Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crewcuts Email: crewcuts new arrivals (gifts galore) + free shipping. In stores and online.

"Thanks!" to many of you, including Marisa, Marietta & GoldCoastGal, who shared the latest Crewcuts email with us.

The email let's us know that new arrivals for Crewcuts are available online (click here). To sweeten the news, as CinnamonRuffles (in this post) mentioned, the latest catalog for Crewcuts is now available online as well (click here).

The catalog looks amazing. The winter white background makes the vibrant hues of Crewcuts clothes pop off each page. Just like the old days, this catalog is a destination catalog. On page 2, J.Crew states:
Chilly in Chile. To capture the spirit of the season, we traveled all the way to La Araucania, Chile. Who so far? Because it's one of the only places on earth where we could find snow in August which is when we shot this catalog. Turn the page for the very best gift ideas (a hint to grandparents everywhere)– and scenes from our fun-filled adventure.
This catalog is beautiful to flip through. Of course, now I can't help but get excited about the new {women's} catalog, and hoping it will also be as great.

Lastly, the email reminds us that today is the last day they are offering 20% off (no minimum) their Fall Sale (click here) and free shipping (on $150+ *after* the discount is applied- a bit sneaky here) using promotion code EXTRA20. As much as I wanted to take advantage of the additional 20% off, I did not. By the time I checked the sale section, many of the items had sold out. But hopefully some of you JCAs scored some amazing deals. :)

What are your thoughts on the latest arrivals for Crewcuts? Do you like the style of the new Crewcuts catalog? Are you planning to get any items on sale before the promotion for 20% off ends tonight?


  1. I'm looking forward the the December/Holiday catalog as I always do, even though November was the worst ever and Chile, well, we'll see.

    I still haven't got my head around the antler tee. It looks like witch fingers are grabbing the girls. It's only holiday if you're a big Tim Burton fan.

  2. I took advantage of the extra 20 and free shipping to get some items I've been eying: the cashmere crew neck in lavender and the cashmere ruffle henley in black. Can't wait to wear them!

  3. I'm with the JCA's, now anxious for the holiday/December catalog.

    At the same time, yesterday's mail delivered a SECOND November catalog--new cover--some new items scattered throughout, but clearly labeled "November." Anyone else get a new November?

  4. I got the Crewcuts catalog (although I'm not sure why as I have no kids and never asked to be on that mailing list.) Oh well! I really enjoyed flipping through it...the kids are always so adorable. There are always some Crewcuts items that I wish were made in women's sizes! I especially love that many of the children models are siblings and reading the little blurbs about them on the sides! :)

    Professor: I got that catalog too. I felt like it was a serious waste of paper as it was pretty much the same as October!

  5. Professor and AppGal - I got the same Nov catalog too yesterday. I was disappointed too, because there was nothing new to look at it.

    Well I grabbed the camino coat in colbalt last minute tonight and a cotton white cardi for summer with the EXTRA20. Slim pickings left for sure.

  6. AppGal + starla729:
    I was so hard up for distracting reading [no mags came yesterday] that I was glad to have the images to review and see if I could spot the news items.

    I just don't recall getting 2 catalogs any month? The holiday catalog will inevitably come two weeks AFTER it hits the stores, so I plan to pounce at the B+M, assuming that the stores will get poor roll outs and one must order anything from the holiday rollout that is must-have on line. [sigh]

  7. I also got another November catalog last week. My ps told me that they would get another small winter roll out in 2 weeks and then another holiday rollout right after Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what's different between winter and holiday???

    I love the crewcuts catalog - just wish I had received an actual catalog instead of having to look online. If you have a girl, I highly recommend the city tee swirl dress - it's a pretty thick knit and super cute!

  8. I am looking for the silk tiered cami in toffee at the $29.99 price. I almost ordered it with this code, but I really don't feel like spending $55 on it. I can live without it in that case.

    But if anyone sees the toffee silk tiered cami in a size 4 or 6 in their store for $29.99, please let me know :)

  9. So disappointed -- I visited my B&M yesterday with $100 in gift cards and there was nothing I wanted to buy. Yikes! I went to Ann Taylor and bought a beautiful necklace for 40% off (one item, in store promotion) instead. J Crew, what is happening this season?!

  10. OCHALF07
    That is amazing but I believe you. Nothing speaks to me either from JC right now.

  11. OT-I got the Anthropologie catalog today and adore it! A wonderful Holiday catalog for sure.

  12. It seems that there aren't many mini-aficionada/aficionados out there but I thought I'd send along a review for some fall sweatshirts.

    I bought my 4yr old (who recognizes the JCrew packages!!) a red Full Zip Fleece Hoodie in size 8 (he's huge) and the sweatshirt is huge. The sleeves can almost be rolled twice so that his hands stick out and it's very boxy. Much of JCrews boys collection is boxy, but my son loves red and was very excited to see this so, of course, we'll keep it.

    The other thing I got was the Boys Heavyweight Shawl Collar Pullover also in a size 8. I thought it was a sweatshirt but it is just heavyweight slub jersy. The style is absolutely adorable and fits my son wonderfully, it is much more trim and even the sleeve length is a bit more reasonable-long but no rolling required. This is a great style and I wish they made it for grownups, it would be super sweet on a girl with some uber girly skirt & tights! He looks wonderful in it and said that it feels like a super soft sweater (he can't stand wool) just like the sweatshirt, so he's happy too :)

    I wish they would slim down their tops & bottoms for boys like they do with much of the mens stuff, not bulk it out.


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