Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day is Sunday (plus, a free gift…that smells good)

"Thanks!" to  many of you, who shared the following email & news from J.Crew.

J.Crew' is offering a complimentary gift of their Arquiste® for J.Crew perfume rollerball with purchases of $125 or ore in the their stores this Saturday, May 7th.

Here is the thing... Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this the same perfume that languished in the sale section for a year at like $3 at one point plus had mediocre reviews? I mean it's an alright gift, but not enough to spend $125+ over. Just saying.

What are your thoughts on the gift to customers? Do you think it is worth it or a nice touch? Please share!


  1. Scent wise I loved them both...even have a few extras for my mom who loves 57. Problem is I kept having to replace them because the bottles weren't well made. The roller ball caps never stayed closed and they spilled everywhere in our pocketbooks. Mom tried taking her bottle a long with her and the entire neck broke off with the cap when she opened it one day.

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  3. Oh, interesting that the complimentary gifts are different because the promo I received is for a mini-bouquet from a sponsoring flower delivery company. (Select stores, while supplies last, yada yada yada) Same spending price point, however.

    1. Got that email too. Fine print says for Canada stores only.

    2. Oh, interesting! Their Instagram says they're offering it in select stores in NYC, L.A. and another city, which explains why there are different promos, I guess. (I'm in NYC so that's probably why I got the bouquet one.) Nice promo, but there's nothing I need right now. (I did buy my mom a pretty JC necklace last week!)

  4. Maybe it should be a gift for coming into the store-just to drive traffic. And how long is the shelf life on bat stuff? ;)

  5. This is so lame. You are exactly right. The last time I went to a warehouse sale, they had tons of broken bottles scattered throughout several boxes of other assorted junk. At least the junk smelled reasonably good...Also, I remember when my local store had it in the sale area for $9.99 less 50% off but I think it actually went to $7.99 less some percentage off at one point online.

    Here is the email they sent out to all the stores...
    Quick, run to your sale area and retrieve all the leftover perfume, take off the sale price tags, store it in a box somewhere until we come up with some way to get rid of it.
    Have a good day!

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  8. I agree, and to be honest, the perfume seemed poorly made (or at least didn't work well on my skin). I had paid 30% off it a while ago before it was "dumped" but this is sad. J.Crew used to send customers lovely gifts or incentives. This to me is an example in their decline...


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