Monday, November 16, 2009

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post. Please note: this posting is not for resellers.

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. EUC, Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Size 8, $50 shipped.
    EUC,Maggie Jacket, Yellow, size 12, $65 shipped
    EUC, Maggie Jacket, Black, size 12, $65 shipped
    EUC, Maggie Jacket, Ivory, size 12, $65 shipped
    EUC, 2 pairs of JJeans, Dark Faded, size 31R, $13 each shipped
    EUC, Hipslung Jeans, Dark Fade, size 30R, $13 shipped
    EUC, CashmereBoyfriend Cardigan, Black, size L, $35 shipped
    EUC, Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan, Navy, size L, $35 shipped
    NWT, Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan, Putty, size L, $45 shipped
    NWT, Cashmere 4- Pocket Cardigan, Slate Grey, size L, $45 shipped

    KOggenfuss (at) aol (dot) com

  2. Oops

    EUC, 2 pairs Hipslung Jeans (not JJeans), Dark Faded, size 31R, $13 each pair shipped.


  3. Desperately Looking for the libretto necklace in dusty blossom.

    Mrandmrsdarling at gmail dot com

  4. Looking to find the gramercy coat in size 0 green, New or EUC. email to

  5. Seeking dusty rose spectator pumps (open toe), FA08, size 7.5

  6. looking for a french serge day coat in a 0. TY!

    hamilton dot cassie @ gmail

  7. EUC Maggie serge jacket black 4

    EUC Giverny bateau top 4 or 2

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  9. I've found a few of my things this week! Still looking for:

    Giverny print skirt, size 2 or above;

    Rafaella dress, size 2;

    Libretto necklace in pink/gold combo;

    Library print dress, size 4 or above.

    Preworn is fine for all of these.

  10. DESPERATELY seeking the Ochre double serge wool pencil skirt, size 10 or 12! Also, the Francie wool skirt (color: Peony) in a 10 or 12; Camilla lattice-print pencil skirt (10 or 12); golden roses dress or skirt in a 10 or 12; wool Madeline dress (10); Bettina silk/tweed dress from a few years ago (10).

    Also seeking the following items: Safari Njema t-shirt (M), pink Bon Voyage tee (M), Boo-Coo Tours beaded slub tee (M), Winter 2009 beaded snowflake tee (M) ... Maggie double-serge wool jacket (8, any color); Bella wool blazer (8, any color).

    Beaded fireworks necklace - prefer gray but also like the orangey one - and manor necklace in graphite.

    Always interested in suiting pieces (wool gab, wool crepe, super 120s, etc.), esp. dresses. For dresses I need a 10 or 12, jackets an 8 and pants/skirts a 10 oe 12.

    There's probably more, LOL. Whatcha got? Email me at elaine dot hamill at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  11. Hi all -- Looking for some harder to find items --

    1) Floral Ruffle Astrid Jacket in a 0 or 2P
    2) Celtic Herringbone Jacket in 0 or 2P
    3) Academy Cord (Lined) in a 0 or 2P
    4) Boden Skirts 8L

  12. Still looking for a Jackie cardigan in the Honey Glaze color, size xs or small. Used (in decent condition) is fine!

  13. Looking for Metallic Jamie purse

  14. Looking for the Silk Indigo skirt in a size 8 or 10.

    snapsparkchik at gmail dawt com

  15. 6p watson pants- any color

    EUC- gold driving mocs 7

    stacy7005 at gmail dot com

  16. Looking for the double serge pencil skirt in ochre in a size 4 or 6.

  17. I am looking for the Snow Leopard Simone Peacoat in a size 8 or 10.

  18. desperately seeking the french terry tieneck pullover in champagne, size L.


  19. Flannel Lined Chinos 6Reg

    Garland Necklace Earrings Bracelet Butterscotch

    Schoolboy Blazer 4Tall

    Templeton Short Boots black 8 or 8.5

    amymspivey yahoo com

  20. Also,

    Sherpa long Hoodie grey or navy Small

    Jaspe hoodie or sweatshirt small

  21. Joelle cami, size 2, any color but papaya/orange



  22. Still looking for:

    Golden Roses Cherie Cami, size 0

    Abstract Rose Victoria Cami (outlet item), size 0

    gently used is fine!

    glorie1218 at yahoo

  23. Looking to find the Jaspe Sequin Slouchy Sweatshirt in M, L or XL. They say it's available in select stores, but they couldn't find any inventory. Hogwash!

  24. Still in search of Poplin Brynn dress in Warm Wisteria, size 4

    New or worn is fine. Thanks!

    notaryjulee at gmail dot com

  25. Still desperately searching for the cambridge cable long cardigan (item 17831) in heather carbon, size XL. Gently used is fine.


  26. Anyone bored with their gently worn Trixies? I'm looking for the Ivory (the black and white with yellow bow) and the black dot (with the pinkish bow) in 6.5 or 7.0.

  27. I'm looking for...
    Lulu Metallic Ballet Flats in gold or gray size 7.5
    Felted Wool Bistro Mini Black size 00
    Shirred Wool Skirt Hthr Latte size 0 or 00


  28. Looking for Vintage Blue Silk Chiffon, size 4, in either Sophia, Juliet, or Emily cut.

    iaffmes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  29. Hi I'm still looking for these:

    Opera gloves in Dusty Rose (pink) & Black

    goldcoastgal at gmail

    Thank you!

    I found couple of the other things thanks to Gigi & other wonderful JCA's.

  30. iheartgreen said...

    Looking for the following please, used is fine:

    1) Juliets in dusty pink in 8.5 or 9
    2) Merino ethereal sweater black in Medium (my stores are sold out)
    3) Alton henley cashmere sweater from Hol '08
    4) longchamp le pliage tote in L with long handles
    5) wavy bead necklace (try me on colors)

    Please e-mail Thanks!

  31. Deco Shirred Skirt in 0, 2, or 4

  32. Hello all,

    I am looking to find the following items:

    Solid silk garland cami size 2 amber color

    Havona tank in size 0 or 2

    Trevi tank size 0 or 2

    Italian bouclé pencil skirt size 2

    Cotton corsage cardigan in a size S in the aqua blue color

    You can reach me at taaisjacobs at gmail dot com


  33. Hello all!
    Looking for Jcrew Capri sandals size 8 in white and also the light tan that was available this past summer. Please email me at Thank you!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  34. I am looking for a Dark( or was it Deep) Peony 100% Cashmere Turtleneck from fall/Ho 2008 in XS. I prefer new, but will consider EUC.

    If you have one, please contact me:


  35. French Serge Day Coat size 2

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  37. Looking to purchase J Crew LUXE CASHMERE CABLE SKI WOOL fisherman type sweater with boatneck and pockets (my id picture) in XS or Small, any usable condition.

  38. Looking to buy:

    -Infinity earrings, any color
    -Infinity Necklace, dried orchid or clear
    -Infinity bracelet: dried orchid or clear

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  40. If you've been looking for one....

    EUC, Double-faced Wool Bella Coat (long). Black, Size 0. $150 shipped.


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