Monday, November 9, 2009

J.Crew's Of The Month Club Is Back

...It's back! It's that time of year when J.Crew is offering their "Of-the-Month Club" to customers who can't get enough of their favorite retailer. (Refer to last year's "J.Crew's "Of-the-Month" Club" and "Shoe of the Month: THE gift for the shoe obsessed" posts for some background.) The following is a bit more information on each club being offered this year:
The Shoe of the Month Club
Who isn't infatuated with shoes? We know we are. Indulge the girl who's been really, really good with 12 gorgeous new pairs. Hand selected exclusively by our design team (for $1,800). Simply let us know her size and selection: heels, flats, or a combination.

The Jewelry of the Month Club
For the girl who is truly jewelry obsessed a whole year's worth of statement pieces. Each jewel is hand selected exclusively by our design team (for $850).

The Cashmere of the Month Club
A year's worth of our keepsake cashmere sweaters. Hand selected exclusively by our design team and delivered to her doorstep (for $1,800). Simply let us know her size.

The Tie of the Month Club
It's our belief that every guy needs a few great ties in his closet (at least 12 to be exact) give him a year's worth. Each one is hand selected exclusively by our design team (for $525).
To participate in these clubs or get more details, you can call (866) 739-5944 or email

But wait there's more! We can't forget about the kids. Or at least, J.Crew didn't. The following is more information about the clubs for the Crewcuts kid in your life:
The Tee of the Month Club (Girls)
Receive a special collectible tee hand selected exclusively by our design team and mailed to her every month (for $300). Simply let us know her size.

The Tee of the Month Club (Boys)
Receive an exclusive graphic tee hand selected exclusively by our design team and mailed to him every month (for $225). Simply let us know his size.
I love the concept of these clubs. However, the price tags seem expensive (for me anyways) to pay up front without knowing which specific items one is getting. Although, I should add I would *not* mind getting any of them as gifts. ;) I am also sure there is a shopper or two who has already signed up. :)

What are your thoughts on these clubs? Would you consider signing up? Have you joined this club before? :)


  1. Where's the "pencil skirt of the month" club for girls like moi, hee hee?

  2. In the end, I probably spend about $2000 a year at JCrew, so it's not like that $1,800 price tag is totally foreign to me. But there's something about paying it all at once, up-front, rather than in little installments here and there. It'd be fun if I could afford it, though--I'd definitely opt for either the shoe or cashmere club.

  3. I would be a lot more interested if each month you got to pick which item you wanted!! :)

  4. Ooo, I like La Belle Helene's idea! I'd totally consider joining a "Pencil Skirt of the Month" club, haha!

  5. If only their shoes fit TTS all the time. What if the oh-so-tight t-strap sandals from this past summer were one of the Shoes of the Month? The gift that keeps on blisters.

  6. Agree with La Belle Helene and amy kelinda, I'd definitely be up for a Pencil Skirt of the Month club. :) Although the last one I ordered in my normal size was way too tight and I took it back and ordered it in a size up.

  7. The "Shoe of the Month" is my DREAM present :::hint hint husband::: but I know that I won't be getting it any time soon - there is just something so excited about getting a pretty new pair of shoes each month for a year! I also love that you don't really know what pair you'll be getting (oh the suspense!)

    I think it's nice they also added the jewelry of the month club - very fun :)

  8. Cool! I had no idea they did anything like that. I'd totally go for the Jewelry or shoes package tho sometimes I end up waiting for a shoe or piece of jewelry and it ends up goin on sale. The price is high, when you look at the numbers its like eeeeesh.

    They should maybe break it up in to 4 month or 6 month packages.

  9. I agree with Angie, if JC's shoes were more consistent or taken into real women's feet into consideration. This past summer's T-straps were too short for my kind of wide feet. I can only dream of signing up for this... haha!

  10. I got the shoe of the month club last Christmas and I was so excited. But the biggest problem is the fit, the shoes vary between two size ranges and you can only exchange for size or, if you're persistent, for the other shoe (flat if you got heels and vice versa). The second problem is the shoes they send. The first pair I got in January were the Ingrid patterned peep toes in honey brown, which were hideous and a size too big. February's shoes were the lovely Belinda spectators, about half a size too small (too ba they don't have 10 1/2. The rest of the shoes weren't so bad, a lot of brown and gold and peep toes- I'm more of a black and silver girl. I'm hoping my last two pairs include a pair of boots. All-in-all, not so bad. A great gift for those with foot sizes that include the lower and upper half sizes.

  11. Does anyone know...

    Can you return something if you dont like it? How do they track that?

    And..are the items exclusive to club members, or can anyone buy these items?

  12. I think they should have a *Tee of the Month Club* for the women. :)

  13. In theory, I think these kinds of clubs are a really fun idea, but I wonder (given all the quality issues, and also that different items work for different people) whether it'd really work out well for the gift recipient. I'd rather pick out my purchases than have J. Crew do so.

  14. Yeah, pencil skirt of the month club! I'd totally be into that...

  15. From the fact that the January shoe last year was the Ingrids in honey brown (truly hideous), I can't help but wondering if they use this is a way to dump off less popular colors/styles.... sounds like something JCrew would do.

  16. A., would you mind sharing the rest of the shoes you got throughout the year?

  17. Where's the tee club, or the cardigan club for WOMEN? That would be fun!!

  18. January- Ingrid patterned peep toe in honey brown
    February- Belinda spectator in stone
    March- Posie patent leather peeptoe in light caramel
    April- Flora sandels in gold silver and blush
    May- Petra nubuck peeptoes in pink
    June- Jeweled capri sandel in gold (collection)
    July- Cossette Mary Jane peeptoes in glazed pecan
    August- Harper suede heels in light sage (in fall lookbook)
    September- Molly printed peeptoes in amber
    October- Pippa metallic gold peeptoes
    Suffice to say, I've had to get a lot of pedicures to wear these shoes.
    I agree and disagree with the idea that they are gettig rid of poor sellig shoes. Several of these shoes were shown in only one catalogue, quick to go on sale, while others have been on back order like the most recent shoes I recieved. I get lots of complements on my shoes, even the Ingrids, so I can't say I'm disappointed. And it's nice to get a surprise package every month and the shoebox is tied with a bow.

  19. I was SO excited to get the SHOE of the month for xmas. I hate every single shoe. they are hideous. the last pair we got were so terrible I called to try and cancel. I haven't even opened October's shoes for fear of more disappointment. I am tempted to send them all back - all still nicely wrapped in their pink box. anyone want to buy them off me? size 8.5. sell them for best offer
    v abeling @ vmware . com

  20. I can't imagine being so wealthy that I'd gamble $1,800 on some unknown merchandise I might or might not like, just for the fun of it. Well, OK, I guess I can imagine it...

    They should offer the t-shirt of the month to adults for the $225 price. That seems more reasonable for someone who's a J Crew fan but not a multi-zillionaire. In some remote dreamworld way I can imagine signing up for that one.


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