Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Madewell Email: The sweater of the season

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the email Madewell sent yesterday.

The email features the Striped Cocoon Cardigan ($72) which is described as "a cool, unique shape meets cozy lambswool and angora– so soft you won't want to take it off".

Not going to lie, I am going to pass on this cardigan. I think it would make me look bigger than I am and why would I want to do that?

What are your thoughts on the Cocoon Cardigan? Do you like or dislike the style? Are you a fan of Madewell's sweaters? :)


  1. It's rare for me to dislike a cardigan but no, I don't like that one. I think it would look weird on anyone.

  2. These sweaters are in alot of stores this season in varying colors and lengths.

  3. Bad length and if you're anything other than a toothpick, those horizontal stripes are going to be hard. And frankly, it doesn't even really look that cute to me.

  4. i think it looks horrible!!! and i'm usually a huge fan of madewell clothing

  5. usually love madewell, but when i got that email i thought it was the most unwearable cardigan i've seen. short sleeves (sigh, have to coordinate a skinny long sleeve to wear underneath), super slouchy (not warm), and baggy around the waist (no need to make that area look any bigger...). do like the colors, though?


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