Tuesday, November 17, 2009

J.Crew Email: INSIDER SALE reminder. Ends tomorrow. 20% off your order of $150+.

"Thanks!" to Marietta who shared the following email J.Crew sent this morning.

J.Crew is reminding us about their offer to take 20% off purchases of $150+ with promo code INSIDER. This offer is expires tomorrow, 11/18/09, and is available online only.

Some JCAs have mentioned using this promotion already. Moreover, some of you {selected} JCAs have used this promotion in conjunction to J.Crew's "free shipping (no min) when you log-in" offer. (Refer to the November 10th " Surprise! Log Into J.Crew for Free Shipping {yey!}" post for more information on the latter offer which runs until November 22nd).

Lastly, remember all those free shipping codes last week? {sigh! good times, good times.} I am surprised there are no codes out right now. :(

Have you already taken advantage of this promotion? Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? Are there any items you are interested in getting?


  1. I`m not taking advantage of this sale. In fact, I`m pretty darn ticked off at J Crew right now. There is no free shipping in my account right now and there wasn`t last time either. My last order of three items had ALL items canceled. How on earth a whole order gets cancelled, I don`t know. I`ll take my money to Martin and Osa where they always have free shipping and almost always have 20% off. And I`ve never had a M&O order canceled on me.

  2. I have a question not really related to this post - I haven't bought a coat from JCrew in several years - how do they run these days? I am normally a XS/S on top, not busty. Do the retail sizes run the same as the outlet sizes? Thanks!

  3. So, I am usually one of the last people to get emails it seems, and always have to check out this website first....

    But, I got a new credit card email, and I notice it is not posted here yet... I wonder if I got the email because I have not shopped at J.Crew in awhile/have been buying less.

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  5. Amy --> I'm not busty at all, either so I can relate :)

    In JC fitted jackets I take a 4; in more unstructured jackets I take a 2. In most t-shirts I take a S. In this year's JC pea coat, I take a 2.


  6. Alexis, when they say the promo ends "tomorrow", as in Wednesday, does that mean midnight tonight? Or do we have until midnight Wednesday?

    I *may* pull the trigger on a couple of things tomorrow if the promo is still on.

  7. KDot: sorry to hear about your orders! That is crazy how many items got canceled. :(

    Amy: I bought my first coat years ago and I have stayed the same size (for the most part) in recent years. You should be fine with your normal size.

    Sandra: I have that cardmember email for a post ready to go at 6PM tonight. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Clicquot: This promotion (and most of their promos) ends at midnight of the last day. Hope that helps. :)

  8. I would love it if J.Crew extended this promotion into the weekend!

  9. I got two of the credit card emails today, but no love note for free shipping on my account at login. Nothings striking me as necessary without free ship and the percent off. I did give an extra eye to the Meribel sweater dress since it looks like it got another markdown, but the dream fabric is so iffy. I had to order from Anthro since there was a nice replenishment of their sale, and free ship on $150. I'm expecting a tiny JC order from one of the last facebook codes, now it's time to for me to focus more on holiday gifts.

  10. I've never been offered the sign into account FS either and I just received my order from 11/06 last night with only 2 tees, other 4 items were cancelled along the course of 1 week. I actually had a full shopping cart last night but without FS I decided to take my money to AT and ATL when their F&F code started working after 12am.

  11. Too close to Black Friday for me to pull the trigger on this promo - I'm saving my shopping dollars for that! Plus its not as tempting to me without free shipping.

  12. I'm considering purchasing one of their wool-cashmere coats, but I'm unsure about the quality of the material. I've heard from some it's "felt-like" and ratty, and others have said it's great. Any other opinions?

  13. The Evie top in ivory and the orangey color were on sale at my B&M for 39.99. The black and watercolor were full price. Great soft yummy silk, though.

    It looks like they're updating the sale section VERY early in the morning. A short spell of sleeplessness at 3 a.m., west coast time, helped me score some bargain that were gone, gone, gone by 6:30 our time.
    The fleur de lis cardigan and the burnished rubber riding boots!

  14. Windsey:
    I have a wool/cashmere peacoat from last year (only worn a couple of times so far) but I love the feel of it, super soft. No pilling so far and the fabric doesn't seem like it will be prone to pilling imo.

    I'm not sure if it varies from color to color but mine is the dark charcoal gray.

  15. Ooh, and FYI - I had placed an order a few days back when the 20% off tees promotion was on, and had also gotten a sweater and some sale items. I emailed customer service asking for a price adjustment on those items and they did give me the adjustment and i already see it posted to my account. Yey! (Otherwise I was just going to re-order.)


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