Thursday, November 5, 2009

Become a Fan of J.Crew's Facebook Page {part 7}

"Thanks!" to Chanie and Yossi (in this post) who let us know the following.

On J.Crew's Facebook page (click here to view), J.Crew is offering free shipping (no minimum) with promo code FBSHIP. This offer expires 11/5/09. {yey!}

Keep up these codes J.Crew. They are fantastic!

Did you take advantage of the previous offers? Are you planning to take advantage of this current offer? If so, what items are you planning to get?

P.S. I have noticed that other J.Crew blogs & websites post J.Crew codes & coupons *after* this blog does. If you get codes & coupons from the JCA blog & post them at your site, could you please give give a "shout out" to the JCA blog? This way more JCAs are inclined to share. TIA! :)


  1. Ok, somebody is bluffing! How can items be selling out of my shopping bag if shoppers aren't digging JCrew!

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  3. Just got a GREAT email from JCrew [sneak peek] of new holiday heels (black or sandalwood), gorgeous (though not practical) Cinderella-ball shoes:

    Starla Satin Pumps #20281 $198

    Love the chunky Juliet heel, but unfortunately for me, my back can't take 3-1/4 inch heels. {sigh}

  4. I agree, I am confused, too. This is the third "meh" rollout for me. I don't think I will be buying anything at all from this one. So I guess they must be appealing to a different kind of shopper now? They've managed to get $70 out of me on four different "trinket" orders with the FB ship codes, but that's it. But after spending more than I had planned to last fall and winter, I supposed part of me is relieved.

    IMHO, they shouldn't be trying to retain Jenna Lyons at this point, but parting ways. Jenna has obviously done some great things for JC, but now its either the same old stuff rehashed, or it is getting even more bizarre. She should move on, and JC should go back to producing some classic styles. As someone said in a previous post, if they wanted to dress like a Brooklyn hipster, they'd go somewhere else than JC.

  5. OT -->

    I just had a new JC experience. Earlier this week I ordered the Wool Harbour Peacoat during the 30%-off sale.

    This morning I had an email from JC that they had sold out of this item and, so sorry, but we've cancelled your order!

    So I went online to check if maybe there was stock showing available. Sure enough, the peacoat my size and same colour was still there, but now waitlisted till Dec.7th.

    I called JC and asked them why my order was cancelled when they're expecting more stock. She said, "I really couldn't tell you." Hmm.

    So, as I'm willing to wait for the coat, she reordered it for me at the sale price (she actually had to get approval from a manager to honor the sale price!).

    Disappointed that I have to wait another month for the coat to arrive...hopefully it won't get cancelled again.

  6. Corry, I'm with you. My orders have definitely been in the trinket category, too, and my JC spending is down by a country mile from last fall/winter. The sale replenishment has been weak, although shipping looks to be ramping up to Holiday quickness. Aside from bone deep thriftiness, I won't become a full-price shopper since I'm not going crazy when I see what's in new rollouts. I ordered a Jackie in buff pink this morning, and that's it. I think I'm hoarding Jackies because it's one of the last holdovers from JC's quality preppy basics with a dash past. I also have been getting tanks and tees as the good basics go on sale. I doubt JC will phase out these consistent faves, but they're being so crowded out I feel like that they're all that's left for me.

  7. My ordering is way down as well. I have only ordered some basics this fall mostly jeans and cords, now that I am stocked up I do not forsee much buying from JC in the future unless they come up with some good designs and quality items.

  8. My ordering is also down. For me it's a combination of last Fall's collection being so much of what I needed/craved and this fall's collection just missing the mark for me. I've truly loved the jewelry this fall (I know it's not to everyone's taste) but there are few items that have truly been must-haves. I'm eager to see what the next release brings.

  9. @IRL - That's probably happening because there are WAY more J.Crew customers than just the people who read and comment on this blog. :)

  10. IRL: It also could be due to low inventory.

    There have been alot of fs codes, if business is good JC would not be offering so many. Also profits are up for JC because they have cut costs.

  11. I did order the Tori cardigan and some fun holiday jewelry using this code- I am a sucker for J Crew jewelry on sale!
    I agree with others that there no real 'must haves' like last Fall. The only other item on my wish list is the leopard watercolor skirt and that is it for the season. I will just put on my Berry Astrid from last year and save my money for some holiday gifts for others!

  12. I guess I am in the minority, but I have done a LOT more shopping at J Crew since it has shifted towards trendy vice super preppy....

  13. I know, I know...just venting this a.m. ;)

  14. loving these codes, thank you!!

  15. IRL,
    I like you venting:) I agree. My spending has taken a nose dive. I miss the critters. Yes, I do really miss them A LOT:) It was preppy with a twist and the fit of their pants that got me hooked on the Crewlade in 2001. Now, 2009 makes my credit card statement look like a JCrew ghost yard.


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