Monday, March 23, 2015

Sought & Found: Did you visit J.Crew this {past} Weekend?

This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopped by a J.Crew store this past weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the SALE, or to see some NEW ARRIVALS {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store was/ is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)


  1. Did we talk about this Yahoo article, The J Crew You Love Is Returning? I agree with this line, '...brand sentiment about J.Crew is still high: we want to shop there.'

    I went to a store on Friday. Didn't buy anything. I don't expect perfection, but there are still fit issues and I'm not settling nearly as much as I have in the past. Not even on super sale.

    I'm all about the Factory 40% off that ends today. It can be combined with the 30% off w/Gilt City coupon. Details & reviews of 4 Factory necklaces on 1060 Pairs.

    1. Great article Gigi - thanks for passing along. I don't know how long it takes to turn the ship around - perhaps a long time. I'm a little worried that the photo accompanying the piece features that weird pink sleeveless blazer, which is both Annie Hall (in a bad way - it can be done well) and a very awkward color.


  2. I broke out the Photo floral tank top for the first time yesterday, layered under a cardigan. Photos of my outfit here.

  3. A review of the Factory Pencil Skirt in Basketweave--Roz Floral Do not forget to use the 30% off Gilt City coupon!

  4. I made a return and left empty handed. Tried on a bunch of new arrivals to see what I want to buy come sale time. I was really excited about the Aquatic floral print. Something was just off about the dress. The cut was ok but not super flattering. I loved the top version though but will try to hold out for sale. Hit up the factory store and got several items. The women's items were 50% off and you could use the Gilt City voucher on top of that.

  5. Checked out Cambridgeside Galleria and there's was lots of spring stuff on sale, with 40% add'l off. Nothing was in my size though. There was also 25% off jewelry and I picked up the rose gold crystal necklace for $33 - very classy and understated. My closet is bursting at the seams, so nothing really tempted me, but the spring collection is far prettier than the past few seasons' offerings.

  6. I went to the J Crew in Yorkville a third time today and FINALLY got the Rolled-Sleeve Pocket Tee in Stripe (the black and white version) for 25%-off in my size this time, so I was pretty happy about that! The sales at that location and the Eaton Centre hadn't changed though -- 25%-off most of the full-price spring merchandise (including jewellery), additional 30%-off final sale, with not a particularly great selection imo. The front display at the Eaton Centre did seem have changed a little since the last time I was there on Friday though.

    Also, did anyone else see a Twin Black Hexagon Bracelet when the current roll-out was first launched online? I swear I had it on my wishlist and still have it on my wishlist board on Pinterest, but it seems to have since disappeared and been replaced by the Twin Hexagon Bracelet in Dark Gold. I wonder if it's meant to come out later, or if it was an item that was never supposed to be up in the first place, though there's still a matching pair of Double Hexagon Earrings online.


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