you so much for the review Heather! i appreciate all the detail you gave, especially the sizing up rec. i definitely have the problem of "bust a button gap" (lol i like that term) from time to time, so i need to make sure things fit well in the bust area. well i think i'll give it a try in a size larger than my norm since it's in the sale section. thanks a bunch! :)

  36. If someone looks for stardust pencil skirt in gray, I found several of them at my local B&M today (Carmel CA). The color is actually more like light gray IRL. It is made of very delicate fabric but looks so fabulous: goes well with a simple t-shirt, cardigan and jacket.

  37. Nothing great in the store, IMO. Still waiting for the next rollout...

    I did go to the Tinton Falls Crewlet to get some mileage out of the 20% and holy cow, it was a jackpot!!
    Of interest to me:

    sale additional 30% off

    wool outerwear 50% off

    1 style of long puffer coat 30% off, I think? black only

    embellished Ts 20% - they had candy jar lookalikes from last year, appliqued snowflakes and bows like last years' (I thought these looked cheap - the applique is poly), screen printed snowflake, small sequin critters and in the sale section, tons of dance etiquette and others

    blazers were 30%? I think? They had some Bellas and ecoles in the sale section. 1 berry trim Astrid in sale and a few boucle Pennys. Not on sale was a winter white Pennyish cut with poly "flower" bunches all around the neck and down the front. They were such a hot mess!! I can see it being adorable if the flower thingys weren't so cheap-looking though.

    solid Jackies 20%

    merino giraffe print Jackie $72! At the outlet?!

    almost all the sweaters were on some promo. I got a wool-blend big button henley like the current cashmere retail version, which came out to something like $30

    Jewelry 40%off

    Matchstick cords $24.99, bootcuts $29.99 in lovely colors from last year (loved that alpine green!)

    AND, I got this adorable dress that is last year's Collection Shimmy lookalike. It's a silk/cotton blend (yea, machine washable!) The ruffles were a little flat, so I will see what magic the steamer can work. I was SHOCKED that is was remotely flattering on me, but I really liked it. Not sure whether it fits into my everyday lifestyle (maybe, with tights?) but adorable for dinner and parties :)

    I do wish they had last year's Melanie cardis and that one with silk ruffle trim-Tartine? but the mgr said there would be one more holiday roll out.

    All in all, it was a great trip :) And 20% off the total! I had no problems with my JCA watermarked email, but the SA who checked me out was obviously just hired and didn't look that closely.

  38. Stopped into the Southpark J.crew (charlotte, NC) and for the first time in my LIFE didn't even go into the dressing room to try anything on. I guess they haven't gotten their shipment of new arrivals, because their store was completely devoid of anything interesting to me. All the colors were bland. I did see the new beaded antler tee that I wanted to try, but didn't want to go to a dressing room for just that. Disappointing to say the least...

  39. Mommydearest,

    Post pics if you can!


  40. Starla,

    I purchased the Marzipan in light berry, aubergine and black. The black unraveled at the end of the sleeve on the first wearing. The other two have been worn 2-3 times already and appear to be fine.

    I love the texture of the wool. It is light and a little on the delicate side but will be a year around sweater for me. I think I will wear it with sundresses in the berry (and I plan on ordering the blue).

    I am very slim on top and usually wear a 2 to 4 in blouses from J Crew and a 32A bra. I called for measurements and sized up from my usual small after finding out that the bust measures only 33 inches and the overall length was shorter in the small.

    I am very glad I did as I would never have been able to wear the smaller size. It would have been too tight in the sleeves, too cropped and tight in the bust. The medium is certainly not too big anywhere, so I would say this sweater runs very small.

    I would highly recommend it and think it is ond of the nicest products I have seen from J Crew this fall even if it is very understated.

    Just as a side note, I found the etereal cardi to be a baggy fit on me in the small and I passed on it. I took a small in the celosia and it fits just right. I always get measurements on their cardis as they are all over the place in fits for me.

  41. Good morning JCAs!

    I stopped by a few stores and took note of the following...

    Westport, CT
    -Silk tiered cami in black and white print now $29.99 (had size 0 left)
    -Silk tiered cami in solid black for $29.99 (had size 0 left)
    -Dream Knox sweater-jacket (size S and M left)

    New Canaan:
    -Headache Tee for $19.99 (had size xs left)
    -Two Dogs tee (had them in size M and/or L left)

    Hope this helps! :)

  42. hi Kitsmommy -

    Thanks for your detailed review too. I'm glad you like the cardi in the end, just needed to size up. I think I will give it a try, based on what you and Heather said. I'm looking for a nice basic that will be around in my wardrobe for a few seasons. I hope this fits the bill. Thanks!!

  43. Hi again,

    Kitsmommy, I absolutely agree. The sweater sizing can be quite a challenge. I wonder if they could categorize it like the trousers. As in, "this is an original / city / favourite fit" sweater :}.

    Also, starla729 I hope you find that the marzipan work for you. Glad to hear that our reviews were helpful.

    Hope everyone found something amazing this weekend!



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