Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Product Review: Metallic Lexi Clutch

Metallic Lexi Clutch
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Item 17545
Regular: $225.00
Now: $69.99

According to J.Crew's item page description:
Everyone is loving this oversize leather clutch and it's easy to see why: the reverse metallic finish gives it a matte, crackled texture and authentic vintage look. Carefully designed with special touches like a removable, convertible strap (you can wear it as a messenger bag, over your shoulder or carry it as a clutch) and a couture-inspired tassel pull-tab to give it that can't-live-without-it status. Tumbled leather. Hidden magnetic closure under foldover flap. Exterior front-wall zip pocket with a decorative tassel pull-tab. Cotton twill lining.
I have provided a few real life images of the bag (just click on any of them for a larger view). I *really* appreciate it when fellow JCAs post their real-life images of J.Crew items. It definitely helps me figure out whether the item looks like the catalog image or not.

When this bag first came out, I thought it was cute but I never really gave it any consideration. Of course, that was until it went on sale (& it wasn't final sale yet, those FB free shipping codes were around, so one thing led to another...) ;)

I ended up choosing the Turquoise metallic shade. This is a great color that will work quite nicely for most seasons: Spring, Summer, & Winter. (Probably not the best color for Fall.)

I must admit that I really like the bag. I should also add, I don't think this bag is for everyone as it does have some limitations (which I list out below).

The size. It is a bit on the small size for a messenger bag but it is a bit on the big size for a clutch. I plan on wearing it as a messenger bag, so I will definitely have to limit what I plan to carry (just wallet, cell phone, and small personal bag).

There is a convertible strap to wear it as a messenger bag. The straps can easily be removed by using the snap on buttons. The bag looks good crossed over the body or just off the shoulder (although it is a big long width-wise as shown in the image to the left).

There is a zippered pocket in the back of the bag, as well as one zippered pocket on the inside of the bag. I don't recommend putting anything in either pocket unless it is a small & flat item (like paper), as it will definitely bulge the bag.

The leather definitely has a crackled look to it. I love the look, as it has a vintage feel to it. However, I can see how some JCAs would not care for it at all. The leather is also very soft to the touch.

Lastly, there are two other fellow JCAs who have posted reviews on the Lexi Clutch that you should check out if you are considering this bag:
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Up for tomorrow, my review on the Lexi Messenger bag...

What are your thoughts on the Lexi Clutch? Are you a fan of the style & size? Would you consider getting this bag?

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  1. Thanks for the review, Alexis. Cute bag! I'm waiting for the Lexi tote to go down further or additional % off...I love the lavender color.

  2. I am also waiting for the lexi tote to get reduced to a decent price. Thanks for the review, I love the color.

  3. There are more markdowns today, some colors of the Cashmere Henley are now on sale $129.99, as well as the Sherpa Puffer Vest.

  4. I bought this clutch a few weeks ago and mine was definitely not up to par! The crackled look was an understatement! It was scratched and most of the color was no longer there! The quality control for some items is horrible! The SA claimed that THAT was how it was supposed to look! I highly doubt it!

    But I'm glad yours came out fine Alexis! This clutch had a lot of potential... I returned mine right away!

  5. Thanks for the review Alexis. This bag looks really cute and you should get a lot of use from it over the years. The foldover part looks like one of the corners is not fully pushed out, like it's dented for lack of a better word. Not sure if that is just the photo or if you could fix that.

    OT - can anyone tell me what size to order in the toothpick jeans # 12046 if I take a 27/28 in matchsticks? SU? SD? Thanks!

  6. Thanks everyone! :) I am surprisingly happy with the bag. Although, I can totally understand how this bag may not work for some JCAs. :)

    The Lexi Tote is fantastic. I too am waiting for a good sale price before I get it. :)

    Ashley: So sorry to hear about your bag. :( That is awful. Hopefully the bag you returned won't be re-sold.

  7. Thanks for the review! I have it in silver, and love it. A bit of shine without overt blinginess, and the size helps me keep the purse mess in check. My only peeve is there's no way to care for the bag other than be extra careful and not touch it too much, according to a couple emails from CS. The material is suede with metallic finish, which wears off by touching it (as in, don't clutch the clutch!) and you can't use: leather weather proofer, suede cleaner, or breathe on it too heavily (sometimes I love a bag so much I want to fondle it, no dice with the Lexi, I must be chaste!) So I'm in a situation where I want to carry this with everything, cross body strap since we aren't supposed to use it as a clutch, ha ha, and to keep it nice I can't use it too much. Handbag catch 22. Clutch 22? Whatever, it's adorable.

  8. I bought this bag several weeks ago, but haven't used it yet. Might try it out this week.

  9. I think it is such a cute bag, I like the color and metallics are so in!!

  10. Thanks for the shout-out, Alexis. As you know from my review, I love this bag A LOT. I don't use it a lot, but sometimes I just want a bag to help give my outfit some flair, and this bag does the trick perfectly!

    I have not had the issues Ashley has had...does anyone think the color of the metallic leather could be part of it?

    Nice review, btw, Alexis! :)


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